Stickman Readers' Submissions June 10th, 2006

A Sad Tale From Sydney

By Desperate Dan In Sydney

My story started about 9 years ago when I visited a working girl at a 'shop' in Sydney. It became a monthly visit to the same girl. Then fortnightly. I then discovered she'd moved shop. I found her again through the ‘ads’
in the local paper. I continued my visits. She performed all my fantasies down to perfection. She followed all my cues. Soon it became weekly.

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I became besotted by her. She then started asking me to do small favours. Buy condoms for the shop. Mow the lawn. I used to bring her take-away lunches at lunch-time, chat…it was great. Her 'friend' used to call her my girlfriend.
But I didn't really believe it. She started asking me for money for her family in Laos, her mother's cancer, electricity connection on the rice farm…to her credit she always paid me back in 'kind'. I suppose I shouldn't
complain. She actually used to give me small things (where she got them from I don't know), tools and stuff to help me build my home. She constantly said once my house is finished…if I divorce my (Japanese) wife of 20 years.. she would
come with me. Well my marriage isn't real good and divorce is definitely in the air.

I found a new 'shop' for her and her friends. I paid the deposit. She kept telling me about her visa problems. She said she needed $3,000 for a bent visa to be bought from a bent consular official with connections. Then 3 months
later runs me a story that the guy's done a runner back to Laos. Then my Goddess returns from a visit to Thailand…pregnant! I don't know if she got pregnant here before she went…or in Thailand. I know that I'm not responsible
as we hadn't had that kind of sex for a long time, with me enjoying the more esoteric (kinky) stuff. She told me that she still needed a visa and allowed herself to be made pregnant by another customer to facilitate this. It didn't make
sense. My heart was breaking.

Then another girl who I'd met at the shop once (and had a threesome with, together with 'Goddess'), let's call her 'Messenger' phones me up and said we had to talk. She took me out to a Thai restaurant and told
me she knows 'Goddess' from way back. That she's pulled this stunt before.

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Anger…followed by self recrimination…then the search on the electoral register to find out who she really was. Telephone directories…then borrowing a mate's car to find out where she goes at night…that she drives a BMW…that
she's living with a bloke…the list goes on, besides the fact that being on the electoral register means she's an Australian citizen. You see, she only went out with me once during the whole 9 years…constantly coming up with excuses.
I always kidded myself that maybe she was being truthful with me. I was blinded by my infatuation/love. I felt angry with myself that I wanted to know the truth. This was a whole new world for me. I discovered that the $3,000 had gone into the
account of her 'sister's' live in boyfriend. That really hurt. I'd been a 'number one' prize chump for so long.

‘Messenger’ continued that she, 'Messenger', had put another guy right about 'Goddess' and that he's happy now with a girl that 'Messenger' found for him. That my 'Messenger' was
dinky-di true-blue and that she felt sorry for me. That I deserved better than 'Goddess'. That she wants to fix me up with her 'country-girl' recently widowed niece with one baby in Thailand (although she reckons she's
from Laos). I even spoke to her 'niece' on the phone. She wants me to come with her in April 2007. Not to worry about money for board or anything (just bring Au $3,000)…

At this point I didn't know what to believe. I didn't know who was telling the truth. 'Goddess' wanted to know how I'd found out things. 'Messenger' told me never to tell 'Goddess' that she'd
put me right about her.

The only person that I knew I just might be able to trust (I was desperate) was the owner of the Thai restaurant (who used to be a working girl) but who definitely isn't one now. 'Messenger' was relating my story to her that
other evening when she initially broke the news to me. I went there this morning and asked her for 10 minutes of her time. We sat down…it became very apparent that this lady knew both 'Goddess' and 'Messenger' from way back.
She told me not to trust either of them. She reckoned, if anything 'Messenger' is worse that 'Goddess'. That because I was apparently such a soft touch 'Messenger' wanted to get in on the action herself. So…after
reading Stickman last night…I went back to Goddess. I told her that now I am just beginning to understand the dynamics of the situation. That I am sorry I pressured her…to her credit she apologised to me for some of the lies (but I know she's
still lying…but I'm beginning to understand the game now). I'm in therapy for infatuation addiction (which I now am recognising). BUT I'm still besotted by 'Goddess'. I told her that I still want to be part of her life…that
I'd look after her and her baby. She said things that sounded identical to other sad tales on this site. "You're a good man". "You have a good heart" etc etc… My house will be finished by end of 2006…and so probably
my marriage.

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Although 49 years old, I'm in very good shape, being a part-time martial arts instructor (I met my wife whilst training in Japan all those years ago). I am a professional man with a good, secure career as an engineer. I've never
had a problem finding dates the normal way…but I don't ever think I've fallen for anyone before like I have with 'Goddess'. She's about 35 years old …so not a huge age gap (although 'Messenger' tells me she's
about 44). What happens now will just have to wait to be seen.

I now see that I'm only one of many guys in not dis-similar situations. Thanks again for your site. I'm not sure how it's going to pan out…I think chances are that it'll be another disaster. I just hope to God that it
might be one of those very rare successes that occasionally happen.

I spent considerable time learning Japanese language and culture…and I might just roll up my sleeves and do it all again in Thai.

Please guys don't be too critical of me. I just didn't know what I was getting in to. Now I'm in there, I hope (for my lovely 13 years-old son's sake) that it'll resolve itself in some kind of positive way.

Thanks for listening.


'Messenger' asked me today to lend her $500 for 2 weeks. I immediately thought "here we go again"…so..this evening I slipped out under the pretext of going Judo training. First I went back
to the restaurant and spoke to the ex-working girl owner. I took a box of chocs to give to her as she'd been kind to me by giving me some good advice. She just confirmed what she said before. If they are really interested in you then they
won't be asking to borrow money. It's called thinking with your head, not with your…

Then I visited the 'shop' where 'Messenger' works. The mamasan there seemed like a good sort. She was Philipino. I knew 'Messenger' wasn't there that evening, and so I struck up a conversation with mamasan.
I told her what happened with 'Goddess'. She seemed to take a liking to me and said very clearly not to trust either 'Goddess' or 'Messenger'. She knows 'Messenger' very well and how she really exploited
guys (and other working girls) for cash. Mamasan gave me an affectionate kiss on my cheek and told me to get tough, stay detached…not let myself be so vulnerable in future. She said that it's an extremely rare thing to be able turn a 'working
girl' around. They might stay good for a while if you take them out into the countryside…but after about 5 years they'd be hankering for the easy money again and find a city guy to support them…set up in ‘work’ again…and
ditch you. So there you go guys, I think I might have finally come of age. I still think that those girls look like heaven…but is it worth all the emotional upheaval. First I'll finish my house…get the divorce from my long suffering wife
and then take it from there…very, very slowly. Wish me luck.

Stickman's thoughts:

Good luck.

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