Stickman Readers' Submissions June 12th, 2006

Let’s Not Forget

By Odysseus

I came to Thailand by a roundabout route, having very nearly married a lady from another eastern country. My friends, who had travelled from Thailand to see me get married, brought me back to Bangkok with them, before travelling on to our destination.

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Unbeknown to me at the time, the Thai girlfriend of my English buddy had phoned her sister, and obviously told her that she had an 'Englishman' for her to meet!

Within minutes of landing and clearing immigration / customs, I was approached by this beautiful sister, who came and introduced herself, 3 hours later (the reader can calculate from the travel time / book-in time where we went?) I was in
bed with her.

Unfortunately, being somewhat clued-up medically, I discovered that she was not 'very well' and not in a position to consummate our lust of each-other!

I arranged next day to have her checked-out in a clinic, happily, nothing serious, she had been doing too much overtime with farangs, and had not taken care of herself, that's all (phew!!!) and of course, I paid for her treatment!

In the month that followed, I was like all new first-timers to Thailand, I was a kid in a sweet shop which never closed, and boy, did I enjoy myself!

I have now bought a house 'somewhere in Thailand' and am in my 3rd year of being here, and my only wish is that when my life ends, it will be in the arms of a beautiful Thai lady, and to otherwise finish my days here?

Now, I will come to the point which seems to escape most of my fellow farangs; All women are prostitutes, it is just a question of degree!

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It is immaterial what race of women we are dealing with, love is a transaction for women, and payment will be exacted in currency, or in kind.

Women too, have to pay for sex, even if it is only paying for the garments to improve their chances of bedding the man of their choice!

I have had 3 English wives to date, having married early at 17, which is what people did in the far off days of the 1960's, my first 2 wives in hindsight were in my opinion nothing more than unlegislated criminals, such was their dishonesty,
and their capacity to lie, and this is one thing I have learnt about women, their loving you will not stay their hand from destroying you if they so wish!

Englishmen of my time were brought-up in a 'Guilt Society', the process having been begun by their mothers, and continued and developed by their subsequent wives, and in my case the Church of England weighed-in with its own contribution.

In that society sex was sin, and the only sin was sex, and having sex with a woman was presented as a dis-honour and abuse of her, and pregnancy was looked upon as an infliction, this has brought a rich harvest for the 'modern'
Englishwoman who have made a career of presenting themselves as 'professional victims' knowing that they will never be held to account for their actions, evading work and homelessness by engineered pregnancy!

It gave me no comfort, when, some years ago, Lord Denning (former Master of the Rolls) publicly apologised for the actions of himself, and his contemporaries in the Judiciary, for the way they had framed and re-organised the divorce laws.

Their actions he confessed, where the reason for the sorry state of marriage in England today!

Thanks pal, the rot continues, and it is due in no small part because women have been held-up as a 'blameless' gender, incapable of evil-doing of any sort?

There is no such thing as 'divorce' for an Englishman, there is simply the continuance of marriage by other means, and for the man involved, it can be a very costly continuance, whether he can be held responsible for the breakdown
of the marriage, or not.

The financial consequences of divorce, especially if children are involved, for the man can be financially ruinous, and every year, our stupid courts find more ways to destroy marriage by introducing new, or retrospective legislation whereby
the man pays even more money to an odious woman!

Result – 40 per cent of British adults are now living alone, with all the consequences this brings on the available housing stock, and, increasingly, it is only the irresponsible men of no fixed abode who are begetting children!

Now of course, all this divorce legislation was aimed at addressing an imperfect situation, in an attempt to protect children, but the net result is that women are seeking to exploit the situation by producing MORE fatherless children than

It seems to have escaped the attention of our legislators that the 20th century was characterized by political 'idealism' which sought to rid the world of injustice – (remember what Communism promised?) but the net result was to
move further away from where we wanted to be than before, one doesn't get rid of injustice by sending it somewhere else, in such wise, ideals are turned into crimes.

In Thailand, it is the mother who 'looks-out' for her children, in England, it is the children who are 'looking-out' for the mothers!

I have always maintained that once a woman has had 'her children' that the husband is then an 'after-thought' whose only remaining purpose is to provide money, and if she can procure the husbands money, but get rid of
him, she will.

This is now the case in England, and has become an epidemic, and what the dis-enfranchised husband cannot provide, Social Security will.

