Stickman Readers' Submissions June 3rd, 2006

Feeding Of The Ducks

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

If you poison us, do we not die?

And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

William Shakespeare

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Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

William Congreve

Boy do these Thai bitches have sharp claws when they get upset.

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Many a Bangkok expat

Thailand has a long inbreed tradition of polygamy a still flourishing habit of keeping secret wives which was officially outlawed as from 1st October 1935 but still an act that is all very common today.

Before this time a man could have many wives in Thailand.

The old Thai family law very simply classified wives into three categories depending upon the way in which they became wives.

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“Mia Glang Muang" The official wife whom a man's parents acquired for him.

“Mia Glang Norg" The minor wife whom the man acquired by himself after his official wife.

"Mia Glang Tasee" Slave wives whom the husband bought from the parents of the former their owners

Buddhism however in stark contradiction to today’s law does not prohibit polygamy, but emphases that responsibilities and family honor are of paramount importance.

Family honor to a Thai is very important and simply means that a husband must treat and respect their wife equally and vice versa. If a man decides to take more than one wife, he must be able to care for them all sufficiently and responsibly.

There are extensive lists of family conducts for men, women, and children in the teaching of Buddha.

However there is no such thing as divorce in Buddhism, only Dharma.

Western cultures in contrast widely use the process of divorce as way to end a current relationship and move onto the next relationship.

In current Thai urban society and especially with men who do not fully follow the old culture and the teachings of Buddha, the choice of divorce and unmarried multiple relationships seemed to be the cheapest and easy way out of avoiding responsibilities and family honor.

Many Thai women these days are blindly following Western culture like never before, and within it a very dangerous cocktail of potential explosive issues are being formed.

With the combination on one hand of the inbreed tradition of polygamy, and on the other hand modern western thinking regarding divorce. Many Thai men do not have to deal with wives and children living under the same roof.

Thailand’s fatherless and motherless children are increasingly becoming a more common statistic; you can see this in the growth of orphanages sprinkled around Thailand.

These kids are the hidden face of this new outlook. Their futures often uncertain, faced with an ever decreasing spiral of social deprivation and distress.

Many Thai men keep more than one wife and very few of these men have sex with their main wife and this leaves the main wife feeling sexually unimportant.

To inbreed desire to be Mia Glang Muang is of paramount importance to a Thai woman and their suspicions of a Mia Glang Norg entering into their husbands lives can explain why Thai women are sometime devious and suspicious in their actions towards their husbands.

One day you’re looking into a pair of the deepest loving brown eyes owned by a woman who would give you her last breath. But if your actions give cause for concern to suspicions in her mind, come the next few day those same loving eyes may well turn into a cauldron of almost untrusting mysterious hatred towards you.

The simplest and most normal of business phone call in the evening to you, can easily be seen to her as another lover phoning you. The imagination of a wronged Thai woman knows no boundaries if pushed too far.

In an act comically named “tat lieng pet“(feeding the Duck) has become widespread over the years as many an angry wife or lover have cut of her cheating partners penis…

Sure most of you reading this will remember the American John Bobbet who became so famous over his lopping off and reattachment that he even went on to make a porn film.

But it’s the big difference here is in with how a Thai woman further dishes out this punishment in her premeditated actions of disposal after the cutting.

The lopped off remains have been well documented over the years as having been boiled in oil, fed to ducks, flushed down the toilet and in one case even attached to hot air balloons and cast into the sky…

when it comes to permanently depriving a cheating lover of his severed manhood, the imagination and actions of the wronged Thai woman is unlimited.

Due to the growing sex change industry, Thailand has become the world centre of penis removal sex change surgery, but in a bizarre twist due to a mixture of routine habitual infidelity by men, Thai woman logic on revenge and a national cuisine that has the average kitchen armed to the hilt with an assortment of very sharp knives and choppers. Thailand has also been forced to become a world centre for penis reattachment.

Surgeons in Thailand in similar terms to how the Irish surgeons became expert in knee cap surgery due to the punishment beating handed out by the by the IRA in the late 1970s.

Initially the IRA punishment squads used to shoot the victims knee caps out from the back of the knee but changed their methods to shooting them out from the front due to the surgeons increasing success rate.

From what I can tell all cases that I can find reported on this subject relate to Thai nationals mainly from rural areas. However the risks here in Thailand for the average Joe are still very high for those who get involved in a relationship with a Thai girl and still believe that they can be players in a dealer’s world. The odds of the house are just not in your favor if you want to engage in playing around while in a relationship.

Thai girl thinking is like nothing in this world you will ever have come across, rationality is a word that is not easily understood by them. Loss of face is everything to these girls to underestimate its loss is foolish.

When a Thai woman goes off at the deep end, expect the unexpected as you can see everything and anything imaginable is possible.

You can easily see by this another reason why Thai women prefer foreign men as they know that normally they will not stray far, and that they have a better chance of staying as Mia Glang Muang without as much risk as that involved with marrying a Thai male.

However If your still not convinced and have the real need to take a mistress and you find yourself in the situation that the once trusting eyes of your first Thai love are not looking at you in quite the same way as they once did, the advise is simple…

Quickly shoot the ducks she has started to keep. And best always keep a thermos and ice on hand.

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