Stickman Readers' Submissions June 1st, 2006

She Was Not As She Seemed

By Morris

Like most guys embarking on my first trip to Thailand to find that perfect submissive partner I was very excited, I had planned and research this trip backward and inside out. Armed with a cluster of maps, and print outs of nana plaza, cowboy and massage parlours of note I would describe myself as a man possessed a total reverse to my usual quite shy demeanour.

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My first morning in my hotel I meet up with another traveller named Jerry" Jerry was American Asian a complete opposite to me in character. Very sure of himself, a successful company back at home, aged in his mid 30s, and dating a girl back home, still jerry was definitely looking to dip his toes into the whole Thai night scene. Of which I was happy to encourage him. After 3 great days in Bangkok we both decided to move are dates in are inventories together Jerry had met this girl who was working in the shop across the road from us a very pretty local girl who spoke fluent English. Me I was happy with the one night stand bargirls. You slept with them then the morning they would leave with their pockets heavier everyone happy no complications.

The end of the Bangkok trip came only to soon I flew off to Koh Samui, Jerry' as Bangkok was his last leg flew home. We exchanged e-mail address. Made plans as you do to meet up again for another trip. This seemed pretty certain as Jerry was loved up with his little shop girl Jade, and me well I had nothing back home to stop me returning.

On my return back home a few months past Jerry had dropped me a few e-mail here and there reminiscing some of are juvenile antics. I asked him about Jade he told me he thought it was the real thing, and had been staying in contact. He even had plans to break up with his partner of 8 years as his heart was now with someone else across sea's. Jade and Jerry had been conversing via e-mail daily a risky business for jerry as his partner still was lived with him. I had a 2 week holiday break coming so I asked if would like to link up with me and fly out for Bangkok adventure 2? After all he was talking about Jade constantly you could feel in the correspondents he was very serious about this girl maybe even marriage could be on the cards. I know to some this might seem crazy but the Thai girls don't hang about their soul purpose is for that farang sparkler on their finger at any price. So I gently started to try and slow down Jerry telling him that we could do Bangkok last on are inventory, maybe visit Phuket or Pattaya first. My reasoning for this was for him to slow down a little with Jade, meet some other girls make sure she was the right one for him. As marriage could be an expensive mistake to get wrong especially the fact they had only really been together 1 week in all on his trip. I believed him to be infatuated with Jade rather than in love which he claimed. This is an easy mistake to make we have all been guilty of this after all.

We organised are 2 week trip first to Pattaya then onto Bangkok. Terry told jade his plans she was very upset he was not going to be staying the whole 2 weeks with her in Bangkok, and was convinced he was going to find another Thai girl in Pattaya with me. Jerry forwarded me her irate ramblings, but we had already booked and paid in full for the trip and it was set in stone and couldn't be changed. I suggested to him he to invite Jade along. So he asked for her passport details or id to book her flight. Jade quickly e-mailed back that it wasn't the done thing for a good Thai girls to travel with 2 farangs . She started to demand that he ditch me and stay in Bangkok with her. The e-mail's from her started to get very unhappy and agitated the closer the time came to are trip. She began asked jerry to send her money it wasn't a lot only about $200 for cloths and bills. I told jerry to tell her that he could give her the money in person when he was out there, and Take her shopping, and pay her bills when in Thailand. Again she wasn't very happy at this. Starting accusing him of using her for sex on his holiday. I guess she was a little right here their relationship had probably started out his way, but Jerry was a genuine guy he had been straight up with her told her he had a partner back home from the start, and jade hadn't worried about it then, she had not cared at all at the time. The requests for money still came fast and furious from jade telling Jerry that she needed to pay bills and couldn't wait the 6 weeks till he arrived in Bangkok . Then the correspondence stopped from Jerry I tried to e-mail him but his account had been canceled so I decided to call him direct as the holiday was approaching fast and was worried of him getting cold feet on me. When I adventurely got through to Jerry he was a nervous wreak , it had turned out Jade was only 14 and her family had taken it on themselves to contact him to show her id showing her age. The family had to report him to the Thai authorities to stop the relationship going any further the police would investigate if any sexual encounters had taken place between the two of them, turns out after research that all you need to do is blink near an under age girl and your barred for life from Thailand or on entering the country or more embarrassingly seized and held for questioning at immigration resulting in jail term.

Poor Jerry he would have never gone with Jade had he none her age, she had told him she was 20 and she looked 20 . He was now in the states panic as he could not now go to Thailand and did not know how to tell me or his partner he was going to cancel his paid for holiday. I felt a bit responsible for his pain as I had encouraged the relationship from the start. Being a shop girl you would have thought she would have been an adult, but now looking back little things the not wonting to show her id or passport to come to Pattaya, the childish panic over him not coming out to see her all started to make sense. As a businessman he is now frightened the family may asked for money as compensation something not uncommon. Jade has potentially destroyed him, and his trust in Asian females.

I don't suppose my Asian holiday buddy will or can now ever go to Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

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Sorry, same old story, too busy to make any silly comments today.

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