Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2006

Princess Turns Bitch, The Follow Up

I just want start by thanking the people for all the emails I received following up to my story which was submitted on 19/05/2006 (Princess Turns Bitch), named by you, Stick. The advice as it was my first time in Thailand was very good from the emails regarding my story and I thank them all who sent them in to me, most of all I thank this site, like I said before I just wish I had known about Stick's site before I left.

Anyway those who have read my story (Princess Turns Bitch 19/05/2006) will know that I fell for a bargirl called Pim (remember I didn’t know the situation with these tramps before I left) sorry to say that by the way, well Pim left for Oz after having her visa granted by her aunts so she could sell shirts (bullshit). If you have read my story before you will know Pim was with her husband (59 years old, maybe 60 now, I don't know). Pim is 24 and that’s why she went to Oz.

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You will also be aware that Pim said she was pregnant with my baby. She gave me the news about 2 weeks into her visit to Oz. She called me. Pim say hi honey you ok you enjoy football / (I went watch my team down at Luton). I say yeah I'm ok. I say you ok Pim, Pim say no me sick, so family take me doctor cos me sick all time, (apparently she's still sick now talking to her the other day she tell me the rain make her sick) is this a Thai thing I don't know? Maybe it is but I think its bollocks, anyway I say why you sick all time, Pim say what you think, I say I don't know Pim you tell me, she said me have baby, I just thought oh ok (if it would have been an English girl I would have taken it all in but a Thai girl I wasn't so sure). Anyway I said good, whose is it she said you caaaaaaazy u papa you papa 100% so I began to think maybe I've got a Thai pro up the duff (remember I didn’t know she was married at this point and I also didn’t know the situation with the Thai girls their scams etc.

Anyway Pim called me every day from Oz maybe 3 to 4 times telling me she loves me and how we going to have family together etc. One thing that seemed dodgy to me is that she never called me after maybe 9 to 10 o clock in the morning England time (6 to 7 pm Sydney time). She always called me a bit before and say me go sleep now (we were up while 4, 5 o'clock in morning in Pattaya on the piss when I was with her before so I thought why she going to bed this early (maybe it was her hormones ha ha ha ha ha). Anyway I didn’t think nothing of this so just carried on thinking I've got a little nipper on the way.

I didn’t hear from her for a few days and I tried to call her but no answer so I txt her friend in Bangkok. I said in the txt hi ***** Pim tell me the other day she having baby is this true? ***** txt back yes she have baby you papa. I thought fxxx me this can't be happening, getting a brass up the duff.

Anyway, I carried on as normal (not telling no. 1 and I believe in situations like this or anything else regarding bargirls keep it to your self do not tell your friends or family for the time being). If I'd told my mates in the boozer they would have taken the piss utterly. After a few more days Pim still had not called me and I thought she can't just tell me she's having my baby and not call me, I mean there were things we needed to discuss (this was serious all I got was ME HAVE BABY). I needed to know more. I tried to call Pim again, no fxxxing answer, so a txt again to ***** Pim not answer phone and she hasn't called me what's she playing at ? ***** Pim ok she call me today she going call you later. So I waited and waited but no call. Again txt to ***** right fxxxing listen Pim tell me she's having my kid so you tell me if this is true now. ***** Pim have baby but she not know if you or husband Pim. I thought what the fxxx is husband Pim mean, so I txt back what do you mean husband Pim. She say Pim have husband and she not know who papa. That’s when I found out she was married to the old geezer and that’s why she was in Oz visiting him and not selling shirts for her aunts.

That morning I was going to work so I thought I'm gonna play on Pim. Pim called me in the middle of the night 3 times but I didn’t answer so in the morning I called her and said why haven't you called me. She says me sick all time with baby and I cannot get out to get credit for phone. I thought fxxx it. I said so whose fxxxing *********** then, who? Me not know, anyway to cut story short she denied it, so now from 80% believing she was pregnant I was now wondering if it was me or her husband's (or even a customer's whose condom split). Again Pim assured me that I was papa 100% again and again and again and also admitted she was married to the bloke in Oz.

Right we're getting some where now. Anyway as you are aware in my submission before this, Pim said she married him for her mum because he had money. I gradually started to believe this baby could be mine (I know what you're thinking) so we talked on the phone as usual and I told her to get a scan. She say me go back Bangkok soon then me have scan. About 7 weeks into her Oz trip (she was meant to be there for 3 months) she called me and she was pissed. I said you ok she said to me you have fxxxing lady and I going kill you (I don't have lady) you fxxx lady all time and me kill baby and me kill you. I said what the fxxx are you going on about (she's got a fxxxing husband). She put phone down on me that night she call me to say she sorry me love you me miss you too much me not want be here (Oz). I said what the fxxx are you doing there then if you don't want be there. I have too for mama (no money). I told her let's leave things after the advice I had had from my replies from my last story (the beginning to this). She say you no love me you no want me. I said I love you I want you Pim but you have husband. I say regarding the baby I want to see all the papers possible plus I want a DNA test. I didn’t hear from Pim for a week or so and in a way I was glad but I knew if it was my baby I had to take full responsibility for it and I would. I ain't a cxxt like that. I would take care of it no matter what, I just needed proof.

