Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2006

My First Trip To Thailand – Going Up The River

Well, it was my first holiday in Thailand and my friend want us to go and see her friend in Kanchanaburi who is married to an Australian. Ok, I have no idea where that is, but it would be nice to see more of the country.

So Saturday morning we meet with another friend and her boyfriend who will go to Kanchanaburi with us. Well, the friend is just drop dread gorgeous, so I am happy.

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After a long drive with a couple of food stops (well, it was 2 hours and that is long time without food LOL) we arrive at my friend’s place. We are welcomed in and I meet my fellow country man… Oh no, a leftover hippie from the 70th … how wrong could I be! within 5 min we were best friends and still are to this day. But that evening his has back problems, so he stay home while we go out eating and drinking.

So we go to a local bar / restaurant, have some lovely food and a few drinks! We are also joined by a few other Thai people (little was I to know one of them would one day be my wife). We had a great time, but then my friend say “We go to see light show”, well I have no idea where I am, so I expect some fireworks. How wrong can you be.

After some discussion, it is decided that we leave the car at the bar and walk to the light show. Now so far we have driven 2 hours to this town, had dinner and drinks … and I still have not had a chance to pull out my wallet. So when ask to pay entry fee for everyone, I quickly said yes (all of about bth600) and we continue down the road.

So I paid fee for all off us, and we walk down a very crowded street. We get to the restaurant next to river and then I know where I am! Poster say “Bridge over the River Kwai” I mention this to my friend, but is told no “River Kwae” (I can to this day not call it River Kwai). Then the show starts (all commentary in Thai) and my friend try to translate, until I say no – I know this story – no need to translate. Well, I didn’t know it then, but I do now. Years later, my father in law would look at me and say… “Yes, I remember that day, when the planes came into bomb the bridge” (Well that was the day when my dad and me had dinner with my girlfriend and her parents next to the bridge… later that month she became my fiancée and later my wife, but her sister is still my “little sister”)

So after the show we go back to the restaurant, but he owner is tired and just serve us last drinks and ask us to turn off light when we leave! Well TIT.

Well. After a few more drinks, we do go back to friend’s place to sleep. By now my friend is very drunk! so I have to put her to bed and take care of her … but we are still just friends.

The next morning we wake up, and again I am asked to take shower (ab nam), Ok I do and then it is time for breakfast! So we jump into the car and drive to local shop where your choice is 2 or 3 kinds of noodle soup! OK, not my Idea of breakfast, but when in Rome!

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After breakfast we go for drive around the town, including the animal park. And then it is lunchtime! We go to lovely place by the river.

My new friend (married to Australian) has bought a bottle of scotch, and tells me we are not allowed to leave before we drink it…..

So now we have long lunch, and her youngest brother and her twin sister joins us. At this time twin sister and me only said hello and goodbye – at this stage we did not care about each other.

So after long lunch it is time to leave, I try to say goodbye to my new friends, but they just laugh….. so we drive for 10 min, and then stop for dinner with all my new friends.

After a long dinner, we make our way back to Bangkok. But while I love the city, I have now fallen in love with another Thai town. Kanchanaburi is from now part of life.

Now I do not spend time in Krungthep, I only go there when I have to (it is where the Australian embassy is). This small town outside Bangkok has now become my home town, and I never tire of the sunset over the mountain or the sunshine in the morning reflecting on the river.

Stickman's thoughts:

I have to admit that the longer I stay in Thailand, the more the idea of living outside of the capital appeals…..but then I venture into the "barn nok", reality sets in, and I come scurrying back to Bangkok in a hurry. Still, Phuket would be nice….one day.

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