Stickman Readers' Submissions June 8th, 2006

A Real Quick Response To So What

Thank you for taking time writing a loooong “Quick Reply” to me. Over 1,400 words of yours plus cutting and pasting? Some thinker and typist you are.

You are right that we can write whatever we want on Stickman. I write what I think and you write what you think. Unfortunately sometimes what we write hit someone right in their soft spot and they take things so personally. Yes, someone with
a large chip on their shoulder.

He Clinic Bangkok

Go back and read what I wrote again and you’ll find that I said there’s nothing wrong with a foreigner to go out with a bargirl. I’m aware that many of them come here on their vacations and unfortunately Pattaya and Patpong
seem to be their tourist attractions – places where a lot of Thai can’t say we’re proud of.

I don’t think I need to go into details as to how I came across TF. That’s none of your business. Nor I see it necessary to explain how I became a moderator on there. You were right about how a lot of TF guys and girls live
their promiscuous lives but there’re people who are not like that. Well, I guess some people can really get bitter when they have chronic blue balls because they can’t even get laid with those TF freelancers. I left TF shortly after
I returned to Thailand so it’s not my business anymore. Admit that I was lonely? No need to. I have a boyfriend and we have a meaningful relationship. Thank you for trying to put words into my mouth.

I had been in the States for almost seven years in the academia. I worked in my professional field with American establishments, not in Thai restaurants. That should give you a better picture. My English is not perfect. (Mind you, my boyfriend
said my English was so Thai!) I needed a professional editor to help me when I was writing my dissertation but for a Stickman submission with casual English? Nah .. I don’t need a “Farang co-author”. Everyone has errors here
and there. Thanks for seeing my English “amazingly good”.

CBD bangkok

Right, I **HAD** been in the US. I’ve come back and of course I’ve met those genuine friends of mine otherwise I wouldn’t have said they were genuine. That shouldn’t be too hard for you native speaker to figure

I will not go through everything you wrote back to me or it will be an ongoing nonsense battle. I don’t have time for that. But all I have to say here is I read your submission with great appreciation. What you wrote confirmed what
I wrote about stereotyping which was the issue in my submission, it wasn’t a bargirl issue. You totally missed my point. You stereotyped about everything while kept saying that I was right about exceptions. I don’t think my little
voice can make a difference. People still stereotype about Thai girls and when someone like me voice something the response would be, “Seems like it’s a different Thailand you and I live in, khun hi-so Thai Doctor.”

You miraculously missed it when I say “many” or “majority”. I could cut and paste what I wrote with all those words highlighted to make it easier for you but it would be ridiculous to do so. I’m aware of
good authors like Casanundra, Dana, etc, who have good insights on Thailand. However, go count the number of those submissions. They’re minority. Took it from how you wrote, you must’ve had it bad. You poor thing..

“Thai girl no good.” In your sweeping generalization, they’re no-brainers and they don’t have depth. Seems like you realized it already then why don’t you stop picking up Thai girls. Either that or stop
bitching. Hypocritical or what?

wonderland clinic

You write what you think and I write what “I” think. No need to get emotional. What’s with that jumping and screaming is all about? Spare your energy. You’ll need that to deal with your Thai girl.

Well, I am no CEO but I do not have time to have more exchange with you on here. So go on and have a happy life. I wish you luck.

..Time to watch my favorite Thai soap opera now. Then probably out to shop for more shoes and makeup. Isn’t that’s something Western women don’t do?..

Stickman's thoughts:

This little spat between two readers, going backwards and forwards is exactly the sort of CRAP I want to avoid in the submissions. It resembles a discussion forum. So this submission serves as a reminder that if you want to pick holes in someone's submission, send them an email.

nana plaza