Stickman Readers' Submissions June 2nd, 2006

The Eighth Deadly Sin

Congratulations to all Stickmates!

I deduce that this is not your first visit to and therefore I consider you enrolled but why do I congratulate you? I say well done to all of you because you are passionate about your life and you do not want to stagnate
so you strive for happiness and contentment.

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Being a Stickmate for a part of your life will hopefully teach you many things until one day you will have thought everything out for yourself. Think you are in school and one day you will leave, or you are a child so one day you will grow
to be bigger and stronger. Better still think of Stick as your Buddha (the photo does no justice) ha ha!

The contributors; be they, angry, hurt, happy, critical, humorous, confused or whatever, they want you to be enlightened, they are impassioned!
The readers, perhaps I will say audience, curiously looking into intimate details of a stranger’s
life. Why? It’s more serious than entertainment alone, well at least at this point of time.

Is there anything more that can be written about your specialised subject? You’ve heard it all before and still you want more! Even our Buddha craves for another green star sub. Is it the same as you looking at the car crash as you
pass? Why do you seem to be compelled to witness others' misfortune? Do you seek answers and hope one day you will read that one story that explains all the mysteries once and for all?

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I don’t talk bad of you, no! I consider you my friends that have helped me and also made me laugh, I thank you sincerely. Something just struck me the other day that I wanted to share with you my “classmates”. See I still
have a wry sense of schoolboy humour.

I want you to know about the “eighth deadly sin”.

I’m damned sure you’ve enjoyed the first seven. You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t enjoyed at least five of them! Don’t worry because sin is only something that seemed like a good idea at the time! So let’s
not call it sin, such a terrible word coming from the mouths of the “so called” high and mighty earthlings. Let’s call them the seven deadly good ideas, ok. Have a look at the list and see how well you have done but you can
only score seven, no matter how many times you have committed the good idea.

The good idea. Possible provocation. Insert your version. Add score.
(In simple terms)

wonderland clinic

LUST. A sweet little bar girl.

GREED. As above plus her sister.

GLUTTONY. Her cousin TOO!

SLOTH. Laid in bed all the next day.

ANGER. Someone stole your wallet.

ENVY. You want to be carefree like them.

PRIDE. Not applicable to Farang, insert lust again please.

You have all been outstanding and in such a short time, not even 24 hours and you can score top marks! Well done, I think I have a tear in my eye. It is so much fun too because it will keep on happening for as long as you choose, days, weeks,
months or years! You can alter the scenario any time and still benefit from your good ideas. If you become an expert you will experience multiple good ideas simultaneously. Use your imagination and go for a cocktail with your partner. What mayhem!

Please don’t get complacent though, remember you are a student here and you still have much to learn. Keep your eye on the ball and especially keep your finger on the pulse. You can only achieve 50% if your partner dies a mysterious
death so feel free to involve others and share your good ideas.

Before I tell you about the eighth deadly thing I will tell you how I witnessed it.

I boarded the skytrain at Siam Square and I noticed some people chose not to get on. They seemed nervous and hesitant. I sat and looked around at the people, men and women of every age and many appeared tired and fed up. Bangkok felt grey
and dirty so I was pleased to be on the train if only for a while.
I looked at two men standing by the doors, one was very happy but his companion was troubled. I listened to them, the happy fellow spoke;

“Come with me, I know it will be different, you won’t know if you don’t try.”

“But this is a difficult time for me, there is a lot going on in my life at the moment”

“Hey, no one is indispensable; they won’t miss you at work”

“But it isn’t work; it’s more complicated than that.”


“Yes, you wouldn’t understand I’m under so much pressure. The stress is unbelievable! This is where I get off. I’m late; I have to go. Sorry I can’t come with you. Another time ok.”

The happy fellow stayed on the train as his friend dashed away. I was surprised he didn’t look disappointed that his friend chose not to go with him. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about his friend but the happy fellow’'s
joy was so great it could not be dampened.

The doors close and we speed off again.

Next I overhear a somewhat heated exchange coming from further away. I see two men and one woman. A man sits with a woman and they are calm but the second man is standing and gestures with a clenched fist as he says to the woman;

“What are you doing with that murderer? How can you sit there with him after what he’s done? He ruined our lives. Why are you with him?”

“Darling I am friends with him now.”

“WHAT?” “You’re what! He killed you and our baby. How can you be friends?”

“I have forgiven him. It is past already. It doesn’t matter now because I have grown. Please come with us my love and you will be happy forever.”

“You are crazy, just like your mother, I want to KILL you!”

“But darling I am dead from your world now. Stay on the train and come with us, come see how beautiful our baby is.”

I am distracted at this moment by another passenger;

“Have you got a light son?”

“Smoking is banned……Dad! Dad! What are you doing here?”

I hug my Dad. I am overjoyed to see him. I have so much I want to tell him.

“Oh, this is great Dad, you must come with me. Come to my place and see what I’m up to these days I’m having so much fun!”

“I know son that’s why I’ve come to see you”

“Great! How long can you stay?”

“I can’t stay with you son I have grown too big for your world. I now live where the joy and happiness is so great and everlasting. I hope you choose to come with me though.”

Then he told me what the eighth deadly sin was;

“Son if you choose to carry on down there in your world no one is going to stop you. It’s up to you (didn’t think Dad had could speak Thai).”

“Choosing to carry on is the eighth good idea, but in the end it will kill you.”

Someone is shaking my arm and I open my eyes. I’m startled and Dad is gone and the train is empty. Bugger! I don’t believe it was a dream it was all too real. This is Thailand I think to myself and ghosts are real here. I tell
myself I wasn’t dreaming.

Well my fellow students’ maybe I will be choosing to leave soon. I kinda like the idea of that better life that is there for the living. If I do I will write and let you know how I’m getting on.

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