Stickman Readers' Submissions May 23rd, 2006

A Story About RCA

Just off Rama 9 is a significant entertainment center. A set of discos lined up that brings farang and Thais together for fun and enjoyment. I may exchange hi-so for Thai because you will associate with upper middle class and higher class locals often in this zone.

This is not your typical center for a 40 something farang but I made it through the night joyfully and want to go back. I also met a great local crowd that promotes my love for LOS.

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I met some very good people but also had the dirty look crowd refuse to acknowledge me.

The typical thought I had about associating with all hi-sos. I am proved wrong.

I submit, I was associated with a DJ from Q Bar, whom I had met last trip in November. He has about 2 years in Thailand and loves it. He is somewhat of a celebrity around town. He is poor yet has the fun of a globetrotting playboy. No p4p for this fellow. He has the looks, music, job of a celeb DJ, etc. He makes money with a website. Some of you may appreciate.

Some history about that: I met him at Q Bar, November, in the early evening prior to him going into the DJ box. I did not realize he was the DJ until minutes prior to him being announced and taking the turntable / computer.

When I met him he was with 3 girls who spoke excellent English and were obviously hi-so and educated. I was with a sweet young thing from Chiang Mai, highland tribe type. She is just gorgeous and she carried herself well in the midst of hi-sos. My companion was included in the conversation and quickly became a center of curiosity.

It was good to see the non-judgmental side of the Buddhist theme that is supposed to permeate the Thai culture. The group friendship grew from that night on. Including my BG.

We all had some good times and shared several dinners together at great spots around BKK.

They often picked up the whole tab. I did so only once. They were always keen on my BG.

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I then went solo to a couple of lunches with the ladies and Thai boyfriends to find out my bargirl was still a point of interest.

These people really wanted to know more about the relationship I had with her and wanted to understand the psychology of my choice. They were not demeaning towards me, only seeking to understand the attraction factor.

I asked the same questions of them and wondered what drew them to me, the DJ and their boy / girlfriends. All 3 girls had been with a farang before. 1 of the guys had been with a farang lady prior. The guy’s experience was in Europe while the girl’s all had local farang experiences.

They were intrigued with western life since they were children and watched movies. They saw farangs on the street and wondered about them as they passed in their chauffeur-driven vans coming home from school etc. Sincere discussions about cultures, food, love and music, plus the sex talk. They really wanted to know more about the sex I had come to experience. These were some horny hi-sos, IMHO.

They were connected to the world… MTV, Internet, school…globalized and exploring.

I knew the guys had experienced their local red light districts, I kept silent. They were not up front with their Thai girlfriends. I discussed the world and the many districts available and ventured. Roponggi, in Tokyo was a big favorite. Many magazines seem to discuss this Tokyo hot spot. They loved my stories. It was a two way street as they shared minimal facts about the Thai disco scene and being hi-so in BKK! Selfish, protective of personal stories yet open enough to admit true history of seeking sexual adventure. Rare.

They wanted me to bring my BG to the next party. Yes, they wanted a session with my girl! Weird by my terms but my BG wanted to enjoy the times. She did. I turned my head and she went with a Thai man while I sat with what was supposed to be his girlfriend. These folks really go for the true Chiang Mai gals. They constantly remind me how warm they will make me. I am very aware.

I cannot explain to you how enjoyable the company was and the easy-going sense these folks brought to the table. Hi-so, yes. They drove top end cars – Mercedes Benz, Bimmers etc.

I was invited to one house party and was shocked by the elegant surroundings within a fabulous condominium high-rise. Soi 33, deep from Sukhumvit.

I was made to feel comfortable and they engaged me in most conversations. They spoke Thai, English and German during the party and I was among 6 farangs total. I was the oldest and second tourist at the party. The others were expats and I suspect they had been in Thailand a considerable time since they spoke Thai.

Big fun that trip and we keep up with emails and phone calls. That brought us together again this year.

Now back to our trip to RCA and the warm feelings: I returned to BKK and found the DJ back in town. He was going to Jazzit in RCA. I invited myself to tag along.

I followed, solo.

He had a table and a bunch of folks showed up. One Thai kid is on Spring break from a University in my own California town, pricey tuition. Hi-so group.

2 sets of Johnny Black help the girls and boys go wild. The guys have a great time switching partners as dance tunes change. They kiss and caress easily.

My view, go to RCA and see the hi-sos acting like the farang Cowboy types. In fact….jump in… I went home with a beauty from Jazzit. She drove me home to the suites on Sukhumvit. Stay away from Route 66. It is tougher to score unless you are the good looking celeb type.

I’ll tell the in-room story next go around.

Stickman's thoughts:

RCA is a difficult place for the average farang to fit in, and so it is not easy to have a good time out there. Obviously you are an exception to the rule.

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