Stickman Readers' Submissions July 3rd, 2006

Ah, I Get It Now

By Daddy

Hello everyone, how are you?

He Clinic Bangkok

This is for you who have been burned and lacked the commitment or financial resources to go further. Good if you are healed now without the need to exact revenge and don’t forget that you were not to blame for anything.

I’ve been a little busy watching football and shouting at the television. It’s lovely because it never shouts back. I’ve been very lazy to send many texts and not much on the phone either. In fact the football is a good
distraction from my slut.

I can say slut because not only do I know the rules of engagement and how to play the game I also make my own rules now. I’m not sure how many stages there are in the game but I have been through many. I play only for fun now and long
gone are the serious thoughts of a future with my slut.

CBD bangkok

I can write this without feeling any guilt and I would not care if any of you suggest that I am a bad or simple person. I would partly agree with you and laugh in your face. Maybe this is the last stage, I don’t know. What I do know
is that I feel relieved that I am no longer consumed by the Thai rollercoaster.

If there was a scale or gauge of morality for Thai girls, ranging from “loyal honest virgin” to “worthless evil slut”, I would put mine in the region of “very naughty to bad, plus stupid”. However
I will say that is seems to me when playing the game the bad girls do put so much more into the game and this becomes an irresistible challenge to any man.

So I get it at last, the satang has dropped, my lift does go to the top, I am the full monty. No longer do I doubt myself, it’s only a game there for the winning. It’s the winning that counts, the result. It doesn’t matter
how badly I play because I only want to win. So many times slut would tell me “I want to go to winner”. I sure am in extra time now and I hope for a penalty shoot out too. So far the game has lasted 2 years 6 months and 22 days.
It’s ridiculous I know, but for me it’s once in a lifetime experience and you see I am 50 next birthday. I’ve had the big Mercedes and the big house and tired of them. I still have many good things that I cherish. However,
my slut is only another toy that I will discard in time; after all she was only ever a minor wife.

I am now the one who pretends as I keep her in the shadow of my life and give her false hope. She lives with dreams of seeing me and hopes of coming back to Farangland and to have again what she chose to destroy for the sake of money. She
now lives one day at a time struggling sometimes to put food on the table because she has no regular job or qualifications. Oh do not feel sorry for her though because when I do send money she only wastes most of it.

wonderland clinic

What about some of my rules she must abide by then;
1. Must always pick up phone 24-7

2. Must always tell me where she is and with whom

3. Must always admit to lying when confronted with the truth

4 Must feed my friend the stray black dog (I am English you see).

5. Must stay away from certain friends

6. Must not teach her roommate (cousin) how to lie

7. Never ask me why I do not pick-up my phone

8. Never question my integrity

9. Always forgive me about anything

10. Always believe I am coming to save you

Do you believe me when I tell you this is true and that she complies most of the time? It’s ok because it’s only a game and I have fun and slut is still paid. She has little else to do in her life but to play the game and sell
some food on the street and sometimes a night out.

Slut will not be a bar girl until our game has finished because I would find out and this would lead to very serious consequences for her and because of this her family would suffer. Furthermore she has the dream of coming again to Farangland
and to a life of luxury and riches she has only ever dreamed of.

Thailand is a very horrible place if you have been born to the wrong parents so playing the game can have its rewards. Something is better than nothing so slut continues to play. Slut

can end the game at anytime and I will shake hands and wish her well. But until that day comes I will use her to my satisfaction and gratification.

I may bring slut back to Farangland for a holiday I may not. When the football has finished I may visit my stray black dog then I may pay slut a visit. I wonder if slut would give me a baby. Hmm?

Of course I will write again and tell you what happened but I am past being in the darkness with slut. I am now the one that can extinguish or fan the flame.


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