Stickman Readers' Submissions April 14th, 2006

Psuedo-Science Or Just Plain Ignorance?

Well I wasn’t planning on making any more submission to this site until I finished up the piece I’m currently working on about my adventures in Thailand over this past winter (it may be my best yet). Every once in a while though I’ll
read something on here that is just so narrow minded, irrational, and incorrect that it just begs for an immediate response. By the way this is the reason that I’ve only read 4 submissions in the past year. I’m afraid that if I look
at the submissions I’m going to read something that pisses me off so much I just have to write and we all know how much I hate to write. Well that’s just what happened today and now I’m stuck here writing. It really ticks
me off when someone makes me sit here in front of my computer on a Sunday afternoon when I could be outside enjoying the day.

So which submission has got my shorts in such a knot? Its none other then Stick’s latest Star Submission entitled “Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick”. (Sorry Stick but I just think this one's
a stinker not a star).

mens clinic bangkok

First of all, men who fall in love with bar girls in Thailand are not any more or less mentally unsound than any of the rest of us. Also mental health is a gradient scale and we are all fairly low on that scale compared to what we could be.
In other words the vast majority of human beings are very irrational. Anyway, for those of you who care to have the facts here is the REAL reason men fall in love with bar girls.

First of all, men go to Thailand for sex and or companionship when they think they cannot find these things easily in their own country. Some may be looking for love and some may not but the fact is that when you date a certain number of girls from any
profession or from any culture, eventually you’re going to come across one that you will fall in love with. And since prostitutes are the only girls most of these men have an opportunity to date in Thailand it stands to reason that they
will eventually fall for a prostitute. If 90% of the women that men had an opportunity to meet here in The States were prostitutes then a lot of men would marry them here as well. I’m sure that in the wild-west days in America some men
fell in love with and married prostitutes simply because there were no other available women around in some of these remote territories. They sometimes also married Indian women who came from a vastly different culture than their own.

The point is most or all of these men in Thailand would prefer to date and fall in love with a nice girl rather than a prostitute just as that lone Frontiersman would prefer a beautiful educated white woman to an Indian squaw or a prostitute. There is
nothing wrong with his brain, he’s just taking advantage of the available resources to fulfill every man’s basic need for sex, love, companionship, and the desire to have a family of his own. That’s the long and short of it
folks and the rest is all just psycho-babble bullshit. End of story.

As for the age difference thing it has nothing to do with age itself, it has to do with finding someone you’re attracted to and most men find younger women more attractive in general. I know it a cliché but age really IS just
a number. For some reason many societies have these psychological hang-ups when it come to age differences but this is really not a rational view. As for myself I date the same age group in Thailand as I do here in the states. I don’t have
an age preference though I just date girls I’m most attracted to and usually those girls tend to be in their early 20’s. Fortunately for me it is the girls from this age group who are most attracted to me as well. My last girlfriend
here was 19 and the one before her was 41 although she looked like a 25 year old bikini model. Like I said I don’t pay any attention to age but like most people I want to be at least somewhat attracted to the women I date. I’m 46
by the way.

As for the problems these Farang men supposedly have at home which drive them to Thailand and into the arms of a prostitute I cannot comment. I only know of my own reasons for going. The reason I personally started making more frequent trips
to Thailand 6 years ago is because around that time I had relocated to a new city in which I had no social life at all (translation – no sex). The office I worked in had no female staff and the customers were 95% men, which left me few
opportunities to meet women. If I decided to go back to school and attend the local university I’d have more dates than I knew what to do with but that wasn’t an option at this time in my life. Let's face it, a man can only
go so long without sex before he feels like his brain is about to explode and he can't concentrate on anything else. So I started making trips to Thailand to relieve the pressure so to speak. To find a prostitute here in the states to spend
the night with me who I found to have an acceptable body and face would cost me at least $1,000 a night. For twice that I could spend a couple of weeks in Thailand and get laid every night while also enjoying the tropical beaches I love so much.
It’s all economics. Also although I’ve never had a prostitute in the States I imagine that there would not be much intimacy involved and I’m afraid that’s a prerequisite for me.

Of course we all know that 2 years ago I ended up falling in love with a nice bar-girl and she ended up marrying her first Farang boyfriend instead of me (life’s a bitch). She was a great girl though and I have no regrets. Of course
if she had never become a bar-girl and we had met under different circumstances I still would have fallen in love with her. It should be obvious to anyone with more than two neurons to slap together that her being a prostitute or even her being
Thai had nothing to do with why we fell in love.

Anyway there is one more thing I need to say in regards to Korski’s submission and that’s all this nonsense about brain chemistry. Its true that most of the Psychiatric community believes that chemical imbalances in the brain
are responsible for almost all mental illnesses but the fact of the matter is that in most cases it’s the mental illness that causes the chemical imbalance not the other way around. <OK, but can you cite some evidence, rather than just making such a comment. If you comment like this, you NEED to back it up with somethingStick> But let's face it, its much easier to get out a prescription pad than to actually spending time trying to get to the root of the patients problem. Also the kick-backs that Psychiatrist get from the drug companies
for being modern day drug pushers certainly doesn’t hurt when they’re shopping for that new yacht or summer house.

wonderland clinic

Of course Korski is correct that falling in love makes these men easier marks for the bad bar girls (or bad girls anywhere) who want to take advantage of them but the truth is people are either suckers or they’re not, love or no love.
Several times in the past I felt myself falling for this or that bar girl but at the first miniscule sign that she is trying to take advantage of me I’m out the door for good, love or no love. Love does not necessarily have to make a person
stupid. In my entire adult life I have never encountered a situation where after knowing someone for a while I one day said to myself “Wow, that person’s not anything like what I thought” or “ I never knew she was capable
of that”. The reason for this is that I always know what they’re about from the start whether I’m in The States or in Thailand.

The bottom line is this: Yes, most bar-girls are deceitful and will take advantage of you and yes, most Thai women in general are not suitable mates for westerners and yes if you don’t have excellent instincts about people and you
easily fall in love you’ll probably get

played (BFD). This should be fairly obvious to everyone so why even bother writing about it. Use your brains people and stay out of trouble but don’t assume everybody is the same either. I’m sure you could find some shopkeeper in an all
Black neigborhood like in Watts who would tell you that all Blacks are criminals and not to be trusted. That’s his reality and that’s what he believes because that’s what he sees everyday but don’t you go believing
it. I’m not going to look at my individual relationships with Blacks differently or even with people from The Hood just because of what this joker thinks. Think for yourselves people and look at everyone as individuals. I have met some
really great girls in Thailand both bar-girls and regular girls. And if you end up married to a Thai girl it may work or it may not but either way you definitely do not have a chemical imbalance in your brain. And please folks never ever let yourselves
be duped into believing that love is an illness.

Stickman's thoughts:

I thought Korski's argument had a bit more to it.

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