Stickman Readers' Submissions July 12th, 2006

Knife Attacks And Murderers

By Vita Man

I guess the thing that attracts so many men to Thailand is the idea that Thai girls are sweet young things dedicated to making their man happy. This is true, as long as you don’t piss them off. Then they can become screaming mad women dedicated
to annihilating you instead.

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Take my beautiful ex-girlfriend, Daeng, for example. When she was happy with me there was nothing she wouldn’t do for me, anywhere, any time. One time we went swimming at Siam Park. There were no other swimmers around. In fact, being
a weekday, the whole park was virtually deserted. The only other people there were the lifeguards perched high up on their lookouts.

I looked at Daeng, she looked at me, and we could both feel the electric tension between us. We’d made love in dozens of unusual places, so here was an opportunity to do it in a public swimming pool. We swam around the pool and picked
a spot furthest away from where anyone was likely to enter. We were directly under the lifeguard’s lookout and he was asleep, of course. The only way he was going to see what we were doing was to lean out and look directly down. We got
into it. No wonder dolphins always have a smile on their faces. What fun!

Another time, we were going shopping at a large complex that has a hotel, supermarket, and various other shops in a huge mall. As we drove up the car park levels we found that the top floor was almost deserted. There was only a guard at one
end and he wasn’t paying much attention. I slid the car into a spot shielded from his direct sight and she did a Monika on me.

It didn’t matter where we were, what time of day it was, or anything. All I had to do was ask her if she was up for it and she always said yes. No wonder I loved that girl.

Life with Daeng wasn’t all wonderful, though, as I already told you in ‘It’s All Lies’. There were times when we would fight so badly I couldn’t believe it. I’m a fairly placid guy. I don’t
go looking for trouble, and I prefer to talk my way through a disagreement if I can. The main thorn in our relationship was the fact that she kept disappearing every couple of months to go and stay with her European husband. Other times, she would
go back home for weeks at a time. She told me she was staying at home with her family and daughter. But I was never quite sure that she didn’t have a Thai husband stashed away up there too. She would never take me home to meet her family.

Daeng had told me that her father was a big drug dealer soon after we had met. She didn’t want me to get involved with him. Later, she told me that he had shot and killed his boss. He was arrested and went to court. He didn’t
go to jail though. Instead, Daeng got her Euro husband to pay out 3 million to various people. Her father arranged to pay a hill tribe boy a few hundred thousand baht to do his 3 year sentence instead. As you can see, she obviously had her Euro
husband doing anything she wanted as well. Not my problem. I was just glad she didn’t press me too hard to pay the 3 million.

I always knew Daeng had a temper, but I never realized just how bad she could be until we had been together about 12 months. Our first really serious fight began over money. Now, when I say ‘really serious’ I mean a fight that
became so incredibly hot that she pulled out a knife and tried to attack me.

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This particular fight started because I refused to pay her any more money. I told her that as she claimed to love me so much, and her Euro husband was already paying her so much, I felt I should stop paying. When she started to get upset
I asked her why was she so greedy that she wanted to bleed me dry too?

Well, you would have thought I’d threatened to steal her daughter, marry her best friend, and dok the dog too! She went ballistic. The whole apartment building where we lived could hear her screaming and shouting. I’d never
come across anyone who acted that crazy before. She grabbed one of the small but sharp pointed kitchen knives and launched herself at me. She was so angry that she wasn’t thinking clearly, but I was. My military training kicked in. I sidestepped,
grabbed her wrist, a quick flip, and the knife went flying out onto the balcony. Then I gave her a hard shove and she went flying through the open door, across the hallway and banged the back of her head on the wall. That stunned her and she slid
down the wall to sit there totally still.

Oh shit! What if I had cracked her skull open? I rushed over to check her out. She shook her head, looked up at me and the rage came back into her eyes again. She leaped up and attacked me with her nails, driving me into the room again. She
spotted the knife and started to go for it. But I was faster and I grabbed hold of it and threw it outside into the garden of the house next door.

Eventually, I got her to calm down a bit. Oh, she was still angry with me. “I had enough. You no give me money, you no love me no more. I leaving you.” So she grabbed her bag and started throwing her things into it. That was
a good move, so I started to help her.

Oh! Oh! Bad move. She went ape again and started screaming that I didn’t love her. She was right. By now I just wanted to get her out of my life. So I stepped back, let her get on with her packing and watched her slam the door on the
way out.

Whew! Peace and quiet at last. Or so I thought. Within five minutes she was banging on the door again. I wouldn’t let her in. I told her she had left and that was it. Get the hell out! She finally took the hint and gave up after a
few more minutes banging. I watched her from the balcony as she got into a taxi and disappeared into the night.

