Stickman Readers' Submissions July 1st, 2006

Thai, Sticky And The Land

First I will introduce myself… I am 26 years old and have lived in Thailand in Isaan for more than 1 year married with a Thai lady of course whom I love with all my heart and love Thailand.

My story is more like information and experience for you guys and if you want, feel free to change comments with me by mail as you wish…:)

He Clinic Bangkok

I just finished buying a house in my wife's name and leasing it for 30 years in the land office.

Hooo…. I tell you… it was hard for 3 days, but we did it…first day to buy and TRY TO LEASE IT….then they say it's not ok…then they change the contract, then I told them I do not agree…and they try to make things slowly that
I will give them money under the table. NO WAY! They work in government offices and its the Thai law they should follow. So I played the game and it cost me my time…never mind just the feeling that they weren't happy to do it and no have
choice but to do it. (you should have see the head / manager of the land office when he signed… he he…

Any way the point that they are not happy to do it but here I am after 3 days with what I wanted from the first place. My contract and register in the land office for 30 years. Now……I need to deal with the Amphur office to make the "TABIAN BAN SI LUANG"
(house book yellow color).

CBD bangkok

So I went to the Amphur office today to do it and surprise…they weren't smiling when they heard what I was asking for…he he, funny, when I went with my wife to make her "TABIAN BAN SI FA" (house book blue color)
they smiled to me a lot. The ATM had come to buy the Thais land and more land and more land hehe.

Anyway, I sat with the guy in charge of this thing and he tells me he can't do it…so I told him in Thai "I don't care what color the house book will be green, black or blue but I know he had to give me house book…EVERY
farang that lease have the right to get yellow book"

So he checked the law book (it's not a tourist place…maybe really they didn't know but I doubt on it…) and tells me surprise surprise… FALANG DAI!!!!!! BUT!!! it has steps… (if you ask me he tried to tell me that if I want
it the easy way I should give money… really?! he think so…?) anyway he told me come tomorrow as it was already 4pm and asked my wife how I know about it….


wonderland clinic

So off we gone and came the day after at 2pm and the officer there told us he couldn't do it that day as they have to interview me and her together and make the papers and told my wife in Thai language that at this hour (2pm) her brain does not work
anymore and they couldn't think of good questions and the right papers… 🙂 and they invited us to come the next day in the morning for interview haaa and she told us dress nice tomorrow for the interview (he he! Do I look so banok to her?) any way I smiled wadi and went home.

The day after I came in the morning with jeans for a change…which was unbelievably HOT to wear compared to the shorts I wear. Anyway the interview went well. She asked me when I first arrived to Thailand and what I like in Thailand and what I'm
going to do in the house…stuff like this… and really she was nice and smiled a lot, not the way I thought she would be – not pleasant.

As I request for tabian ban that is usually foreigner forbidden absolutely as you all know the famous sentence when dealing with Thais…”FALANG MAI DAI” 🙂 and then she made all the papers and in the middle she asked me
for….Pizza…yes fellows…she asked me for PIZZA SIZE L. Can you believe it??:) he he I kept myself from laughing at her and told her “mai mi panha” (no problem) and then she went back to continue the papers…(if you
asked me she tried to ask for tea money but I played stupid and my wife also…she wants pizza size L she will get it…:) I even joke with my wife, maybe I should order for her to the office she will get the pizza and the bill together…:) I
make my promise to order pizza for her and she gets the bill…but no…I didn't do it I am not so crazy).

Then she told me OK come on Tuesday and you'll get the tabian-ban and about the pizza when you'll get it…she gets the pizza… :)he he I just smiled, wadi and off until the next meeting…

A few days later we went to the office to check things and then they told us that we'll need to copy the passport inside and the cover itself for them (they didn’t knew where to open the passport even and it with this book which
called passport is my visa and all my personal details…) We copied it and they told us to come back few days after the head office of the city will sign on it and again…the lady remind me when the yellow book will issue to me she will get
her pizza.:)

OK! then after 5 days they called us and told us the yellow book would be issued today ok. We went to the amphur office and the woman said (in Thai) hooo hello today she'll eat pizza….he he ok and apparently that they didn’t
need any office to sign and all the additional copies we made for them are not necessary and the woman will give me house book now.

I got the house book and instead of pizza large size I gave her 500 baht note and told her to buy for herself pizza… 🙂 everybody smiled and happy! We all win.

Just an example how things in Thailand can be a little bit strange and funny and it wasn’t so hard. We all need to cool ourselves and accept the Thai way and follow and everything will be fine.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sounds like one big headache to me!

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