Stickman Readers' Submissions March 3rd, 2006

Just So We Can See

Thanking the man who wrote about our chemical imbalances we seem to experience here in this land of smiling faces…If you have been here a while you know he is spot on correct and this is a tough game of instant gratification by both partners in this dance. It may have been tough in Bremen, Birmingham, or Boston but Fun city has its fair share of violence and insanity.

Down in the laundry today the ladies were discussing how good it is that we have cameras now in the hallways because the Frenchman had been dead for seven days when the stench forced management to open the door and discover that his throat had been slit.. The cameras showed the identity of the two Thai men and they were apprehended at a gay bar ..8 days after the crime and they were caught! The miracle of that!!..We are more secure now at night as the traveling trannies no longer roam the hallways at night checking to see if some one forgot to lock the door.. One night I forgot several months back and lost my cell phone and laptop so I can assure you I never forget now and do feel better with the cameras there even if the security guards are meekonged out…Evidently those greedy boys did not see the cameras. Violence?

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If one chats long enough with "working " girls about jai rohn (hot heart) it is possible to learn that she has thrown a knife or two at people ..or that she is really angry at men and your turn could be next…

Three strikes and they are out is a tough, but I know that Mr Korski is correct unless you are anxious to be anxious. To me, it seems appropriate to pay them fairly for their time and be respectful. One can space out visits over a longer period of time and choose not to deliver a hyped up sales pitch designed to save the punter money. I am talking about the monthly rental arrangement one considers when eyeballing a 30 years or so younger magnificent physical specimen. We hear stories about men here paying 100,000 baht a

month probably even greater sums are possible. Many of us old boys are on a pension and if we were rich may not be here anyway.. What makes sense? If she is earning 60 to 100 plus thousand baht per month, how do you replace that income?? Maybe some men need to rent a trophy and the girls do discuss their 'ideas" with you if you are here for awhile…But, our mamas should have told us that many beautiful people are not very nice. Yes, I know, we do get imbalanced. We think we have to be with her……..She may be rightfully reluctant…Who is the victim here,? But I digress…

Personally I have agreed to 15K, 20 and even 25 on occasions and seen it trashed by the wiles of beautiful young and cunning women. My chemicals made me do it and I can tell you they hate giving up that steady flow by losing their jobs. It seems insane to stay with them when the dominate quality of the relationship is their selfishness, greed and anger..but, they will as long as you hand them the money. For them it is work and fortunately they do not go to employment lawyers and sue for wrongful termination as they really do not like losing their jobs and might if they knew how. With both sides miserable and thinking in different languages, it is tedious at best. Perhaps the differing backgrounds ??

She comes from the rice fields of the North East and from dire poverty to men two and three times her age drooling on her for a few days then disappearing to his real life…

Maybe he has 12 to 18 years of schooling and a totally different collection of experiences and perspective. maybe she still has some youthful enthusiasm and we know how balanced his chemical are…

He is different from those of us who live here for a few years, wants to do his breeding and get back to his real life.. The stories of annuity payments to these ladies are amazing and interesting, I mean she is working isn't she? Do you enjoy playing dramatic school girl games with girls who never went to school? Or do you like emotional bullying, hanging up the phone after insane outburst, or just plain inexplicable rudeness? Take a bar girl by the month and you can have all these fun features after the glow of a fake girlfriend wears off and you start wondering how you get her out. Especially if she is one of those hot girls in a go go bar..but, you will also sleep with a woman not physically unlike that girl at the prom who would not even look in the eyes of normal boys back home. It is business and she can deliver .. But, three and out is the happiest path I can see. Why don't we just let her make her money??? Can you save anyone?

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Maybe nobody is good or bad in an objective light..There are simply risks to be considered when seeking a happier life. After many experiences I still feel the girls and the men are mostly good people. We all make mistakes and having open eyes keeps the wallet closed and yourself safer…Again I want to thank the writer of last week's submission about those imbalances as it was very helpful for me and the site has saved me a lot of money and some of the heartaches …I am convinced that without my reading this Stickman site I would have suffered more than this fool normally does…

We pay the money and take our chances and the girls give us professional service or they don't and we move on and forget. We act like a person we would not be ashamed of treat the lady with kindness and respect. It seems reasonable this way and we get to enjoy our time..

But, the girlfriend effect from purchasing her from a bar is not something I want to do again…Nor will I choose the path of thinking a ladyboy is kinder and gentler as some believe…I worry for any friends who head down that way, maybe they are safe. But I don't think I have ever seen a lady boy over 40…Maybe there are some scary stories to

be told there as well..

We have some great freedom of choice to have here and the opportunity to find company and laughter they may of alluded back in the western world Speaking their language is my personal priority right now as I gaze at 60 years of age. The Thais certainly have every right to expect us to communicate with them in their language as it is their country and we can enrich our experience by remembering that truth.

So, learning the language, three and out and try to keep out of the angry people's way..Ok, I think I have it now…………………………..Let's just see.

Stickman's thoughts:

Until the next lady grabs your heart….

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