Stickman Readers' Submissions June 16th, 2006

A Strange Bird

This is the story of Aoy. Aoy is a Thai student whom I met in a Chinese restaurant. I wrote about her in one of my previous submissions entitled "A Thai girl / 2 Chinese girls / a Teddy Bear and a Stuffed Dog" under readers submissions 10. In
order to fully understand this story, maybe you should read that submission before you read this one. I also wrote a bit about her in "Human Trafficking / Thai / Chinese Style." I believe that I used a different name for her in that

Aoy looks to be anywhere from thirty to thirty five years old. She looks young, but if you take a close look at her, you can see the crows feet around her eyes, though she is still an absolute stunner. She told me that she is attending the
local University here in Kentucky in order to improve her education so that she can land a better paying teaching job once she returns to Thailand. I'm still out to lunch on that one, I'm not so sure that she is all she is cracked up
to be.

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At one point, I was actually pursuing her. However, after the Teddy Bear incident and the confusing photo shoot at the other Chinese restaurant, I came to the conclusion that Aoy has some emotional issues. I know that people who have such
disorders really can't help the way they are, however, I don't need a woman like that in my life. Aoy and I continued to e-mail each other just as friends, but that's as far as things went between us and that's as far as I
wanted things to go.

At the time of the photo shoot at the other Chinese restaurant, she told me that she was no longer working at the Chinese restaurant where I first met her. She said that she was looking for a summer job. I told her to come by my store and
fill out an application. Then she told me straight up that she wasn't allowed to work off campus. I told her that I couldn't hire undocumented workers. I told her that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is cracking down on the
people who are responsible for hiring undocumented workers. She told me that she understood, no problem. It's a good thing that she got out of the Chinese restaurant where she worked. Soon after she quit, ICE raided the joint and arrested
all of the undocumented workers and she would have been in the slammer with the rest of the illegal. Even though she is here legally on a student visa (so she says), she is still undocumented, no Green Card, no Social Security card, both of which
are required in order for one to work legally in the U.S. It's a good thing that she got out of there when she did. Even though she has some problems, I couldn't fathom seeing her behind bars.

I thought that all of this drama with Aoy was far behind me, no more Stickman submissions about her, no more Aoy. Actually I thought that she had already returned to Thailand. However, just yesterday, things took a dramatic change.

As I was pondering on where to have lunch, I decided to check up on the immigration and Human Trafficking issues at the Chinese restaurant where I first met Aoy.

When I first walked in, I was greeted by a Chinese boy who couldn't have been more than fourteen years old. He then guided me to my table and took my order. Then, to my surprise, Aoy brought my order to my table. I thought that she had
gone back to Thailand. I thought that all of this was over, but there she was standing right in front of me.

It was the same as I have written before. When she wasn't busy with other customers, she was at my table flirting with me. I have met a lot of female Thai students and I know about that friendly Thai smile, but Aoy's smile was different.
It was obvious to me that she was flirting, no doubt in my mind. Same old song and dance.

I had tried to get her phone number before to no avail. She told me that she didn't have a phone. She also told me that the manager of the restaurant would "call her" when they needed a waitress to fill in when a full time
waitress quits (arrested by ICE after a raid)

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It's obvious to me that this girl is lying to me as well as flirting with me at the same time. If she doesn't have a phone, how the hell does the manager of the Chinese restaurant "

call her"when she needs a waitress to "fill in?"

I have never tried to "bar fine" a girl in a Chinese restaurant, but maybe I should have "bar fined" this girl? Actually, I'm not into that. I'm looking for a "good girl", but that's hard to find
in this day and time.

Nonetheless, I'm confident that this Thai girl is better left alone, "A Strange Bird" so to speak. I'll be more than glad when she returns to Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

Max, it is your charm. These girls just flock to you.

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