Stickman Readers' Submissions May 19th, 2006

Princess Turns Bitch

I found your information really interesting. I only wish I had read the information before I left for Thailand.

I am a 25 year old man and recently went to Bangkok and Pattaya for a 2 week holiday in the middle of February with 7 friends.

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On the third night in Bangkok we decided to check out soi cowboy where I met a beautiful girl called lets say Pim, she is 24 years old long black hair absolutely stunning she was, she wasn't inside the bar she was outside clearly trying to get customers in for a drink, she got me and my friends in to the bar where she ordered drinks for us. It was a gogo bar as there were topless dancers on stage but Pim was in her normal clothes jeans, an normal top, and shoes so I presumed all she did was just try and get customers into the bar as her job. She got us the drinks and started to dance on top of me where I quickly said to my mates I'm having her!

She was beautiful and spoke really good English she was a lot better looking than the 2 I had boom boomed with the 2 nights before. I paid the bar fine 600 baht and we all left the bar the bar was Apache Bar, Soi Cowboy.

We went to another few bars and got drunk me, Pim, and all the lads where we finished up at a night club. In the nightclub my friends had all picked up girls from the previous bar and we all had a good laugh. Pim was a real good laugh and got on really well with my friend she was a crazy girl very loud but I enjoyed her company as I am a bit of a crazy lad myself.

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About 2 AM I said to Pim lets go hotel we got tuktuk an went back, we had something to eat at hotel few more drinks then went to room, we had shower together her body was amazing and had sex all night. In the morning me and my friends decided to go Pattaya, we had 1 week Bangkok and 1 week Pattaya but decided to leave Bangkok early and go Pattaya. I gave Pim 2,000 baht and told her to go. I told her I had enjoyed our night together and that I was going Pattaya with my friends, she asked me if she could come with me for 1 night then she would go back to Bangkok the following day I said no take the money darling u cant come I'm on a lads' holiday, 1 half of my head was telling me to take her with me the other half was telling me to get rid of her give her the money and get shut of her, I had this trouble with the girls the 2 previous nights they wouldn’t leave the room, anyway Pim said you take me Pattaya you pay no baht. I told her I couldn’t and offered her 2,000 baht but she wouldn’t take it, as she got ready to leave the room I said to her if I take you, you go Bangkok tomorrow right she said course.

So I took her with me Pattaya we got mini bus crate of beers an set off. We got Pattaya and I booked 1 night in hotel for me and Pim a double the following day I was going to book a room with 1 of my mates (cheaper) we all went out that night and got pissed. Pim was a real good laugh I enjoyed her company so I decided to let her stay with me.

I booked 10 more nights in room for us, the only thing what bothered me was that I was on a lads' holiday and I should be shagging as many Thai girls as I could like my other mates but I really liked Pim she was a party girl and the sex was great. She never asked for money off me in fact sometimes she was buying rounds of Sambookas for us all, I would like to think that I looked after her. I bought her all her drinks all her food and some clothes, the clothes weren't much a few tops a few skirts, bikini etc maybe a few thousand baht it cost, but I didn't mind I was in good company and the sex was good.

Sometimes she would even ask me for boom boom, after a week together I told her I think she should go back to Bangkok, I told her I was on a holiday with my friends and I needed to live it up if u get what I mean, she understood me and after a bit of tears from myself she left to get the bus, I told my friends the same I told her to go because I need to get in the Pattaya action, she told me I was a good man and that she would miss me and parting with me and my friends, but the truth was I was falling in love with Pim that's why I told her to leave, she didn't know this of course. That night she left I was missing her so much she had left me her number, that night I called her to come back she I asked me why I told her to leave I told her truth that I was in love with her she told me she think she love me too, she got the bus the following morning she came my room I was so glad she came back, after another 3 days together and amazing sex again the condoms split 3 times during boom boom and I regret to say I had unprotected sex with her too twice.

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After 3 days she told me she had to leave Pattaya and go Buriram her mum was sick. I didn't think anything at the time so we exchanged emails. I gave her my home number, my mobile number and even my address and she gave me her number plus her friends too.

She left Pattaya and we were both upset. I had fallen in love with Pim so much. That night I called her to see if she ok and in the background I heard so much noise as if she was in a bar. She told me she went to Buriram and her mum was ok and now she's back Bangkok seeing her friend back in Apache Bar. I thought afterwards how could she get to Buriram and back see her mum and be back in Bangkok in a matter of 4 hours?

