Stickman Readers' Submissions March 16th, 2006

When A Girl Tells You

That she was pregnant and had an abortion. And that you were the father…

Well sometimes I can not resist to go back to old used MSN addresses and chat with some girls I talked to (and / or had sex with) months ago.

He Clinic Bangkok

Kik is one of these girls. She is tall, slim, white, beautiful and she was always available for instant sex. Since she worked around my place, she often visited me for a quickie during office hours. Even she said she was on the pill, I used condoms. I
don’t trust these girls, I am not so much afraid of AIDS, but there are other diseases around, and of course, there is the possibility to make somebody pregnant. I want no trouble. Anyway, we quarreled for some reason, and I never heard
from her again. She was pretty weird anyway and I thought it was not a great loss.

She dated an English sex freak who was into very strange sex activities, like bondage and things like that, but he wanted her to hit him, or he wanted her to join threesomes with his friend or whatever. I even get sick when I imagine this, because she
showed me his photos. And she even added that he was handsome. Christ. Do these girls have no taste?

Well she was quite in love with him and she basically did all the things he wanted her to do, including the psycho activities. Actually I don’t know why she liked that guy so much, maybe he paid her, who knows. These girls never the tell you the
truth anyway, so why bother asking.

CBD bangkok

As for me: I never paid a cent to her and often she invited me for food or even gave me money. That’s right. She would say, well, you paid me the last two meals, so here you go. And just gave me a thousand baht or so. She always had money. Where
it came from, I don’t know. Probably she was a great sex mate, but she had one problem: I thought she was a chronic liar, not just an average liar like the big rest of the girls. For example: She said she was working for some Japanese company
and had to go to the States often. So I asked her where she went in the States. She said to Boston. This was a couple of months back, so I asked her while she was ‘there’ how the weather was like. I already had the forecast of
at hand. She said, the weather is similar to Bangkok. Boston in the winter similar to Bangkok? Yeah right. That says it all, I think.

I always question the girls and ask many details about where they went, what they saw, and so I can tell more or less if they lie or not. Not all cases are as obvious as hers. But I am more careful since my fiasco with Nadja. Kik also said she had an
abortion in the States. During her business trip. Well, if she did not go to the States, would you believe her about her abortion? I did not. She said the baby was from the English guy and her company paid for the abortion. Well, I said, you take
the pill and you get pregnant? Unlikely. But she insisted her story was true. I thought whatever, true or not true, I am just having sex with her and kept on dating her until we quarreled. Actually we quarreled because she liked a girl who was
working (and only working my dear readers – remember friendship is friendship, sports is sports and business is business) for me and wanted that girl to work for her. I asked her for what kind of work she wanted her… She could not really
tell me, I figured that it would be some kind of escort service or what not, so I said no thanks because I respected that girl who worked for me. She was the total opposite of Kik. Very clear, verifiable background, just the way I like it. Then
as I said, I did not hear from Kik again. She was insulted. They are always insulted if you find out the truth.

Today Kik and I chatted again, after several months. So she asks if I got her email. I said I did not get any. ASo I asked what was in the email. She said, she got pregnant and had an abortion. I said that I already knew that. Then she said,
she got pregnant again and had an abortion again and now has a uterus infection because of the two abortions. So I say, mmh, okay, well and to make conversation I said: Two times abortion for the same guy? My god, what an irresponsible idiot.
Then she says: Well this time he is not the father. This time it’s you.

Aha. Well come on. I asked her, come on Kik, you are pregnant and all you send me is an email I never get? Could you please re-send me that email? She said she did not have it anymore, because she did not turn on the saved items folder. Fine.
So I asked her why she did not call. She said, after we quarreled, she thought I did not want to talk to her again. I told her, that if she really got pregnant and there would be a very good chance that I would be the father of the child she would
have come straight to my apartment and discussed it with me. She said she did not do it because she thought I was with another girl.

wonderland clinic

I mean what a lot of crap this is. Why do they do that? Imagine, some guy believes that rubbish and walks around for the rest of his life with a bad conscience that he made a girl pregnant and she had an abortion i.e. he would be indirectly
responsible for the killing of a child? Man, this is so sick, and I am writing this submission in anger. This girl Kik has about 50 foreign guys in her phone, I saw it with my own eyes. Even ifshe had been pregnant, how could she know who the
father was, if she has sex with ten guys a month…? And how come that she is pregnant if she takes the pill and I am using condoms? The chances are like one in a million.

Anyway, one time when I was working in Africa, my beautiful Somali girlfriend came to me and said she was pregnant. Do you know what I did? I told her to pee in a glass and give the urine to my houseboy and sent him to the laboratory. The
next day he came back with the results. The girl was really pregnant. So I took full responsibility for it, because that girl was a quite decent girl and I was the only white guy around in miles, so I would see very quickly if the baby would not
be mine. Also it happened that the condoms we used broke during sex. Accidents happen, you have to live with it. I said to the girl, that for me it is okay to have the kid and I would support her and the child on monthly basis. She said she would
think about it. She decided to have an abortion. I really disliked her decision and tried to convince her to have the baby. I even told her that I would marry her for the sake of it. She discussed it with her parents but she came back and said,
that in their culture a girl should be married before getting pregnant and the kid would not be seen in a good way or something like that. Even I did what I could to save that child’s life, I felt bad for over a year. I even cried sometimes
(sorry for getting sentimental). I don’t know but for me, to kill my own child is something extremely serious. You can not imagine what you are going through until you are in this situation.

And now, some silly Thai girl is making a joke about it. Damn her. These girls stop at nothing, nothing is sacred for them. Please keep that in mind.

Stickman's thoughts:

The "I'm pregnant scam" used to be more prevalent than it is now, at least amongst the bargirls. It was used to trap a guy or to make him pay for an imaginary abortion. It is quite disgusting to play on a guy's feelings like this.

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