Stickman Readers' Submissions May 31st, 2006

A Thai Girl / 2 Chinese Girls / A Teddy Bear And A Stuffed Dog

About 2 weeks before Christmas, I was having lunch at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and I noticed this new waitress. Actually, I had seen her before but I couldn't remember where I had seen her. With this being a college town, I just assumed that I had seen her on campus, but I couldn't quite make the connection.

On this particular day, it was obvious to me that she was in training. She wasn't wearing the normal uniform that the regular waitresses wear. She was being trained to wrap silver wear into napkins and she wasn't waiting the tables. I just happened to look out of the corner of my eye, and much to my surprise, I caught her looking at me and smiling.

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By the way, this girl was absolutely stunning. She stood about 5'0" with shoulder length fluffy black hair. Most of the Asian girls that I know have very thin hair, but her hair was very thick and fluffy, very cute, but unusual indeed. In fact, she was one of the prettiest girls that I've ever laid my eyes upon, but it was her shy smile that caught my eye.

At this point I was praying that she would wait my table, however that never happened. Just smiles back and forth, but that was more than enough of a reason for me to come back a couple of days later just to see what the story was with this girl.

So two days later, I decided to swing by the Chinese restaurant for lunch in hope of making some contact with this smiling stunner. This was my lucky day. This time she waited my table. Before I knew it, there she was standing in front of me with that killer smile. So I decided to strike up a conversation with her. Below is our conversation.

Me " Hi, how are you doing today "

Her " I'm doing fine, and you? "

Me " I'm fine "

Her " What do you want to drink? " (in perfect English by the way, most of these Chinese girls say " what to dink?)

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Me " Unsweet tea "

Her " Ok, I'll have your drink to you shortly "

Me " What's your name? "

Her " My name is Aoy "

Me " What? "

Her " Aoy "

Me " That doesn't sound like a Chinese name to me, what country are you from? "

Her " I'm from Thailand "

At this point, I was a bit surprised, she looked Chinese to me. I can usually tell where an Asian person is from, but this girl really took me for a loop..

Me " You look Chinese "

Her " I'm half Chinese and half Thai " (which explains why that I thought she was Chinese)

Me " Why are you working in a Chinese restaurant? "

Her " I'm attending the university, I just work here part time to make some extra money "

All of the girls that I had met at this restaurant before were Illegal. In fact, this restaurant was recently raided by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and the Illegals were arrested and probably deported and no charges were filed against the owners of the restaurant. Things here in the U.S. have drastically changed since this story took place. Illegal immigration is now a major issue and ICE is arresting managers and owners of businesses who hire these Illegals. By the way, is there any other country on this Earth that has 12 million Illegal Immigrants?

Considering this restaurant's history of hiring undocumented workers, I was very surprised to find a Thai student, who was here legally (or was she) on a student visa.

Anyway, the story continues below.

When she wasn't busy waiting on other customers, she was at my table chatting it up with me. She wasn't doing that with other customers, only with me. All of this led me to believe that she was interested in me for some reason.

So I pay for my meal, leave her a tip and get into my Chevy and head back to work. On my way back to work, I cracked open my Fortune Cookie and it said " Your luck has been changed today ". I believe in all of this good luck fortune cookie stuff (call me crazy if you want), so I actually thought that this was my lucky day..

Two days later, I return to the Chinese restaurant to claim my Thai Fortune Cookie. This time, the same thing. My Thai Fortune Cookie Princess was there chatting it up with me when she wasn't busy with other customers, all smiles as usual. Each time that she would approach my table, she would bow (I think that is called a Wai?). I had never seen anybody do that before, but I thought that it was very cute. My Thai Fortune Cookie and I had some very good conversation, so again I decided to make a return visit to see my new Thai Fortune Cookie and just see what would developed between she and I.