Then I started to wonder about things I knew she was lying but I just went along with it, during our time in Pattaya she went to the bank machine a few times to get money out, she told me her mum give her 20,000 baht a month which I believed, she had gold rings a gold necklace of her king and always looked good she looked after herself I could told, I believed her mum must have been a wealthy person and looked after her daughter.

When we left Pattaya me and my friends Pim offered to come to airport but I refused as it would hurt me so much to see and leave her again. We had each others emails phone numbers and I told her this was not the end and I wanted us to be together. At the airport we were delayed 6 hours, and offered a flight 24 hours later with compensation. We all agreed to get the day after flight instead of waiting 6 hours. We got 150 English pounds each. We were laughing, another night in Bangkok.

We got a hotel at the airport provided where we showered and got a taxi into Bangkok soi 4. I called Pim an explained what had happened. We met again and we all got drunk and went back to Pim's apartment. It was a good apartment, 18,000 baht a month she paid.

We went back to the hotel after the apartment, had another good night of sex (I regret unprotected again) and said our good byes. It was an upsetting time again for me. I loved her so much. I just wanted to stay with her forever but I had to use my head. She was a bargirl, just a prostitute and I kept telling myself it was just lust.

I arrived in England missing the Thailand life very much, especially Pim.

I've been back 12 weeks now and me and Pim have emailed each other and spoken every day. I realised I was missing Pim so much and I wanted to be with her forever. She told me she felt the same. I asked her to marry me and I would be back in Thailand in 7 months. Due to work I could not get there earlier. She said she would wait for me and marry me.

What I was expecting now was she needed money as we were planning to marry, but she never asked. I was not prepared to give her money anyway until we had married and were living together. She understood that it was too hard to get her visa to England permanently so I told her I would live in Thailand with her.

A few weeks ago she emailed me telling me she had to go Australia and that her aunts had granted her a visa for her to work selling shirts and she could not email me again until she got back (3 months). I found this odd as to why couldn't she email me. I asked her to call me when she got there but she said she did not know the dialing code. Now I found all of this dodgy. I started to think about things in Pattaya. She had shown me a business card of a man, his name, his Australian business, and on the back it said call me when you get home. I didn't take notice at the time but I started to believe she wasn't with her family. She was with this man.

After 2 weeks had passed with her in Australia I still did not hear nothing so I called her friend and she told me not to worry, she was with her cousin. She loves you, she wants to marry you and she will come back soon, I believed everything I was told, so I started to look up on Thai weddings and visas I needed etc, on internet.

I was looking on where to my surprise was a picture of Pim with a man after just having her visa granted. He looked about 50 years old and she is 24. During looking on the internet I came across your site, Stickman, and everything I have read makes so much sense now. For example when I used to call her she would always say I not work bar, I love you I want stay with you. Sometimes she would not answer the phone for hours saying I was at toilet, I was shopping, it was in my bag. Bullshit.

She, well I am 99% sure, was with customers at this time. She told me she had to go to Australia to support her mum and sell shirts which I found odd as she told me her mum gave her money (20,000 baht a month).

After a lot of persistence calling and messaging her friend she finally told me the truth. Pim was married to an Australian man she met one year ago in Thailand. They married in Thailand. Pim was not with her family – she was with her husband. Pim's friend told me he is 59 years old (she is 24).

After 3 weeks Pim's friend gave me her number. I called her and she denied everything, I know man, me stay family, me work sell shirt. Bullshit again. Pim finally admitted to being married and said he came to Thailand all time and came to Apache Bar and says he love me,. He met my mum and my mum said he's a good man and told me to marry him. He gave Pim's mum 100,000 baht. She say he good man, u must marry him Pim, so she told me she married him for her mum. The money she gets a month is from him not her mum.

She does not love him, she loves me she says. I ask her why has she gone to Australia then to see him. She says for money so he pays baht each month for mama. And now Stickman, the bombshell. She says she is pregnant with my baby 110%. Me papa she told me. All the dates add up and we didn't use condom. I told her I need to see a scan and maternity papers from doctor she says ok, and I told her I will have to do a DNA test when the baby is born. When I arrive back Bangkok it should be 1 month old. I would really appreciate your comments Stickman as you have experienced these sort of stories before. What I just need to know is this all lies, is this all real, or am I being taken for a ride?

Stickman's thoughts:

You want to somehow contact the Australian guy. If she is pregnant with your baby, then you have a right to at least know what is happening. And if she is scamming you while married to another bloke, I am sure he would want to know. Fool her into providing you with an address of where they live and then send a letter to the man of the house….

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