Hmmm. Now that I’m a free man, I thought, why not get this out of my system as fast as possible? So I took off for my favorite hunting ground at Soi Cowboy and bar-fined two lovelies who told me they were very willing to give me a
show at home. Oh yeah! That would get the silly bitch out of my mind right fast, so we jumped into a taxi and headed for my place.

What a night that was. The girls were true to their word and we piled into it with a will. There were bodies, arms, legs, and what-all flying all over the place. I think we finally managed to get into a very satisfied sleep around 4 am.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Bleary eyes open and I look at the clock. It’s only 6.30 am. Who the hell was banging on the door at that hour of the morning?

Silly question. Who else but miss crazy Daeng?

Holy shit! What am I going to do with these two girls? There wasn’t anywhere I could hide them. Option. Try to stall Daeng at the door and get rid of her.

I crack the door and peer through. She’s ready for me and slams into the door, banging my face as it swings open and she storms in.

Whoo boy! When she spots the two girls, who are just sitting up bleary eyed, she goes right off the deep end. I thought she was going to attack them too. But she surprised us all. She stopped suddenly and started talking to the girls in a
reasonable voice.

“I know this is not your fault. This is my boyfriend and I’ll fix him. I’m a working girl like you,” she says in Thai, “so get dressed and get out now.”

The girls needed no urging. They grabbed their things and ran for it. After Daeng told me to pay them, of course.

Then Daeng turned on me with venom in her eyes and started attacking me again. The fight lasted for what seemed hours and only stopped because the building manager came up and told us to stop. She turned all obsequious, smiling and apologizing
and he went away. Without a word she picked up her bags and marched out the door again. This time, I thought, she couldn’t possibly want to come back. I’d had enough of her and wanted out, so I was glad to see the back of her.

A few days after she departed I had a phone call from the reception desk. “There are some Thai men here to see you. Would you like us to send them up?”

I turned on the security TV to see who was at the front desk. There were four very mean looking Thai men there. “No, I don’t know them.” I told the receptionist, “Tell them I’m not home.”

She obviously didn’t like the look of them either and as I watched I saw a couple of policemen turn up and usher them out.

I got on the phone to Daeng to ask her if she had sent the men and what they wanted with me.

“My father sent them.” She told me. “He’s very angry with you for what you do to me. That was my uncle and cousins. They went to kill you. I beg my father not to kill you. They no come back again…as long as you
no butterfly from now on.”

“What do you mean, ‘as long as I no butterfly from now on?’” I asked. “Don’t tell me you want to come back?” (Isn’t it amazing that these girls can go out and serial fxxk as many men
as they like in their pursuit of money, but if you so much as look at another girl you are a ‘big butterfly’. Sheesh!)

“Yes, darling. I still love you and I forgive you for having those women in our bed. I know you still love me. I so sorry I attacked you with a knife. Will you forgive me? When I come back we will move to another apartment so that
I don’t have to sleep in the same bed where you had those girls, and we can start all over again. You pay me little bit money now, not so much.” She went on and on, while I sat there dazed, wondering what I had done to deserve this.

There was no way to say no. She just kept badgering me until I agreed. Daeng turned up a few days later. We packed everything and moved. I’m pretty sure the apartment management was very happy to see us go. Property values had probably
plummeted while we were in residence.

All was tranquil peace for a little while, until her husband turned up again a few weeks later. This time it was my turn to get upset. We had another fight, but no knives this time. I couldn’t win. So off she went to torture her husband,
while I was left to brood. A man in such terrible lust doesn’t have much pride left, but I was mad at myself for keeping our relationship going despite almost getting murdered. I made my mind up to get rid of her, so I packed her bags,
put them down in reception, and called her.

“Come and pick up your bags, Daeng. I’ve had enough. I don’t want you to come back any more. We’re finished, understand?”

You could hear the screams all over Bangkok.

“Why you do this? You no love me. I no can talk now. I go see you. You wait me, ok?”

She actually left her husband to come and try to make me change my mind. Well, she knew there was only one way to do that. So when she wangled her way up into the room she turned all sexy and banged all the sense out of my head. I moved her
bags back upstairs. Ho hum. Here we go again!

Stickman's thoughts:

Just another example of what happens when things go wrong. One hint for any guy who gets himself in a situation like this – you really only have a couple of choices. The first is to do a midnight run – move apartment late at night without telling her. Do not let anyone who knows her find out where you go to! If she doesn't know where you work, then you will be ok. But if she does know, then you may have to try a whole different approach….good luck!

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