I could cut the divorce rate in England in half overnight by simply stating if you get rid of your husband, all his money and services go with him!

Now for the Thai woman, it is a different case when the husband departs for whatever reason.

The Thai woman knows that she will get no-where by pissing her husband off, and if he should leave, for whatever reason, his money will follow him, so she is careful to keep him happy!

So marriage is still alive and kicking in Thailand, for all its imperfections.

If she should find herself left literally holding the baby, she may have to make the decision to go where the Farang go in order to make usable money.

Her success in this endeavour will be as individual as she is, the most beautiful will do very well indeed, the rest is pro-rator?

Some Thai wives of course seek to forestall a wayward husband, by cutting-off his penis, thereby stopping his philandering ways, she hopes, whilst keeping his financial support?
This is a pun on what English wives seek to accomplish through
the courts, i.e., keeping his money while getting rid of him.

It doesn't seem to occur to the Thai wife concerned that if the dickless man then turns to alcohol, she'll lose the financial support anyway.

Of course, nothing much is said about wayward Thai wives, and there seems to be plenty of them, otherwise the men couldn't be so naughty?

The mind boggles as to how a Thai husband deals with a wayward wife.

So, after a long preamble, I will try to get to the point.

Obviously, I didn't seek to leave my country because I was happy there.

The England of today is not the country I grew-up in, that has disappeared!

The women are bloody awful, increasingly grotesquely fat, ignorant, aggressive, and mouthy!

In Thailand they have 'Lady-men' (Katoey) and many of them are stunning, and entertaining, in England, we have the reverse, Geeza-birds, and they are neither beautiful, or entertaining!

Most of the men are tossers, whose lives seem to revolve around the endless watching and dissection of Football, and swilling of beer.

Deaths from alcohol abuse have surged by 20 per cent in the last 5 years, and this does not include deaths caused by drink-driving!

The last thing Thailand can use is an influx of tossers, they have enough of the home-grown variety, I've seen them, Thai women don't seem to have a lot of choice do they.

British society is an officially acknowledged 'Yob' society, whose permission you must seek to have free passage on the streets!

The Criminal Justice system seems to see itself as the kith and kin of criminals.

Football permeates the very fabric of society, now having a quasi-religious status, having been elevated to the level of a 'cause' so much so, that it was permissible last year to depict the Beckhams as Joseph and Mary in the nativity
at Madame Tussuads; I was offended, and I don't hold myself to be a Christian.

For this population, putting a ball in a net better than some other tosser, has become the epitome of human achievement – pathetic!

I had a professional Footballer for a Father, so I grew-up having a diet of Football for Breakfast, dinner, and tea, oh, and supper, if I was still awake, so I detest the game!

Now, this population of tossers, who know more about a goal-mouth, than they do a woman's mouth (or any other part of her body) bring their gluttonous boozey ways and attitudes to the doors of Thai women, and wonder why these Thai women
don't seek to keep their company, and are only interested in maximising the money they can extract from these men.

You get out of love-making, what you put into it, and if you disgust the woman, or are a lousy lover, don't blame the woman, look at yourselves!

I have known a lot of Thai ladies now, and as a race of women, I find them truly remarkable, so versatile, and so strongly nurturing!

Yes, there has been the odd one who was totally mercenary, and every interface with a Thai lady has begun as a financial transaction, but it did not continue as such.

I take a pride in making sure a woman enjoys my bed, so, it comes as no surprise that they want to stay in it, and seek to come back, I have not had the problems that most other farang seem to report.

Perhaps, gentlemen, if you spent a fraction of the time you devote to football, and booze, finding-out what pleases a woman, you might have different experiences.

Most of you are over-weight, and aesthetically disgusting, making love like you eat your food I suspect, with much noise, and little subtlety – straighten-up and fly right!

What would you be experiencing in England, gentlemen, not very much I'll wager, you should think yourselves blessed to have the company of such beautiful women, and if these are prostitutes, then lets have more of them!

Remember the song; its another day for you and me in paradise?

Ever read Rudyard Kipling's poem 'The Ladies?'

It ends like this; "What did the Colonel's lady think, no-one ever knew; but someone asked the Sargeant's wife, and she told them true! When it comes to men she said, they are much as a row of pins? But Maureen O'Grady,
and the Colonel's lady, are sisters under their skins?"

Stickman's thoughts:

So we can expect millions of British guys to Thailand soon.

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