Let's fast forward to Christmas Eve. I'll admit it, I'm one of those dreaded last minute shoppers. I was in Wal – Mart in search of a last minute Christmas gift for my 92 year old Grandmother (who is in a Nursing home) when I noticed a stuffed teddy bear and a stuffed dog on the shelf. I chose the stuffed dog for my Grandmother knowing that she loves stuffed dogs, but there on the shelf was this cute teddy bear, all alone looking kind of sad. So at this point, I was thinking of my Thai Fortune Cookie Aoy and I bought both of them, the stuffed dog for my Grandmother and the teddy bear for Aoy.

Now it's Christmas day. I had to be at my Father's house at noon, but I just had to give this teddy bear to Aoy, so I stopped by the Chinese restaurant. It's a one hour drive to my Dads house, so I left a bit early. While driving to the Chinese restaurant, somehow I knew that the next 15 minutes of my life would lead to a new submission to Stickman's website, and oh would my thoughts come so true!

When I walked into the restaurant, I was greeted by a Chinese girl named Ling Da. I asked Ling Da if Aoy was working. She then went to the kitchen and brought Aoy to the front so that I could talk to her.

My plan was to somehow convince Aoy to go outside of the restaurant so that I could give her the teddy bear in private, but than plan crashed and burned, so as far as I was concerned, I had no choice but the give the teddy to her in front of God and everyone which was a very big mistake. She handed the teddy bear back to me saying " Thank you, but next time, don't bring me a gift "

I have given teddy bears to family members, children, friends as well as girls that I was dating and never did any of them refuse the teddy bear. Actually, never before in my life had anyone refused a gift from me. I was shocked beyond the point of any reasonable comprehension, so shocked that I rushed out of that joint so ashamed that I wanted to find a tree to hide behind, and fast! I would guess that an Asian would explain my experience as " Loss of Face ".

I probably should have waited until a more suitable time to present the teddy bear to Aoy. Maybe this was my fault, maybe it wasn't, I still don't know what wrong. I know very little about Thai culture. Maybe I violated some aspect of Thai culture. None the less, I left the restaurant very hurt and ashamed.

So I fired up my Chevy and headed towards my Dad's house for the usual Christmas family gathering. At this point, I felt that my experience with Aoy had completely ruined Christmas for me, however the following experience would make this by far the best Christmas of my life.

After dinner, my family and I went to the nursing home to visit my 92 year old Grandmother, whom I feel is the greatest woman to ever walk this earth by the way. Women like her are rapidly becoming a thing of the past in American Culture (if anyone is wondering why she is in a nursing home, things are very different in the West than in the East, there is a very good reason for her being there, honest)

We did the usual gift giving, so when It came to be my time to give gifts (which is my most favorite time), I gave my Grandmother the stuffed dog. Let me tell you, I really hit a home run with that stuffed dog! She latched on to it and never let go. Just watching the joy that that stuffed dog brought to my Grandmother brought tears to my eyes and erased all of the loss of face that I experienced with Aoy. As you can see, this was the best Christmas of my life! I'm writing this submission in May, and let me tell you, my Grandmother still hasn't let go of that stuffed dog. That is by far the best gift that I have given to anyone.

With all of this in mind, I wrapped the unwanted teddy bear into a blanket and I put it under my bed.I thought about giving it to my Step Mother, but she actually makes teddy bears in her spare time and she has thousands of teddy bears. I instead gave my Step Mother a lighted Angel. She collects Angels, so I hit a home run with her also. She still has every Angel that I have given her.

But I still have this unwanted teddy bear. What will I do with this poor stuffed animal?

Will I find a suitable home for this stuffed furry mammal?

There is this other Chinese restaurant that I've been visiting since Christmas (not the same one where Aoy worked). I've been chatting it up with this Chinese girl named Li. Li is an absolute sweetheart, but she only knows about 20 words of English. We exchanged phone numbers, however due to her limited English, she would become ashamed and hang up the phone (loss of face I guess).

