Stickman Readers' Submissions March 21st, 2006

Russian Girls In Pattaya

After reading the Stick's recent reports about Pattaya, I thought I would add a few observations, as a result of my yearly visit to the LOS. and the fun city.

I have been coming to Thailand for the past 6 years and have seen many changes, some good, some bad. I have been to Nana, Patong Beach and Patpong, but Pattaya is still the tops for me. So, it was with interest that I commenced this year's
trip and was looking forward to seeing the new Babewatch, Angelwitch and Club Boesche gogos in Pattaya, that have all been mentioned in the Stickman Weekly. All 3 are excellent and a bit of a wake up call I think, for some of the other gogos.
With the low season now fully in swing, many of the bars / clubs are virtually empty and must be struggling to make ends meet. The 3 aforementioned appear to be doing a healthy trade however, with the exception of Babewatch, which seems a little
quieter compared to the other two, but Ricky's Taco and Tequila night on Tuesday, was excellent. There were great shows and a lively atmosphere. A big congratulations to the lady who managed to burst a number of balloons (from some considerable
distance I might add), armed only with thin blow tube and some paper darts. I won't go into details, but that lady has some tremendous pelvic power! Well done Ricky for a great fun night and I hope you continue to be successful in Pattaya.

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Angelwitch for me is the top spot and if you like the Nana Plaza version, you will love this venue. It's situated off Walking Street and not clearly visible, but if you look up, you can't fail to miss the Neon Sign. They have great
shows and some gorgeous girls, but don't miss any of these three gogos, all provide a good night's entertainment and have friendly (and not too pushy) ladies. They have plenty 'on show' if you like to see a bit more flesh as
well. I have not visited all the clubs in Pattaya, but these three seem to be some of the best right now. Marine disco and Tony's are also packed most nights.

Now, the main reason for this report are some comments on another club, that I was quite taken aback at (forgive me if some know this already, but I was not previously aware). After reading about European Girls working in Pattaya and an increase
in Russian tourists, I was shocked to find the Galaxy Cabaret, which is situated in the Polo Entertainment Complex on Walking Street. They advertise only European girls, so I thought I would pay a visit and suss it out. Imagine my shock, when
I found the following…… Bottled beer at 250 baht for a Corona and 220 baht for a Heineken! The girls are mostly tall leggy bleached blondes and after talking briefly to one, she told me she was from Estonia. They are in fairness very attractive
women, but I don't come to Pattaya to meet European girls! Now check this out – on the club's menu they have the services on offer listed, I won't go into them all, but here is a taster: VIP = 350 US Dollars (yes 350 dollars!!)
and Private Time = 500 US Dollars. I asked the Estonian lady what this meant? She said, "For time with the ladies for company, maybe for dinner or just a friend for the night, but no sex!"

The VIP service is for 2 hours and private time was until 5.00am. Now I don't know if you could negotiate for something a bit more intimate outside the club and away from the eagle eyed bouncers, but she seemed adamant that it was for company only
and nothing more. A table dance was 1,000B, which is a total joke, as in my hometown of Bournemouth we have a table dance club called 'For Your Eyes Only', where a dance there is just 10 pounds sterling. You are also expected to tip
the ladies at least 1 USD for each session on the pole and there is a 200B cover charge, if you bring your girlfriend with you! I hope this is not a new trend for the fun city, but I was relieved to see they had only a handful of customers. I
don't wish to disparage this establishment, but for me, it is totally out of place in Pattaya and I would hate to see the 'eco system' disturbed.

As for Russian tourists? Yep, there seem to be scores of them and also an increase in the number of Japanese tourists. The club next to the Galaxy Cabaret was the fullest of all in Walking Street, with not a seat to be had and every customer
appeared to be Japanese. I felt a little intimidated by this, so did not stay for a drink.

All in all though, this does not really change what Pattaya is famous for. I love the place and have always felt safe and never once been ripped off, or have I EVER had any trouble with the girls. I have read a number of reports about a 'perceived'
increase in attacks / thefts from tourists there, but I wonder if this is because of increased media interest in Thailand, following some high profile incidents. Like anything guys, let the buyer beware – choose wisely and don't put yourself
on offer. If you stagger back to your hotel at 4.00am, full of Tiger beer and hardly able to stand and then pick a girl up you met 2 minutes ago on the beach road, then what can I say if you get rolled? Opportunist villains will strike the vulnerable
where ever they are, be it on Pattaya's Beach Road or Wimbledon Common.

Stickman's thoughts:

I think it is great that there is another entertainment option, namely white women, in Pattaya.

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