I was at work 1 day and my phone would not stop ringing, 19 missed calls I had from Pim. I answered it after a while. Pim was crying and she couldn't get a word out. I said what's wrong are you ok. Again she couldn't get a word out, eventually she told me ********* (husband) he box me he box me bad me hurt inside and outside. First thing I thought was with the inside he had raped her I asked her this and she said no he kick me me hurt he box me.

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What could I do? Pim was in Oz I was in England. I said you must go police and hospital for baby (I wouldn't personally call upon the pigs) but how and what could I do? All I was bothered about was this baby and it could be mine. Pim say no I be ok, no police. She said he had kicked her out of his house and she had no where to go. Half an hour later she called me. She had got hotel (50 dollar) a night now, me ok but me hurt, all I could think of was I wanted to kill this bastard.

When she called me before I could always hear a dog barking, now she had told me she had booked a room with a great high view and she was going to have a nice shower and go sleep but guess what? The dog was barking again. How can I hear a dog barking while she's half way up a hotel with a great big view, 13th floor I think she said. I didn’t say anything, I just went along with it.

By this time my feelings were starting to go from Pim (I mean she had lied so many times during knowing each other) but I had in a way to still be connected to her with the baby. Anyway Pim said she leave Oz in 2 days. I said when you get back you need a scan and she said ok. That was the last time I heard from Pim for just over a week. During that week I tried to call her so many times but the phone was switched off. I txt her friend to explain that I cannot get in touch with her and I'm worried for her with her being knocked about, ***** txt me back saying Pim come Bangkok soon. ********* (husband) he bad man he no good man.

The next day still no answer, phone switched off still so I txt her again, this time being more pushy, look ***** Pim told me she's having my baby then she tells me she's been kicked the fxxx so I need to know if she's ok. Pim ok she call me she lose phone, she tell me she call you later. I txt back. I want the number that she has called you off. She says Pim call me no number, you no worry, she love you, she come soon. That was it! I was on one big time and remember this was my first experience with the Thai thing and all I could thing of was Pim and the baby.

About 4 days later Pim called me. She was at Bangkok airport. She had just landed (and yes she was as it was her number she used to call me on in Thailand before she went 0066 it started with). So that’s how I knew she wasn't lying. I said why you not call me for over a week. She say I am sorry darling, me lose telephone. I want call you but me no have number (so how the fxxx could she call me now). Anyway I left it. Another lie. I said right, the scans, you get the scans done and I want see them after 2 days.

I got email 6 scans, the 1st scan was taken 103pm Thai time the 6th was taken 113pm Thai time but I received the email at 1229pm Thai time so how could I get the scans by email before they were actually taken? <Time on the computer that did the scans was wrong, easily explainedStick> I don't know maybe the scanning machine time was wrong I don't know but it seemed sus to me (again I went along with it believing her).

I know a fxxxing mug, after 2 days she went Buriram. Bangkok no good for me she said, again the calls kept coming daily maybe 6 times a day and I started to get the feelings back for her (I really loved her before and in a way, I still do).

She told me she was in Buriram and looking for an apartment. She got 1 very beautiful she told me and that today she go buy settee TV, stereo, DVD player etc etc. I said where you get money from. She said me have little left from selling shirt for aunts (now bargirls lie this much they forget what there lying about she had already admitted to being with her husband and not her aunts). So again I went along with it (I was just taking the piss now listening to all these lies) about a few weeks after she was back I was going through my phone to call her in my phone I had Pim mobile and Pim Oz mobile I accidentally called the Pim Oz mobile and it started to ring (remember she lost this while in oz). It rang and a man answered he said hello, I said whose that he said ********** (husband). I said do you know someone called Pim and he said yeah my wife (I thought fxxxing jackpot). I said sorry mate but I've been fxxxing her (shouldn't have put it like that as he had no idea too so it was not his fault). Is this a joke he said, no it ain't I told him everything where she is supposed to be now what she looked like, the tattoos everything. He sounded a decent bloke. I asked him if he sent her money he said yeah 4000 dollars a month (I know – a lot of money). I said you have been taken for a right mug and that she's using you. He said it sounds as if we have both been used. He said how much you send her. I said I haven't sent her a penny. I asked him about the baby and yeah she had told him the same you papa we have family etc. I said what you sending that kind of money over to her for he said he felt sorry for her and that 1 week ago she told him her mum was sick and she needed 3000 dollars for medical bills.

