Stickman Readers' Submissions June 27th, 2006

In A Reflective Mood

In a Reflective mood… Our long lost friend, Mr. Statler has resurfaced again for the pleasure of sharing with us his reflections of his past life and how Bangkok has cured him of certain kinky inclinations he had harboured for a number of years. Then
following his musings, Mr. Stickman came up with his thoughts of concurring with him and reflecting on some of the things we get up to in Thailand which we would not dream of doing back home.

While this is all so true, one has to question why we collectively so degrade ourselves in the LOS and why it makes people like Mr. Statler feel like dirt when he looks in the mirror. I wonder what comes first, “the chicken or the
egg”, so to speak.

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What I mean is this, are we depraved to start with before we arrive on these shores or does the place turn us into beings that feel like dirt?

Probably some public navel gazing is in order here.

When I first came to Thailand in the late '70s, the sex for sale scene was very different to what it is now. Even bargirls had a sense of decency and pride about themselves and the whole experience was quite unlike prostitution in western

Obviously the advent of tourism promotion and investment in developing Thailand as a tourist destination attracted many men who were looking to get their rocks off at a bargain price. The more sex seeking men came, the more the business of
prostitution became the hard-nosed business like it is all over the world. As the time passed, all innocence of the working girls came to pass too.

What we have now in Thailand is a cesspool of debauchery, where all participants on both side of the fence trying to outdo each other in this battle of tortured human beings. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Statler represents a lot of farangs
who in their moments of sanity wonder about whether they got their priorities right and what direction their life has taken.

My concern here is mainly about those men who are living here, feeling like kids in a chocolate factory, where they can indulge themselves gorging on sweets to their hearts content, until chronic indigestion sets in.

You know what they say about too much of a good thing, etc!

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However, you’re not just having any kind of eating habit here, what you have is sexual bulimia.

You want to indulge, when you’re full up you have to push yourself to excesses, like using chemical compounds to keep you going (Viagra, and such).

In the process of chasing the dragon of sexual overload, you actually diminish the pleasures you’re seeking.

I’ve known many farangs who engaged in this futile exercise, trying to prove to themselves and others that it’s a numbers game, not realizing that quality comes before quantity.

They lose sight of the fact that in Thailand you’re just a customer who is manipulated into indulgences, actually disguised as desires of the flesh.

There is nothing wrong in the pleasures of the flesh and if it comes with the requisite emotional attachments, then you’re on a good thing. To find a partner who is after the same thing and it becomes the ying / yang loving experience,
you’re lucky.
Unfortunately, many submissions on this site are written by people who are having an existential crises and the way they think to cure it is to indulge in sex with prostitutes.
The degradation of both parties in this
trade follows as night follows day.

Have you ever wondered how much sperm flows under the Chao Phaya a day in Bangkok and Pattaya? (Figuratively speaking)

You may think this is a crude question, but it simply serves to alert you to the fact that this must be the place of the highest concentration of orgasms in the world on any given day.
Everyone is busy, busy trying to contribute to a
sperm bank?

Some enterprising fellow might actually put some of this into good use and become a millionaire.

Anyway, joking aside, I’m not a comic or a shrink, either, but I really think what has become of Thailand is not beneficial for the social fiber of its people and neither is it good for the mental well being of a lot of men, such as
Mr. Statler.

In fact, our own guru, Mr. Stickman also has self doubts about his life in Thailand, which he mentions from time to time.

I think if you stay in Thailand long enough it’ll get into your blood for ever, a bit like a

virus, like dengue fever which comes back to haunt you when your defences are down.
I think you have to be a special person to withstand the constant allures which present you with temptations and understand yourself and what you want which
really matters. My best advice would be to follow the Buddhist middle way, no extremes either way!

Stickman's thoughts:

There are a lot of people who get scarred as a result of their sexual liaisons and sexual appetite in Bangkok. It is not just the bar scene which destroys people. Forays with regular women can result in problems too.

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