Stickman Readers' Submissions June 17th, 2006

It Could Have Been Much Worse

By Samui Sam

Well after being a sometimes avid reader of everybody's contributions I thought it was time to post my experience.

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Really these days with the Internet so prevalent there is no excuse to go in with your eyes closed regarding girls in Thailand however as you say 10 years ago was different nothing those days compared to what we have at hand today for info

My first visit was in '98 & I knew jack shit about Thailand especially the girls & in fact sampled 1 didn't enjoy her so I just went back into my shell for 2 weeks.

Went back in '02 with 3 mates armed with my first trip experiences & a shit load more research & had the best time & in fact been back 4 times since.

I've spent most of my time on Samui & once you have an idea how the bar games & girls work it's not that hard, although every area is different the rules of engagement don't vary that much.

On my first trip to Samui in '02 I went into a bar very close to the Green Mango & this girl just caught my eye, she was the best of an ordinary lot (if there are in fact ordinary looking Thai girls) I sat down she came over but
didn't use all the standard lines just asked me what drink I wanted & if I wanted to chat or play a game to call her over (obviously her English wasn't that good but passable) so having all ready had some sherbets I thought WTF.
We had a great night & the deal was sealed.

Any way to cut a long story short I kept this girl (Insert any bargirl pseudonym here, I did know her Thai name) for the week I was there, I was smitten big time (any one see where this could be going ???)made arrangements to come back in
6 months which I had planned anyway so it made sense (at the time) to keep in touch with emails, I left a small amount of Baht but refused to send money, I figured whether I sent money or not she was going to be back in that bar before my plane
finished taxiing for takeoff so let some poor other punters support her for 6 months I wasn't there.

Anyway went back when I said we met up she dragged me up to Udon Thani to meet the family, now even though I knew no future with Nong, Ping, Nok etc I went along I figured what a great way to experience Thailand away from the tourist strip,
this time with the family did cost me some money but not as much as you hear or read from others & you really are naive to think that a trip to meet a Thai girls (especially bargirls) family isn't going to cost you something but to this
day it is one of the best experiences of my life to see that side of Thai life & have never regretted it for even one moment.

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That trip to the family allowed me to see her in her natural environment with her son (yes I knew)& allowed her to think that she had hooked me & I wanted to be hooked but had my guard up so much it was nigh impossible but I did let
it down a little & I'm glad I did because now I don't have any doubts that pursuing a life with her was a mistake.

Any experienced Thai travellers reading this will know some of the things she tried & did, I played the game but was very happy to be heading back to Samui, I left on good terms on the date I was always going to so her family was none
the wiser (at least that's what I think).

Nok. Ping, Nong came back to Samui with me but it all finished in a screaming match one night, both drunk I went to sleep woke up some not all of my money was gone & I've never seen or heard from her again even though I received
an email from her sister in Norway apologizing for her sisters behaviour & when I told her some of the things she did & said she was even more apologetic.

Any way I've never let this minor hiccup spoil my Thai girl experiences & have had some great girls since you just gotta know when to cut off, I did & I still went to far.

Any newbies to Thailand reading this & thinking their dream girl is in the next bar stop thinking with your little head & start thinking with your big head, take the girls for what they are that is great fun, most times the best sex
you have had & leave it at that.

There are examples out their of bargirl & punters relationships that do work but the odds of probability & the time to read submissions here will tell you the odds are heavily stacked against you.

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