Stickman Readers' Submissions April 8th, 2006

I Digress – You Clarify!

By Dazzle Star

I shall talk about myself bluntly and factually. I hope to find some answers myself as well as anybody else who is willing to read through and suggest what they think.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have just moved to Thailand – Why? Am I a sex tourist?

Well I work only 6 months of the year and have 6 months off to relax and play a bit..! I work 1 full month every day for 14 to 16 hours on an oil rig in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with 89 other males, no females onboard and a very
small and confined area in which to live. I then have 1 full month of no work. I currently fly in and out of Egypt and my company has to pay for my flight home as part of my contract, it is actually cheaper for the company to fly me to Bangkok
than it is to fly me home to the UK. Am I doing it to save the company money – NO!

If I go home to the UK for more than 90 days in 1 year, I have to pay 40% of my pay packet in taxes to the government even though I have earned that money in another country. 40% is a lot of money to lose just to go home to the same old same
old. So saving money was one of my reasons to go…….(I must remember to do that)

CBD bangkok

If I was to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in my own town in the UK, a city centre 1 bedroom apartment would cost me at the very least 350 British pounds in rent plus council tax, which would most probably be around 75 pounds. Plus electricity,
gas, Satellite TV etc Parking tickets, Round it up nicely lets say at a minimum 500 British pounds a month. Remembering that’s 1 bedroom!!! And probably really horrible too..!

I have just rented an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 balconies on the 2nd floor of a complex in Thailand which gives me stunning views and is right next to the beach – all for 23,000 baht a month. Now I know some people
may actually think this is expensive but this place is lush and I can afford it, as you see above I justify it in that for a little squalor of a place back home I would be much more. Sure, I still have the electric and TV etc to pay but it's
not as expensive. Am I saving money, YES! (Good 1st reason to come to Thailand is actually working).

Let’s not forget the weather in the UK is horrible, that’s why so many people chase holidays all over the world to catch some sun for 2 weeks. Another small reason for me to move to Thailand, I love warm weather – it
makes people smile and be more chilled out with things. Where I live in the UK you see people with shorts and a t-shirt on as soon as it hits 10 degrees. It’s freezing in the North East of Scotland. (1 More reason weather) Can't play
golf when its snowing I'm afraid! The golf is another small reason. I'm crap at it but it's good to get out in the nice weather, activities man you could never get bored in Thailand always some place to go something to do, something
to see!

Why because it's all new to me, I have lived in the same city back home for almost all of my 26 years of age! It’s a small city, maybe only 150,000 people and believe me, it is like a large village – everyone knows everyone, somebody
knows your next door neighbour’s aunty was her uncle before she married the cousin and had twins! You get the picture, guaranteed if I start dating a girl – her friends, friend knows me from when I was younger and says I'mp
a bast*rd. I'm 26 and I'm still learning, Christ don’t chop my balls off just because I happened to try and make mistakes so I could learn about life!! A lot of people in my city have the big shot, big fish in a small pond attitude..
I am different. I like to be a small fish in a big pond… the world is a big place let me see what it has to offer! (Reason get away from big fish) (Another reason, I used up all my excuses with the girls but I have aged and learnt from my past)
Explain a little. I was once a lively little toe rag, a loveable rogue as many described me and had more than my fair share of girlfriends, there friends, there sisters and there cousins. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have that many
ex girlfriends that don’t speak to me, I was young, I played the games and I learnt from it all, why waste my youth? Does not make me a bad person does it? Now you all thinking imp going to go and abuse every little bar girl I can. I digress
I have learnt from my past, hurting other peoples feelings is not something I like doing! A previous submission shows I can be nice. The Mascot!

