Stickman Readers' Submissions July 19th, 2006

Sorry To Be So Blunt, But This Girlfriend Of Yours Sounds Like A Right Tramp

By Daddy

"Sorry To Be So Blunt, But This Girlfriend Of Yours Sounds Like A Right Tramp."

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Hmm. I wonder why I never called her that?

It says a homeless person in my dictionary. Then it says a promiscuous woman (US). So Stick is right on both accounts by my reckoning. Well done Stick.

Are you fascinated by our leader’s comments at the end of the submissions? Do you agree with most of them? Do you at least consider them fair and objective? I reckon most of us trust Stick’s judgement especially because of his
vast experience of life in Smileland.

I’ve had a few comments added to my submissions which have delighted me. I tell you that I nearly fell off my chair on seeing that the opinion about my girlfriend that she is a right tramp. I laughed longtime. I was amused and felt
this was a good reward for all my effort put into writing the sub. I had never called her tramp in our time together although I am a little sorry to tell you that I had called her many other unsavoury things.

Before I come to the point of this sub please let me mention just two more accolades bestowed on me by way of Stick’s comments.

“One warped story, like watching a car crash in slow motion”

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“Calling your girlfriend daughter is quite perturbing”

You see I am very proud of myself because I would hate to get awarded “a nice sub” or “interesting reading” or worse still “busy today”. I’m not proud about the comments because they reflect
a strange existence, but of the fact that I have (nearly) survived the whole experience. My life was warped and some aspects were perturbing but my experience didn’t destroy me or anyone close to me. Writing here is very productive for
me and hopefully for others too.

I am trying to put my life with a Thai girl and feelings into words and how I try to make sense of the ridiculous situation.

I am now “me” (The man I was before meeting Thai girl) not the “other me” (the liar and cheat with little conscience). I believe everyone has many characters and traits. Think about children for a moment. They
can be good then bad, then loving or hurtful. They choose, but hopefully the parents and teachers will encourage the good character. Here on this site we read about many good men. However some are badly influenced by the girls, including me and
our characters become the reverse of what we really are.

Example; Family man of outstanding good character.

Meets Thai girl
Man nervous
Starts affair
Man starts to lie
Takes girl on as minor wife
Man taking big risk
Gives job to minor wife
Man neglects lawful family
Minor wife now has much control
Man sees a
new life for himself and plans to leave major wife
Minor wife has nearly become major wife
Man has been transformed to his “other self”

Now man is an accomplished liar and a cheat and has little conscience. He congratulates himself on achieving the unthinkable reality of having a new life and yet retaining his old life in a little corner of Farangland. But why does he retain
the old life in the background? Is it a deliberate insurance or is it because there is a tiny part of that decent man left inside.

I was lucky because “Tramp” betrayed me and I took my revenge. Now she has nothing.

I would like to blame the tramp for everything but that wouldn’t be right. I know she wasn’t always a tramp because she was a little girl once then she worked with children and then she had two children of her own. Of course
you know what happens after her husband left her. The day she understands that she must feed her family is the day that her “other self” emerges and stifles any hope of what we might describe as her integrity.

So we can be a different self if we choose to be. I have not quite finished my transformation back to my former self but I am happily getting there.

My naughty side still wants to control Tramp but I do not know why. I promise her many things and she still waits for me. She is only my toy, she is trained to answer the phone when I call and send text messages. I visit her and she is my
lover, and she cries when I go home. She lives in hope that one day I will help her again.

I know everything about her good and bad. I don’t know why but I still like her because although she is a tramp she could be a very different girl. Like the girl I lived with and nearly left my wife for. But she wouldn’t be
faithful forever would she?

So Mr. Stick, what comments do you have for this sub?

Take care everyone.

Stickman's thoughts:

Let me comment on the issue of me putting comments at the end. I actually stopped doing it for a while and a heap of readers told me that they missed them, so I returned to including them. Sometimes I will add very little – I am very busy at this point in time, and

that is the usual reason for such brief comments. Other times, when I feel it is relevant, I may add a bit more.

For what its worth, I think my comments are generally quite "restrained". You may disagree, and fair enough. I am very cautious about frying someone who has taken the time to write up and send in a submission. I generally only do that is when someone has done something which is clearly wrong, such as rip someone off.

I am just as happy not to add anything at the end and if the majority of readers felt that that was best, I would happily refrain from commenting.

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