Stickman Readers' Submissions June 12th, 2006

This Special BG

Let me present myself. I am nearly 30 years old, Eurasian, born in Korea but adopted and grew up in old Europe. I have a decent job but I am not very wealthy. I went for the first time to Thailand 6 years ago for work. I used to travel quite often to
this country. I have no difficulties to date decent Thai women but till now I never found the one special, not that I am looking for a wife. I also use to hang out with expats or tourists relations in the naughty areas but I tend to prefer soi
33 for a drink, meeting etc… I sometimes pay a barfine but only in soi 33.Though when in a serious relation I stay faithful and do not butterfly at all. To each one his tastes.

This year in May, I ventured down to soi 33 with nothing special in mind. I chose a bar close to Novotel as I like to hang out there. Sipping my orange juice and speaking with the girls I knew I noticed a young lady hiding under the bar and
obviously crying. She felt that someone was watching her and saw me, I smiled understanding her pain. Thinking to myself it is another Thai boyfriend heartbreak.

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Then, 20 minutes later the same lady comes and asks me if I want to play pool. OK for me, she is very beautiful and needs some talking maybe?

Let me describe her. She is not tall, very slim, good complexion, stunning legs and stunning face, white skin, long hair and no obvious tattoos. (I hate tattoos especially the ones with Ronald – John etc…)

I go to play pool thinking how cute she is then speaking with her, she has an outstanding level of English, I felt she was…different from all the other girls I met previously either bargirls, regular Thai women and any other women I met
in the world.

Yes, you all heard the "she is special etc… crap".

I decided to barfine her, not having fun under the sheets in mind. To make it short, we ended talking till 7 AM the day after.

I was amazed at her honesty, intelligence. I was in love? No, as I do not believe in love at first sight. How was the rest of my stay? I barfined her everyday, went out, disco, restaurant (she likes Italian food) and…..speaking with her.
The main point was, if I paid her to have fun with me I would just be another customer, at least that is what she told me. (and no I am not ugly, fat, smelly, not kind-hearted etc…)

She emails me everyday and we message often. She never asked for money, I only asked her what she would like for her birthday in July. She told me what she would appreciate but also added that if it was too much I should bring nothing.

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She wants to get married one day, with a westerner as she is really an intelligent, smart and like Stickman said an "international lady".

I asked Stickman to check if what she told me was true (and she told me many things and everything I asked about) knowing at 99.9% that she told me the truth.

Stickman just checked her and the truth is………true.

Now, I go back to Bangkok in July (my boss is not happy I do so). Why? To be at her birthday and see if we could have a future together or not. She acknowledges she likes me but she is not in love. Now my problem? She is the perfect woman
in my eyes (even with her few bad sides) but am I the right man for her? That I am not sure at all.

Obviously, there is some competition for this woman, I totally understand that, though she does not have sponsor or a boyfriend, either Thai or farang, at the moment.

I will try my best to have a future with her but I must admit that it is possible she doe not see me as her future.

Time will tell, will post a submission about what follows either positive or negative. One thing will not change, I am sure she is a nice lady even if it does not work between us.

Stickman's thoughts:

I can confirm that this woman was one of the nicest I have ever seen in the bars….and quite unlike the vast majority of the girls.

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