Stickman Readers' Submissions April 15th, 2006

The Outside Looking In

by Oscillating Wildly

Ever since my twin brother moved to Thailand and he introduced me to Stickman’s website, I have read with avid interest, alarm and intrigue ever since. But mainly I like to see what Stick writes as his views at the bottom, the quality controller
who keeps things under control and puts it all into perspective.

He Clinic Bangkok

Now I have never been to Thailand and you may ask, and quite rightly, what right do I have to put my pennies worth on here? Well quite frankly none really, but I would like to make few small observations or points from outside the goldfish
bowl, as it were.

I have just read two very interesting yet contrasting submissions “I Digress – You Clarify” and “I Couldn’t Sleep”. I’ll start with “Anon – I Couldn’t Sleep”. I
understand his concerns, worries and sadness of the situation. However is it just me, or does the word ‘gullible fool’ jump out of the page? I can’t help thinking that if this person was back in the good old wild-west and
a lady (and I use that term very loosely), asks for payment to assist with child education, work, better house etc; then you help financially and also to make her self-sufficient in getting a job, but watch the excuses flow, you would call her
a “scrounging trout”! Personally I would tell her to crawl back to the shithouse she’s just come out from, wouldn’t you? Or is it just me? I don’t know, send answers on a postcard to…..

Mate it’s a cliché, but there are better and plentiful more fish in the sea, the game is knowing how to play the rules to your home advantage. You sound like a genuine bloke, look for a genuine woman, if she starts acting like
a beggar then tell her to beggar off, promptly.

CBD bangkok

Then, we have “I Digest – You Clarify”! I actually cheered and applauded the guy. Good for him. Being a 40% taxed man myself; I actually thought “good for you and well done”, wish I had the bollocks to do
it. He has everything in perspective, make, spend and enjoy the money, to create a good standard of living! Not moaning about “Farangs culture” and the “bar girls” or other unpleasantness I read about on here, he’s
playing the game by the home rules, not hurting anyone or himself, it was refreshing to read his submission. Ok, he may come across as Jack the lad, a use and abuse them type of fella, but isn’t he doing what some of the Thai girls do to
the Farangs, use and abuse?

Anyway, in conclusion, my twin keeps asking why I won’t visit him in Thailand. It’s partly because of what I read on here; although I suspect I get the negative rather than the positive sides to Thailand reading other people's
experiences. But also, why would I want to come to a country that is constantly trying to rob you of your money in an openly dishonest fashion? Yes of course there are other countries that do, Turkey for one. But it annoys me and I therefore become
intolerant and walk around all day with a suspicious head on telling everyone to “f’off, you robbing git” and not enjoying myself. Ok, it may be different going as a tourist “sex or otherwise” than making a new
life in Thailand, but what I don’t understand is if you moan about it all, then why do you stay? What is the hold that keeps the “farang” from jumping ship?

A lot of submissions on here are downright foolhardy, gullible and silly! When I read some of the stories, you can see what’s coming from a mile away with flashing lights, bells and notices shouting, “watch out”. Yet
they get sucked in and swept along, does Thailand have a magical “I forgot how to think straight” power, or are the beer goggles that powerful it turns men into fools? It seems to me that Thailand has more rides than Disneyland,
and I don’t mean sexual ones (or maybe I do sub-consciously) to scam the money out of your mitts. I can’t see the lure myself.

I therefore don’t put myself in these situations, worn the t-shirt, read the book etc when I was a gullible 17 year old, not a gullible 60 year old who should know better (I’m 39 by the way). I am also the classic “philistine”,
I know my faults and am happy to live with them, people leave me alone, I leave them alone, get in my face and I tend to be abrupt, not violently, just intolerance really. I’ve been around the world. I’ve met lots of interesting
people, some I liked, and some I disliked. Cultures are great, the diversity, the history, the architecture, I love it mostly.

wonderland clinic

I am migrating to New Zealand in a few weeks, the open spaces, the serenity, and the sheep!! I am leaving the UK as I moan about it, so in true fashion to myself and advice to others, if you don’t like it then vote with your feet. If I become a
“whinging pomme” then I will review and possibly move on again until I find my little part of the world I can call home. I have never been to Thailand, I already dislike the place and I don’t think I ever will visit! But live
and let live, you enjoy it and don’t get taken for a ride, remember, there’s nothing worse than a fool, especially an old fool…….

Nuff said!

Oscillating Wildly

Stickman's thoughts:

When you ask why people who complain about it simply don't leave, everyone has a different set of circumstances, with various factors influencing their decision to stay, or otherwise. Few people will be really honest about their situation, and what it is that keeps them in Thailand.

nana plaza