I have made some good friends with the Chinese who work in this restaurant. The workers will often sit at my table and chat with me, which is a very welcome change from all of the other Chinese restaurants around here. I have always made it a habit to say good bye to Li before I leave. The other workers know this, so each time before I leave, somebody will approach me saying " You want to say by to Li? ". And of course I do so as usual.

So now I have this Chinese sweetheart of a friend and an unwanted teddy bear, what will I do next?

This time, due to my experience with Aoy, I took a very different approach with Li. I went inside without the teddy bear. I was seated and Li took my order as usual. The Chinese know that I like Li and they always seat me so that Li will wait my table.

My plan was to wait until Li went back to the kitchen, then I would go out to the Chevy and then bring in the teddy bear. Things worked out just as I had planned. Then Li came back to my table to refill my drink.

Me " I have something to show you "

Her " What "

Then I showed her the teddy bear. She then cocked her head sideways in obvious confusion.

Me " You like this? "

Her " Yes "

Me pointing towards the teddy bear " Teddy bear "

Her " Teddy bayer " (Considering her limited knowledge of English, she got very close to pronouncing " teddy bear " right the first time)

Then the following took place, this is no joke. She grabbed the teddy bear, checked it's wrist for a pulse, and then looked at it's bottom side to see if it was male or female! Once she figured out that it wasn't alive, she sat it on the table, again with her head cocked sideways in confusion. I would have thought that everyone on this Earth would have seen a teddy bear by now, but I guess that I one comes from a small village in the Fijian Province of China, one may have never seen a teddy bear before.

Me " You like it? "

Her " Teddy bayer? "

Me " Yes "

I then pointed towards the teddy bear.

Me " It is yours if you want it "

Her " Yes, thank you "

Then she took the teddy bear and put it on another table, cocking her head again in obvious confusion.

Then she came back to my table.

Her " You treach me Engrish? " (not poking fun at her, she wants to learn and I respect that)

Then her friend named Mai came to my table, who already speaks very good English by the way.

Mai " You teach a me English? " (Again, not poking fun)

Me " Why, you already speak good English? "

Mai " I want to know more "

Me " I teach you and Li English "

I'm not sure how that I'll pull that off. I'm not a trained English teacher, however both of these girls already know a lot of verbs and adjectives, so maybe I can just point at some objects and pull this off.

What will they gain from this? Maybe I can help them to improve their English.

What will I gain from this? Both of these girls want to improve their English, and I respect that. Also, both of these girls are absolute sweethearts. They are both a pleasure to be around. What red blooded male doesn't want to be around smiling sweethearts? I know that I enjoy the company of both of these sweethearts, so we all win.

At this point, considering the geographical location of this restaurant, things become very confusing.

I was having dinner as usual, and much to my surprise, there was a group of Asians having dinner. (This place is way out in the woods, the last place that one would expect to see other Asians that were not working there)

Then I saw this girl that I knew from somewhere. Then I looked her in the eye, and to my surprise, it was Aoy. I still don't know why she and her Thai friends were there or how they knew about this restaurant, but there she was with her friends, shit happens I guess, and sometimes when you least expect it.

Aoy and I spoke to each other, and much to my surprise, she asked me to take a picture with her.

I agreed to take the shot (Stick has the picture by the way). I was in now way prepared to take that shot, but when it comes to Thai women, one must always be prepared for the unexpected, even if it's in a cornfield in Kentucky, which is pretty much where this Chinese restaurant is located..

Also, to make the situation between Aoy and I more confusing, just why did we go from her refusing the teddy bear to her wanting to take a picture with me?

Maybe my next submission will be "Thai girls in Kentucky part 3? "

Maybe " English lessons in the Chinese Restaurant? "

Maybe " A Thai girl in a cornfield in Kentucky "

Life is becoming very interesting here, and you know what, I love it!

I have to admit that I'm not a very good writer. I don't even hold a candle compared to the writers on this site, however, I hope that all of you have enjoyed this story.

Mad Max

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