Stickman Readers' Submissions July 28th, 2006

Thailand, More Than Meets The Eye

I just want to share with you that I am a heterosexual male living in Thailand for the last 13 months. I consider myself quite fortunate that I never got involved in the bar scene here. I saw the dangers and pitfalls from day 1 in the country. I was lucky
that I was here for other reasons. That being I was sick. I had a physical illness in England and had to go somewhere warm to recover. I chose Thailand. Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t to be honest with you. I had thought about choosing
South America.

Life is full of addictions and you are right that if you have tendencies toward sexual addiction, Thailand is not the place to come at all I feel. It is a very misleading false scenario this whole bar girl scene. It depends how you look at
it really. All the girls, well most of them are fake. They don’t love you. They just wont your money. So you are living the illusion that love is grand and readily available. So it is an illusion and in this respect reminds me of Disneyland.
Disneyland is also about experiencing illusions. Same same but different. I think that Thailand is potentially a very dangerous place for most men that visit it. I know that in my situation I have used great will power and strength of character
not to get involved in the scene because I know my character and realise that if I did become involved that will be the end of me for good. I believe that it scars people for life, this unreal scene. Let me remind you that Thailand is not the
only scene in the world where this goes on. I have travelled extensively and it is easy to get caught up in this type of Disneyland in many places. Russia and eastern Europe is just an example of good cheap sex with beautiful ladies. All of whom
want to love you for a while until they move on to something much better. How sad. I think that if men come here they must realise that yes it is a very very risky scene and once involved or initiated if you like, there really is no turning back
at all. I have numerous friends who vouched that they will never leave Thailand. They are addicted. I have one friend who has slept with hundreds of different women in Nana for example. He in my opinion has lost the plot and he openly admits that
there is no going back to reality for him. It's quite sad really because most of these men end up either committing suicide or fading away here in this so called Disneyland.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have to be honest with you Stickman, this fantasy land or paradise that we call it is bad news in many ways and probably not worth the addictions that it brings, harbours or promotes. I think that all men must look at themselves who are
here and ask the question why the hell are they here? If most are honest with themselves they would admit because they have personality disorders that allows themselves to only go to Disneyland for sex and love. This is not reality but the danger
is it becomes their reality and quite quickly. You know how many friends of mine I have tried to challenge on this subject. That Thailand is fantasy land. None of it is real. It's only an illusion. I have tried to challenge several but none
are interested in what I have to say. They all think they are right and have the answers to everything. So I don’t bother with them any more to be honest with you. Its just not worth it. There is more to life than sex stickman. Much more.
If somebody has addictions then they need help. Professional help is always available. Not everybody reaches out to it or admits that they need it. This is the problem I think.

I cannot tell you how many horror stories I hear about farang going to Phnom Penh for their so called innocent weekends. What a load of crap. They are never innocent. They are always planned calculated sex visits to have sex with under aged
girls. The sick stories I hear about the farang going with cameras and taking pictures of their sexual exploits. It makes me sick. These people are sick. No question about it. I will be honest and say that I think Sukhumvit should be closed down
along with Pattaya etc. It is not helping anybody except the Thai mafia line their pockets with money. They are laughing at us dude! For sure I tell you this. They are laughing at us all the way to the bank. They hate us farang. They think we
are low scum. This is true. Most of the farang here are scum really low scum. Unable to function or live in the so called real world anymore. So they come here as a cop out.

Thailand is not only Sukhumvit, Pattaya and Chang Rai. There is much more to the culture than all that rubbish. It just depends on your character to what you are drawn to dude. Thailand can offer people loads more stuff apart from cheap bar
girls and thrills. Get a grip dude. What about healthy living, being a vegetarian etc. the list goes on. I would tell the sex starved farangs here to go pay a visit to a health resort on Ko Samui and do some meditation for a while. It might do
them some good to get away from the Disneyland that it is mostly only in the Sukhumvit and Pattaya type areas. If you go to Surat Thani etc it is a different scene altogether. More real in my opinion.

CBD bangkok

Stickman, most of the farang here are either criminals, about to be a criminal or like to think they are one. That is not cool, it's f. . . . ing stupid in my opinion. This place breeds ignorance among the ignorant. Sometimes I look
at the poor stupid farang and the Thai girl next to him and wonder who is the lowest of the two. Sometimes I can't tell the difference. That in itself should tell you something. Take some advice dude. Don’t look for excuses to justify
the goodness of the whole bar scene here. Its a load of rubbish my friend. If you are addicted or have friends that are suicidal. Get help! There is plenty of help out there if you want it. Plenty of good countries with good people who live in
them. The farang believe that Thailand is some special case of utopia that makes it special. What a load of shit. It's the same at the end of the day like anywhere. People eat shit, sleep, fxxx and go to the movies. Step outside your crazed
farang world my friend before its to late for you and your counterparts. There is more to Thailand than bar girls and having suicidal thoughts.

Good luck. If you want to reply to me that would be great, you at least sound like you have some brains in your head unlike most of the stupid farang here. Lighten up dude. There’s more to life than Thailand. Get some hobbies going,
it might do you good. Now I am betting that this email I sent you will be received with a lot of hatred and probably end up in you wanting to track me down and execute me just because I challenged your domain, your world. Well cheer up, buddy
boy. It's a big world and you ain't the only one who lives in it.

I hope to hear from you, you brave soul.

Stickman's thoughts:

wonderland clinic

I think the person here with problems is not the guy with the girl, or the girl that that guy, or me, but YOU. I thought Thailand was a country where people were generally tolerant….you could do with learning something from the locals.

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