Stickman Readers' Submissions May 22nd, 2006

Everyone Has A Dream

I wipe my brow and open my eyes. What I wished for had come true in living colour! Daughter (girlfriend) stands in front of me, as if younger and more beautiful than ever before. It matters not that I am far from home. I have come to find out if she really is the one I want. You see, we shared a life in England for 1 year. A year that passed too quickly but the memories are still fresh inside my head. I miss our life together. I have no idea of my future life so I come to see her life and family.

Daughter leads me to meet the crowd and I see beautiful children, lots of them! There followed a very meek greeting from her mum and dad I was disappointed because I was expecting more, not much more only it would have been nice if they used my name. Do they “think too much”? Ha ha! Whatever it is goes deeper and I sense it has been with them a long time. To this day they either ignore, or really do not know that Daughter was in the entertainment industry. Or maybe everyone knows? I will never know. Oh how I want all of us to be open! Daughter’s (real) uncle and auntie give me a wonderful welcome and this feels very good. Already I am confused? I don’t care because I am happy, and I don’t care that I am the ATM but I am confused.

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On a wonderful final leg of my journey to Isaan I saw very poor people and a lifestyle that I would describe as pitiful. I also saw lovely homes and brand new pick-up trucks. This was my adventure, I made no judgment but I was experiencing enlightenment and Daughter was by my side. We stopped for food and it was good and we drank en-route as the sun went down. The mobile party became a static party upon arrival. The large room was bursting with so many people all putting strings around our wrists! It was very genuine and done with hope that Daughter’s life would become her dream.

We stayed at uncle’s house in the small village. Neither a shack nor a mansion it was “Teacher’s” house. Teacher has a wife and three children of 22, 20, and 18 years. (I must send Dana the nick names). Teacher is a very good man. His wife is a loyal wife although she married because he was a teacher and not a farmer, Thai women! (Apologise girls)

Daughter lived with them from 11 to 16 years old. Auntie is called mum 2. Daughter is the youngest of 4 and when her siblings all worked, living with mum 2 enabled her mum and dad to work.

Daughter loves her mum and dad but I wonder if being “farmed out”, sorry about that one, has left its mark on her. Daughter defies her mum sometimes, and with great delight. One evening daughter’s skirt was above the knee and there ensued the loudest screaming fight I ever heard. At first I chuckled to myself, and then I felt so sad about the ignorance or oblivion she has about her daughter’s life. Daughter wore jeans that night stick mates! (Mum maybe a Flintstone but she has to be seen as if she has principals). Daughter and I and the gang had a great night at the amazingly good outdoor show in the middle of nowhere. There was security too with one shot rifles!

Although a farang like me would not want to live in a village like this all his life I found the time I lived there was very good and entertaining for me. All was new and interesting to me and Daughter and I were happy. Sometimes we caught fish to eat and sometimes we shot a chicken but I drew the line at lizards! Yes! And they said it was delicious. It was easy to communicate with the kids in the village and they gave me a lot of fun. One of my gifts in life is the ability to amuse children so I hope to be a children’s entertainer in the next life. Let’s hope there are some naughty children to send where I am going! If not I’m sure there will be plenty of bar girls.

So I have seen how Daughter lives and I have met the extended family. I know a month isn’t long but I never got close with mum or dad. One great thing is that they didn’t pretend to like or love me to get my money. I could see what they needed. I respect them for not “trying it on” with me. But there was no spark between us I am sorry to say. I know that Daughter feels immense pressure to provide for her boys and her mum and dad. The house is falling down quite literally too! I begin to wonder how mum and dad had spent so much money that Daughter had sent home the previous year. I can only guess, but I remember how good at spending Daughter is!

Teacher’s children go to university in Bangkok so they are fortunate and now I understand how it is for the unfortunate people in Isaan. I see first hand that mot many Isaan folk get dealt with aces. You see if you meet a girl in Farangland and she wears good clothes and has a confident manner and money in her pocket how could you imagine her family living here? (Anyway when I first met daughter she said “I from Marissa” which meant Malaysia! Is an incorrect lie the truth in Thailand?).

We then went to live in Bangkok. Daughter’s brother and three genuine cousins and their families live there along with a multitude of other acquaintances. They sold food and drove taxis none were employed in bars. I promise this is true. Only one family was doing really well though. Mr. N and his wife make very good money selling food and have a lovely daughter of 8 years. I have great respect for Mr. N because he has worked hard with his wife and used his hard earned money wisely. The other family members are very good people.

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I was more dubious about some of the friends especially one girl of 26 who cohabitates with her Thai man of 45 years because she sends nothing home to her son! This girl is a party animal and leads others astray. I know it’s not my business except when I see her and Daughter drunk with two farangs. (Thank you Mr. Policeman for not arresting me for the damage I caused). I like my girl to have some fun but this was bad behaviour. I could mention something else about an expensive gold bracelet but you can guess what happened can’t you? I just popped back to England …….. And…..even her cousin thinks badly to this!

I must say mostly all of our time was good and happy. Sometimes we were tourists and sometimes helping with the work. (“Don’t worry I no work for money, Mr. Taskin.)

Time goes by and Daughter wants to marry and go back to England and live as before. I have money and a house and a small business. The reason we are in Thailand is because she betrayed me. I didn’t expect to see her again. I am firmly fixed on the fence. Half of me wants her so much because already we seem as man and wife I can’t imagine life without her. The other half can not forgive her betrayal. I thought in time that this would pass but it has not. There has been no progress in teaching Daughter how to look after her money. In six months previous to our first encounter in England Daughter spent 700,000 baht on the night club experience! Fine if you have plenty but why then complain you have no house in Isaan?

I know as much as know, and I know a great amount about Daughter. I am sure it would have been easier to ask “Mrs Stick”. Daughter has also met my family and friends.

Today I am in England and Daughter is far from me. I fear she will betray me one day in the future and I do not want this to happen again. I have made my choice and I feel it is right for me.

Please don’t think of this submission as negative, Stickmates, because Daddy and Daughter had a great life together. We were a great team in England and had no problems with life in general. We lived in Thailand, maybe we did get married? We will never forget each other. Daughter had a lot of money and a wonderful experience. (I have done enough charity work to get me past St Peter). I had an Angel look after me for “longtime” (pun intended). Take heart from my experience and live your life to the full. Me and Daughter succeeded at many many things!

Good luck everyone.

Stickman's thoughts:

Calling your girlfriend "daughter" is quite perturbing…

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