Stickman Readers' Submissions June 15th, 2006

My Thoughts About Asian Women

I must admit that by far I'm not an expert on the subject, however I do have some experience with Asian women. Before I go into this submission, I must explain my definitions of the words " Whore " and " Prostitute ".

Whore : Any female who screws anything with three legs for free.

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Prostitute : Any female who screws anything with three legs for a price.

Whether these definitions are correct or not, I don't know. That's just my view.

I have dated 3 Asian women, all of whom I met right here in Kentucky. The first girl was a Korean ex- prostitute, I know this because she told me so. During one of our conversations, I was telling her the stories that my Dad had told me about
his experiences in Korea and how the Korean hookers would come right onto the U.S. Airforce base to sell themselves to the lads. Her reply was " I used to be one of those ". OK, that was more than enough of a reason for me to move on.
My first Asian girl experience was with an ex- hooker. I just shook it off as a bad experience. I have read that traditional Asian girls aren't like this, so I just assumed that I had met a rare bad egg. She did say one thing that will forever
be etched into my memory, she said " I sucky ". Yeah, I'd bet that she would " sucky " a fence post if it had money attached to it.

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My next Asian girl was also Korean. She was one of my many bad on-line dating experiences ( American girls included ). We met in a park, chatted, went to dinner and everything seemed fine. We made plans for a second date, hugged each other
and said good bye. Everything seemed good with this girl until she called me when I got home. She told me that she had a " f#&k " buddy but it wasn't serious. She also told me that she was " bi – sexual ". OK, now
I've met a Korean bi – sexual whore. Not looking good with the Asian girls at this point.

My next Asian girl was Taiwanese ( Chinese? I don't get this Taiwanese / Chinese thing ). We went out for dinner and a movie, but she cancelled on the movie after I touched her on the shoulder.

It turns out that she gets shagged on a weekly basis at the local dance club by just about any three legged being that comes along. I guess that it would have been OK for me to shag her, but by all means, I shouldn't have touched her
on her shoulder. Now I've been ditched by a Taiwanese whore because I touched her on the shoulder. Really not looking good now, but I'm glad that I found her out before things became serious between us.

After my experience with the Taiwanese girl, I was discussing these quirky Asian cultural issues with one of my friends. I told him that you can't touch an Asian on the shoulder, pat them on the head or point the sole of your foot towards

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His reply was :

My friend " So just what can you point towards them and where can you touch them? "

Me " I guess that you can point your d##k at them and touch them on their p###y and that's OK, but by all means don't touch them on their shoulder, pat them on their head or point the sole of your foot towards them "

I've done some research on Thai culture as well as other Asian cultures, and the patting on the head and pointing with your foot issue is a common " quirk " in most Asian cultures. Yes, I wrote " quirk " because that's
exactly what it is. In fact, it's just plain stupid.

I also did some research on Taiwanese culture after my cluster f##k of a date with the Taiwanese whore, and that's where I found the " touching on the shoulder quirk ". Again, it's a quirk and it's stupid, nothing
more and nothing less.

After some research on the culture of Hong Kong, I discovered that it's considered to be bad luck if you receive a gift wrapped in blue, it's considered to be bad luck. Also, if you receive a clock as a gift, it denotes death. I'm
planning on buying some clocks and wrapping them in blue paper, then I'll take them to the local Chinese restaurant ( they're from Hong Kong ) and then give the gifts to the girls who work there just to see the looks on their faces.
I guess that since clocks given as gifts denote death, all of the girls will drop dead on the spot. I can't wait to see if this is true. Maybe the Human Trafficking issues at this restaurant will be the girls demise, not the clocks wrapped
in blue. Maybe they should live by the basic Human Rule " You reap what you sew "

As far as I'm concerned, these Asian cultural issues are ancient caveman style bullcrap. We are living in the year 2006 for Christ's sake, It's time to leave that crap behind. These people are still living by the same rules
as the people who were writing on the walls of caves thousands of years ago, and then they are trying to apply these same rules to the industrialized modern world.? And to make matters worse, they are coming to the U.S. and then expect us to live
by their quirky caveman outdated cultural rules? Sorry Asians, we Americans just aren't buying it. Maybe you should go down to the Mexican / U.S. border and join the illegal Mexican immigrants who think that they have the right to cross that
border illegally. But remember this, there will be 6,000 U.S. National Guard troops pointing the soles of their feet towards you. And if you get past that, they will pat you on your head and touch you on your shoulder. Then if survive that, they
will have clocks wrapped in blue waiting for you.

( by the way, I don't support the deployment of the troops on the Mexican border, there are going to be some major problems there, jus wait and see )

Another thought : How many of you American males have been able to land an Asian girlfriend who lives here in the States? From my personal observations, I haven't seen very many such relationships. It does happen, however it's very
rare. Most of the American men that I know met their Thai or other Asian spouses in Asia, and most of the spouses were prostitutes while they were in Asia. I just have to wonder why any man would marry a prostitute? Hell, I've ditched many
American " pin cushions " because they had been poked by just about every three legged hombre in town.

Back to the American / Asian issue : Just think about this : They are already here, they have their green cards, they have nothing to gain from us. They can prostitute and whore around all that they want.

I have to admit that in one point in my life, I actually considered going to Thailand to find my dream wife. However, after father consideration, I came to the following conclusion : If they won't hook up with us here in the States,
why will they hook up with us in Thailand? The answer : The all illusive green card and money, plain and simple. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but sometimes the truth hurts.

In fact, it's no different with American women, all they want is money. What happened to the good old days when people would marry each other because they loved each other? I'm sorry to say that unfortunately, those days are all
but gone. I think that I'll just stay single.

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