Pim called me after and said why you talk with ******** (husband). I said it was by accident I called him. I said that was it enough was enough, we break contact now and when I come back Thailand the baby should be round about 2 to 4 weeks old. I didn’t hear from Pim for a week or so then the phone calls started coming again. I ignored them, during this time. I've started reading the very first submissions or your site Stick and I will continue to do so until I catch up on the rest. It may take me a while but I'll get there, after a week or so I answered the phone to Pim, why you not call me why you not love me, she said (basically I'd had enough you don't get this off an English bird). I said you know the score Pim D N A TEST, that was it. I put the phone down and she knew when I was coming back so I left it. She kept calling me and said she was waiting for papers for divorce and she and husband were finished. I said good for you and that you don't want to be with anyone who hits you.

Pim was getting very angry in the calls and I would just put the phone down. A few days later I gets a call. I looked at it and it's the husband (the number Pim called me off in Oz). I said hello andh e said you call my wife again and you are a dead man! I thought that was it, I'm not having this. I called him back I said who the fxxx do you think you are? I said I don't call your wife. She calls me and I'm back in Thailand ****** so if you want to meet for drink I'm willing to give you one if you get me. I told him everything before thinking that he might have come to his senses but it seems with me phoning him the first time Pim has sweet talked him round saying it's me who calls her and that’s why he's called me.

I txt Pim I said you are fxxxing unreal she called me she say what you mean I say telling your husband I call you all time, she say he call you, I say just get fxxxed will you and leave me alone, she was playing us against each other. I txt the husband and said look mate I'm not calling your wife, she calls me and that is the truth and if I had your email I would send you the emails Pim has sent to me, normally I would have just threatened the cunt for calling me and excusing me of this, anyway we left it I carried on as normal just thinking of the DNA that’s all.

I was in Germany for the world cup (England's 1st game Paraguay) when Pim called me and she was crying saying husband have lady in Ko Samui and that she keeps calling me. I said what you crying for you and husband are getting divorced what's the problem? She say he not take care of baby that’s why I cry, fxxxing result she slipped up didn’t she? I said do you know what you have just said. She say yeah me know I sorry I not want lie to you know more, you no papa (I think she realised she was not gonna get no money from me until I knew it was mine 110%) anyway the match was shite and that night in a bar in Frankfurt I was fxxxing rat arsed with me mates when I saw this Thai bird so I started giving her some lyrics (boom boom, show off ikap, me have power). That’s all I know ha ha ha when she came over to me I got her a drink and thought I was in for a fxxx. I said to her you want speak with my friend in Thailand yeah ok she said so I called Pim.

Pim someone wants to talk to you, they started talking fxxx knows what they were saying to each other. After about 10 minutes she put phone down came to me and bought me drink back she had the sweetest bum, trust me, but looked like Ronaldhino (you know Brazilian footballer). I didn't mind. I was bollocksed and thought I'd pulled as we had an apartment across the road. When she started sucking me **** then said you pay me now I have to pay for room (you see I thought I'd pulled this Thai sort but she was just same same) but in another country. I gave her 50 euros. I can't even remember it.

Anyway, after 2 days I got back home and Pim called me, yes crying again. I said what the fxxx is up with you now? Haven’t you hurt me enough do you want take my last piece of heart away, she say know I sorry me lose baby. Me finish husband now we can be together, I said no we cannot and you were never pregnant at all were you, I said if you want us to be together you tell me truth. SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT. She said she did it to get more money out of husband for us she said, but she seems to forget she tried it with me, (THAI BARGIRLS CONTRADICT THEMSELVES! THEY FORGET WHAT THEY LIE ABOUT BECAUSE THEY LIE SO SO SO SO MUCH)

It's been a long story and I'm sorry for that, but this all happened with a 2 week holiday to Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya) and it still is going on now. Yes I'm still getting the calls. I've had 4 today 23/07/06 but I haven't answered. I've learnt from this Stick. It's down to this site and advice from the emails I received before. I'm due back in 4 and a half months and there will be none of this again, thanks again.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sorry pal, I have to say this….your written English is absolutely appalling. Never have I had to spend so much time tidying up a submission…and even then, I just gave up in the end. It took forever to get it even somewhat readable.

As to the story at hand, I think you should read – if you haven't already – a couple of recent submissions by Messrs Visakay and Holt, both who outline the rules of engagement very well.

You have to wonder about the Aussie husband too…

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