Stickman Readers' Submissions April 17th, 2006

Thai Wife Nightmare

I had a horrible experience the other day involving my wife and her family. She was not a bargirl but from a good family and was married to a Thai Senator at one time. We are both late 40s.

We have been separated for 4 months and I live 1 hour from her mom and two sisters where she stays in a nice apartment. I bought her the land next door.

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I live at Baan Chao Praya Condominium, across the river.

3 months ago, I gave her $US12,000 to take care of her over till divorce, then approximately $US100,000 and a promise to look after her if necessary, very friendly type split, I thought.

She went bonkers the other day, found out my address, and conned the building guards into getting into my new apartment! I got home on Tuesday and she was puking drunk and fell HARD on the bathroom floor. Puke all over the bathroom. Empty bottle of wine nearby. I thought she hit her head and called her friends asking to contact her family.

In the meantime I ate a bad meal that day and I was puking out the Thai taxi the whole way across Bangkok coming home. Covered in puke, diarrhea and sweat I dragged her into the living room, gave her a pillow and spent the next 10 minutes almost dying in my bathroom. When I came out she was up but incoherent and crying etc. She takes a lot of pills too.

Soon, I got a call from her sister. I told her I will look after her and put her in a cab in the morning. She was too drunk. I was too sick. I spent the entire next day in bed, sick as a DOG! She now is refusing to go home, acting weird, I thought she might jump off my balcony. I also had hidden my kitchen knives.

I decided to give her time to cope and she stayed that entire day and night, besides I was SICK in bed! Next morning I was feeling better. At 9 AM I nicely asked her to leave and I say I will walk her to the lobby, get her a taxi and promised to look after her forever if necessary. She won't go!

She is demanding I buy her a car! Very strange. Ok. I gave her a warning that building security will get involved soon. She must go home now. I cannot leave her in my place and I need to leave my apartment.

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I was forced to call Baan Chao Praya security, but the building security guard won't get involved.

I call security several more time and they hang up, so I dragged her out the door with a struggle. Not pleasant.

I got the door locked and she spent the next 2 hours hurling her body against my door. Banging, screaming, threatening me, etc, disturbing the whole building. Still no security after repeated calls.

I asked security to call police, they tell ME to call Thai police and give me their number. I speak English.


I called her family and 2 sisters arrive but instead of removing her, started joining in bashing my door with a big chair for another 2 hours.

I had done nothing to them and we were best friends last I saw them.

5 hours after this started the Thai Police got there. (The police station is about 150 meters away I find out later.)

I opened the door, just a crack and the 3 girls rushed into my home and attacked me with their shoes and ripping my pockets going for my wallet, phone and bashing me, hitting, kicking me scratching.

My shirt was ripped off, my pants pockets ripped off. I was only able to hang onto my phone and wallet and was not really defending myself. I am big and could easily beat them up, but really I just wanted them off me and out of MY home. I did not hit anyone.

The cops decided this would be their afternoon entertainment and did NOTHING.

Finally a building security guard helped me and got them off.

Everyone got banged up a bit I suspect. I did and have a body full of scratches, bruises and sore neck/back! I want to the doctor and my blood pressure was critically high.

I had packed my suitcase an hour earlier with everything important, thinking she and her family might return later and do some more damage. I thought the Thai cops would remove them from the hallway but was astonished when they let them into MY apartment after banging my door for 5 hours and then watching an attack.

Now I look, and my suitcase is missing with my passport, $US1,500 cash, bankbook, all my important #s etc.

It disappeared in front of two cops and a security officer in my tiny one bedroom apartment It obviously went over my balcony and must have been thrown out by one of the sisters.

We all end up at the police station and the cops would not let me speak and only gave me a report for a lost passport only.

The security now says he didn't see my bag either. The bag I had in my hand when I opened the door.

Later, I get a SMS from my wife admitted the sisters took my bag.

Today I went to police again with a lawyer and they called her and she is claiming assault. Claiming I hither! All this happened in front of two policeman a security guard and now I AM GUILTY?

The two cops involved made no report and the building guard saw nothing, he says.

After the police station visit I returned to my building and the receptionist handed me my TV remote control saying one of the girls took it out of their purse and threw it down in the lobby.

I also have found several items of mine that were hurled from my 24th floor window.

Now, my wife has told police that I beat her and am most likely facing charges of assault soon!! She also is threatening to tell the police I take DRUGS (unless I buy her a car)!

I also am very afraid to stay at my new apartment knowing that security might not ever come in emergency.

Stickman's thoughts:

Stories like this make me wild.

You were very badly let down by the security guards in your apartment. I have said for a long time that security guards in Thailand are simply Mr. Average in uniform, and not security guards in the Western sense of the words.

For cops the world over, domestics are difficult, but the way these Thai policemen let the women attack you in your own apartment without trying to restrain them or charge them is highly questionable. And that things got damaged or even stolen is appalling. You're right that the local security guards and the local police cannot be trusted to help you out at all. I hate to say it but I have seen this myself a few times before as well as heard similar stories many, many times.

Exactly what you need to do now is fairly clear – you need to get away from this woman. She is mentally unstable and no amount of talking will work things out. Too much damage has been done. So I would move away – and preferably a very long way away. If it was me, I'd consider leaving Thailand for a while. I would also get the VERY BEST lawyer you can find, build a case against her and do everything you can to get charges brought against her. You have three months to report these crimes so no hurry on that.

It is easy to say that there are two sides to every story. For any reader wondering, I know the author of this story and believe him to be a completely upstanding, decent guy and don't doubt for a moment that his version of events is 100% accurate.

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