Stickman Readers' Submissions June 9th, 2006

Achieving The Unachievable! Unbelievable

I don’t know if this is some form of psychological problem that I have, but it sure has been a burden to bear! Everyone has a reason for being here (On earth). I don’t know what my reason is. The world seems so large but in reality it's
very small. Everyone’s lives are intertwined and everything happens for a reason. I believe in these things but I forget them every now and again.

Achieving the unachievable, I have always had this push inside me to ask the question that shouldn’t be asked. To speak to the beautiful girl who is way out of my league. To send the CV in for a job I am not qualified to do! Its not
because I have no respect, Its because if you don’t ask you don’t get! I also have an unbelievable knack of making girls fall in love with me. (I'm not speaking about Thailand here) I am talking about farang land. I'm sure
most of you will agree this is a considerable task.

He Clinic Bangkok

The problem is, I cant help but want to prove myself. The latest is I fell for a bar girl from a short time bar. Can we fall in love and can this relationship work? Many a different opinion to be had on this one. My problem is I have some
form of physiological problem that I believe in myself far to much. I'm sure many will have an opinion. I reckon I'm tooled up enough to achieve my goal!

My luck has to run out sometime right, have I gone a step top far this time? How can I explain about my past? Ok to give you ideas of what I mean. At 15 my mother decided to ground me for a week, as I had stayed out all night! Now this wasn’t
unreasonable, the fact that I had spent the night out with my 25 year old girlfriend in a nightclub was. You may think I'm speaking bullshit, I could never prove different! I know me – I know my life. When grounded my girlfriend turned
up at my door, my mother answered and was stunned! After the initial shock, my mum finally let her in and up to my room to see me. When my girlfriend left, My mum came in and spoke to me. She said I wasn’t sure whether to let her in and
share a coffee or let her up to your bedroom! I said, mum I am glad you let her up to my bedroom and gave her a smile and a wink! My mum knew me… She didn’t laugh or cry she just told me I was unbelievable! My mum knew I was sexually
active long before this. At 11 my mother had to take me to the doctor as I had ripped my foreskin and was bleeding badly. I was sleeping with my 15 year old girlfriend. I also got caught at 12 sleeping with a family friend at my grandfathers 65th
birthday bash. It was a house party and we got left unattended, as the adults enjoyed the beer and wine I enjoyed some booty time! Unfortunately for me getting a little bit carried away I never heard one of my aunties come up the stairs with a
glass of coke for me! Worst thing is I got made to stand up and apologise to everyone at the party, I think they tried to embarrass me!

When I was 16, I attended a party in sponsorship of my grandmothers spiritualist church, My gran was Chairwoman. Everything went well lots of money made etc. The funny part was, as you can imagine at something like this many people like to
show off there spiritualistic skill’s. An older woman, one of my grandmothers friends maybe in her late 60’s came over to speak to my mum and dad. She looked my mum in the eye and said I can see you are a very honest woman, she proceeded
to talk about instances and had my mum convinced and happy with her assessment. She took my fathers hand and told him he was hard working and a hard man, not very emotional, kept his feelings to himself etc My dad had been in the army, she could
tell! Now she passed both my parents who I had been standing behind and said ah your Darren, Muriel’s grandson I have heard so much about you, she grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye for a split second then turned away sharply. It
freaked my mum out, my mum thought she had seen something wrong. My mum asked her what was wrong in a panicked way. The woman made her apologies and started laughing. I cant look him in the eye she said, he has come to bed eye’s. Now my
mum started laughing and said you are unbelievable! You even have 60 year old women falling at your feet. I gave the lady a kiss on the cheek and a smile – she shot off as quickly as possible with a wry smile on her face! I think she seen
a lot more in my eye than that!

CBD bangkok

My mum has been told since I was a young boy that I was going to break hearts, and believe me I have done! Not intentionally, not with being horrible and cheating. 95% of my ex girlfriends still talk to me, and still have feelings toward
me, many admit it. Problem is now I reckon I have found my match! I have went and fell for the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I know everyone thinks of there girlfriend like this. Sh*t I just said girlfriend. Like I said, she used to work
at a short time bar (Used to) See that's me getting ahead of myself again. That’s me presuming she is being faithful whilst I'm away for 4 weeks at work! Believe me I have had every guy I know drop in past to catch her out! I
even had one sexpest friend go round and ask specifically for her. The girls said she didn’t work anymore and her boyfriend now took care of her. So my friend like the good guy that he is, proceeded to take one up stairs and pump some more
information out of her! His words! He also claims I am now due him 500 baht, a small price to pay I suppose. The girl proceeded to tell him upstairs that she had popped in twice just to quickly say hello and definitely was not working!

What's the problem, can I achieve the unachievable? Can I have a bar girl fall in love with me? Can I believe her to be faithful to me? As I said I have a knack for making this happen! But I believe she has the same skill’s, in
fact lets be fair she has had a lot more practice than me! Is it going to be all out war to get the upper hand here or are we seriously meant to have met and be together equally? She is making a fuss right now of changing her number, closing e-mail
accounts and giving me the passwords to prove her total love for me! I am in love with her, this is the only thing that is different from all the rest of my stories! I have never been in love before…! What am I thinking?

nana plaza