Stickman Readers' Submissions March 8th, 2006

Maybe They Do Love For Real?

I have been to Thailand only about 4 times; I am from the UK, 31 years old, average looking in good shape and single.

Me and 3 male friends went to Bangkok for 2 nights then stayed in Hua Hin for 11 nights, we went to Bangkok and yes it was savage and pretty close to how I expected it from all the stories I have heard. I did say to myself “no ladies” but
obviously when drunk this went out the window!! Just one night stands etc in Bangkok.

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We arrived in Hua Hin, 3 lads and really needed some company so we got chatting to 3 beautiful girls who looked after us for about 8 days and asked for no money but I looked after her buying drinks and food etc as you do! They talked the usually rubbish about loving us and emailed us loads when we got back!! But what the hell we had a great time and as long I don’t fall in love everything is cool so I returned a couple of times and thankfully I have no deep feelings for the girl and I always got a few days in Bangkok before I met her.

We got on very well and I started to enquire about all the men she has had and told her I had a bit of fun myself in BKK and could not look after her because I don’t have enough money etc. She told me she has been with about 20 men since I last
saw her which I respected.. Mind you she was still not happy with me seeing other girls (the cheek of it!!!) She is great company and I understood who she was and that she needs to make money and wants someone to look after her.

Just before I left she showed me a huge amount of Thai baht she had in her house (about 50,000) and said she had a rich sister/husband who gave it to her (yeah right) and that she was being treated to a holiday around Europe soon by her family and hopefully
she could go and see me in the UK!!

I got back to the UK and after a few emails found out she was with a very rich Norwegian 50 year old guy and he was looking after her. She did manage to come to England but could not see me for obvious reasons. I was getting phone calls and emails saying
how much she loves me and is only with this old man for the money. I was quite happy for her and returned to see her again and stayed at her beautiful house (Hua Hin) he was paying for!! (Saved me a fortune) She told me she is doing everything
for me so we can have a life together as I can’t afford anything to happen myself. Great I am thinking and I took her to Phi Phi island for a short holiday but after a couple of days when we were there her boyfriend turned up at her/his
house in Hua Hin and the neighbour told him she was with a white guy who was staying with her..

Inevitably she got a call from him, the look on her face of fear and terror was shocking and she quickly packed her bags and left to meet him to sort things out!! Somehow she managed to convince him I was just a friend and stupidly he forgave her, long

Anyway, I was happy she sorted things out as she would have lost everything (I did feel guilty as…). Back in the UK she emailed and called me saying she loves me again and again for about a month. Then I get a call from her and she is in
my home town in England, her boyfriend has treated her for another European trip. This time she manages to get 4 hours grace and I pick her up from her hotel have a drink with her, then back to my place before taking her to a pub to meet her Norwegian
fella. Incredible I thought she has again risked everything to see me.

The guy she is with is seriously rich (stupid) and has given her everything she could ever want (I have seen her house and all the European photos, including some of the best hotels in the world she has stayed in). Maybe this must prove some Thai bar
women must love for real.

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Maybe one day I will be with her as she is planning to get enough money for either me to go to Thailand or come to the UK to be with me (even if it means marriage, the divorce etc)!! Ha ha play them at their own game!!!

And as for me I haven’t and would not pay or send money whatever. Who knows, I could be living the life in Thailand soon on her expense (well I can always dream).. Maybe I could be called a bar man!! Ha.. Hopefully he is not going to read this!!!

Stickman's thoughts:

We might get a submission from the Norwegian one day….now wouldn't that be interesting!

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