Stickman Readers' Submissions March 31st, 2006

Rainbow Girls

You’re absolutely right about the girls in the Rainbow Bars at Nana Plaza.

There are plenty of them and they’re all beauties.

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Rainbow Two had so many girls this past week that they could hardly fit on the stage and it’s a big stage. However, there were so many guys there that it was difficult to find a place to sit. I went up to Rainbow Four where there was
more room. The girls are really great looking also and there is usually more room. I like the Rainbow bars for looking at girls but not much else. I am not Asian nor am I young and I find I can hardly get the time of day there. Possibly, as you
say, these girls are making enough money over the internet and such but I find it hard to get a real beauty to come over even if I do want to buy her a drink.

I’m one of those guys that don’t mind at all buying a girly drink as I treat it like a mini interview.

You can kind of see if the girl is pleasant or not. But it is annoying in Rainbow when you do buy a girl a drink and immediately she says ‘you pay bar.’ And if you decline she leaves her drink there and goes on to the next guy.
A few minutes of conversation would not kill her. The girls in the Rainbow bars seem to me to have a high opinion of themselves. Many are a bit snooty. I wonder if working in Rainbow has a certain cachet to it for the girls. The girls in all of
the other bars seem to be a lot friendlier and less reserved.

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If I want to visit the different bars and check out the girls I usually just order club soda; I can’t drink all that much Johnny Walker and soda. The Rainbow bars charge a hundred and ten baht for club soda and most of the other bars
charge eighty baht.

Speaking of buying different kinds of drinks for different prices, Pretty Girl has a money maker of an idea. There is only one drink the girls order and it cost a hundred and ten baht. Out comes a plate with a bit of lime and a bit of salt
with only a half shot of tequila in a tiny glass that looks smaller than a regular shot glass. The girls knock this back and in a minute they can ask for another drink. On the plus side- the ladies in Pretty Girl are all great looking and I must
say very friendly, more than friendly as those drink commissions start to stack up. A guy can have a great deal of fun there if he is willing to spend some cash.

Talk about price fixing in the Nana parking lot. It must be true as everyone is asking the same price- fifteen hundred. There is also price fixing firmly in place inside of Nana. Six hundred bar fine and two-thousand short time. I find that
if I am patient and willing to wait some of the girls will usually come down to fifteen hundred although this will not happen in Rainbow.

All night is three-thousand five hundred.

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You can usually make a deal for less money with the girls at the outdoor bars inside of Nana.

The girls at the outdoor bars right on Soi Four are not budging in price. In fact they seem a bit self-involved also. I don’t know why from the looks of them.

I never take a girl for long time as I really don’t want a strange girl in my hotel room all night.

I’m always afraid that I will wake up and find my suitcase and the girl gone or that the entire stock of liquor in the mini-bar has disappeared.

If I am leaving the next morning I never tell the girl that- it’s just an invitation to steal.
I always say I have three or fours days left here.

Quite a few of the smaller bars in Nana are having shows-only two or three girls, nothing like Cowboy and there is topless at times in three or four of the bars.

Talk about prices going up. Eight years ago I lived in The Atlanta Hotel on Soi Two for six months and in spite of all the signs and notices there saying that girls were not allowed in the rooms if I paid a hundred baht room charge it was
no problem. The fan rooms then were only three hundred baht so it was okay by me. It was only my second time in Thailand and I was just entranced by Nana and the nightlife.

The girls would stay all night for a thousand baht. The stars asked two thousand for the night and most of the girls would go for long time. Today it seems just the opposite with short time being the preferred choice of most girls. Short
time from a girl in the parking lot was only five hundred then.

Now a days it seems to me that the prices for girls in Nana are about as high as they can go.

It’s just the old law of supply and demand; prices rise until they can’t go any higher.

Down here in Kata and Karon it’s a thousand for all night and two hundred bar fine.
But there’s no comparison with the girls of Nana that’s for sure.

Time will tell. I thought land was expensive when I moved here to Phuket eight years ago.
The joke’s on me with that one. We also thought the price of land might fall after the tsunami.

It didn’t. I don’t suppose the price of a nights’ company is going down but we’ll wait and see when and how much it goes up in the future.

Stickman's thoughts:

There is no doubt that prices for many things tourists purchase are moving fast in Thailand. The problem is that many tourists initially came here for the cheap prices, so if prices move too much, Thailand had better be careful…

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