Stickman Readers' Submissions June 21st, 2006

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Well, it’s some time I want to write a submission again but report it day after day. It’s the submission “Foreigners And Land Ownership In Thailand – Bad Idea” who make me write this.

First of all, excuse me for my English. I am a native French speaker and when I started to learn another language, English wasn’t popular at all so I learned Dutch instead ( Nederlands as we say here).

He Clinic Bangkok

Since my 2 last submissions I am going better and I finally get rid of my Thai girlfriend (it takes 4 years) and I still consider myself as a loser for that story. After all, it’s her who kicked me out and not me, but it’s another
story in itself. All I can say is that she had a Thai boyfriend from the start of the relationship.

Now I am coming about what brings me here: the land ownership. As my brother is now married to a Thai lady he was looking for land upcountry to build a home.

After some looking with no “a priori” and in a large scale for 2 years we came to the conclusion that lands in Thailand are awfully expensive except the one “very far and near jungle” as says the wife of my brother.
If these lands are good to make some farming it is not really suitable to make a modern home. It would be more expensive to build, can be a problem for electricity, water and my brother is scared people will come for stolen things. <Your English is cute. I couldn't resist leaving it like this and not correcting it!Stick>

CBD bangkok

He finally find a land of 0,7 rai for 250,000 baht. After that price he has to pay the taxes (a few thousand) and 80,000 to bring some ground because the land was too low (as most of the lands in Thailand). Tax excluded it make a price of
330,000. I include the price of bringing the ground because if you don’t, you can’t use the land for make a home. It’s +- 320 baht per square meter. The land is not very well situated but it a nice place not too far from nearest
centre and the main road. The price was correct because the owner was in debt and the bank press him to sell the land.

But, if you want to buy a land at the market price I wonder which Thai is able to buy?

The prices were ranging from 500.000 baths per rai (if bad located) to 2 million (if well located). Sometimes you have to buy much more than one rai and at these prices it is not very serious to invest many millions for a first investment.
And not forgive the fact that it is a developing country with less security.

It’s really like all the owners are waiting after a stupid buyer who will permit them to win the jackpot. If I compare to the price where I am living they are ranging from 1,000 baht to 2,000 baht per square meter for land of same
quality; far from centre, in a cheap area and for make a house.

wonderland clinic

Expensive because average people here are winning 10 times more money than the average Thai people so the land must be 10 times cheaper! It is far to be the case with the best land nearly at the same price as those at home.

And the prices in Bangkok or Phuket are much more expensive so when Jayson they that he will buy as many land as he can before a law permitting ownership from farang is voted in the hope to sell these land 3 or time the price is plain nonsense
for me!

The prices are already too high so I see no reason at all why they will double or triple.
I think the first effect will be that all the falling who already owns a land / house by a way or another will solve their case and will put the
land in their name. But it is not something that is going to put the price higher

For me, I didn’t see any problem for stranger to own land in my own country. First, they will spend money and more important taxes are high for the people who posses land (and more the price of the land is high, more the taxes are

I have also to say that the people who want to own land, house, condo or a building of condo/apartment that they are renting to other people will always find a way to own it!
At the actual prices I didn’t see a huge flow a falling
coming for buy land in Thailand.

Now, it is another point that I don’t understand. Why most of the submissions are always talking about the farang who are going in bar as someone old, fat and without air?
And that only these one are falling in love with bargirl?

I can tell you that many young falling are going with bargirl and many also are falling in love with them. I must say that bars are not my cup of tea and I go in a gogo bar for the first time in my life last year and it was with my girlfriend
(not something very impressive, seeing girl in underwear is something I can see in demonstrations for underwear.

But, I like to go in discotheque when I am on holiday. I don’t go every day but, if you don’t count what Thai are calling disco and are in fact for me just a bar with music or a singer/group, you always have some/ a lot of prostitute
looking for a customer in these disco. And when you dance a few hours with someone very close and make some talk at the pause it is very difficult to say no after a few days, same if I didn’t find most of the Thai girls appealing.

And I have already see some of the man who go with the ladies not knowing that the partner is a prostitute as most of them will say that they have a regular job (it is sometimes true but in 99% of the case it’s just a lie). I listen
you saying : “these boy are plain stupid”!

When it’s your first time, it didn’t look so clear and some of the girls don’t ask for money. I must they that myself fall in the trap as the first one I go with didn’t look Thai at all and I only understand a
few days later.

I have also see many Japanese and Thai man fall for bargirl, and they are also sending / giving money every month (now, I admit that it exist also many case where the

girl is giving money to the Thai men. It was the case with my girlfriend). One of the more mercenary girl I know. (It’s only a friend as she is definitely not my style) is with a Japanese man who send her money every month for one year now and
they are going to be married in November (200,000 baht of sin sod). She have at least 40/50 customer every month and as all the family is living on the money she is giving them I really wonder how much time they are going to stay

It is one point where I have to agree, the chance that it will work with a bargirl are very small. And the good one usually find a husband very quick!


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