wonderland clinic

So one well talked about reason and a big influence in my decision was / is the Thai women! I will try and justify this and please respond with your comments if you have any. There will be no shock when I claim that I think Thai women are
the most beautiful creatures on earth. So why Thailand – the abundance of beautiful women, why talk about it in a pub back home, lets see some action ! Does this mean I am fat, ugly, old and can't get a date? I hope not I class myself
as young, above average looking and slimming (ok maybe a bit chubby – but since landing in Thailand the weight is falling off – another good reason). Do I ever struggle for a date back home! Quick response never, does that contradict
what I said above, no I always get a date – it's keeping them is the problem! So do I think I will date girls in Thailand? Hell yeah, listen I ain't dumb. I know taking a girl from a gogo or out of the bar ain't classified as going
on a date!! At the same time imp not saying that I ain't going to do that at points – but there are so many beautiful young women, not working in these professions who are approachable and definitely worth trying isn’t it? 1
point for note I'm not here to fulfill sexual desires, I won't have a Thai girl do something I haven’t had a girl from back home do, Did the girl from the SabaiDee Massage think it was the first time I ever been bathed, massaged
and licked in the ass??? If she does more fool her, I can get that done in Scotland from a loving girlfriend. Ok maybe she did though because I did have to be scraped off the roof and reassured that it didn’t make me gay! I nearly sobbed.

Ok enough laughing. Back to saving money again. Where I live many, many young men have similar jobs with similar amounts of spare time on their hands. Any time I would be off guaranteed I could get a phone call and asked to go for a game
of snooker or pool or for 1 pint as would be said! My ex- fiancé used to the 1 pint of beer was about a gallon as every time I went for 1 pint. I would be at least 6 hours and come back extremely drunk! Where am I going with this, a day out
with the boys back home nearly every day I'm off costs at least 100 pounds a day. That’s a lot of money to waste on nothing. How could we spend so much a day…? Ok lets go out shopping and then for a drink – nip in to a local
clothes shop buy a Lacoste t-shirt or jumper 100 pounds gone, and I even have bought a drink yet or played pool for money! Why pay that? It’s the whole keeping up with the Jones' thing. Girls back home check out what you are wearing
making sure that you have the latest clobber on and need to know it's expensive!!! Before you even get a sniff. (Another reason – yes girls in Thailand like you to be dressed smart but you don’t have to have the latest Armani
suit on to impress.) Even if you have the Armani suit on it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the 400 pounds you’d pay for one in the UK) (REMEMBER I'm trying to save money)

Food, my favourite subject – Thai food is absolutely gorgeous. I can go to the most lovely restaurants and barely pay any thing like I would back home! If I go and take a girl out back home the minimum just for the meal is going to
be 100 pounds, that is no joke! The quality of the meal would be rubbish compared to the lovely stalls at the end of the soi. Perfect (The food is another reason).

Most importantly the people – a lot is said about Thai people well if you don’t want to spend time in the company of Thai people don’t come to Thailand, I ain't a brain scientist but it beggars belief if people want
to come here and not encounter Thais. Sure some are on the make! Who isn’t? Why I am here – I am on the make, I'm hiding from my government so I don’t have to pay tax and earn a small fortune in the process. I am also
on the take trying to take one of Thailand’s beautiful daughters and make her my girlfriend… I like Thai people the are very friendly and helpful and always smiling, sure I can see through some smiles, but I cant get that in any country,
it's hard enough to make people smile in the UK! I bet people from London will clarify they hardly ever get a smile when they are walking the street buying the paper or taking the metro…! Smiling makes you smile, its great…!

Why – I want to learn about other cultures and travel… I'm not saying I want to study in depth but I wouldn’t mind actually seeing a bit of the world and with that much spare time on my hands its easy to do if you position
yourself well in the world. Bangkok International airport the gateway to everywhere… UK – flying costs a fortune in itself just to get to Europe!!! Remember the saving money part!

The other expats I meet in Thailand, so far I have been very fortunate enough to meet some people that have lived here for a few years and to be honest have became good friends quickly. They enjoy there life here. I plan to do the same! It's hard
to make good friends in this world but it seems to be easier in Thailand because you can cut out all the bull shit of keeping up with the Jones next door! I like the social side of living in Thailand.

Ok enough reasons from me, why do farangs come to Thailand…?

Everyone has a reason – what’s mine? Imp just spending some quality time, relaxing enjoying this beautiful country trying to figure it out…!

Stickman's thoughts:

You're reasons for living in Thailand all seem to be perfectly valid for me. Stop worrying about them and simply get on with enjoying your month off in Thailand!

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