Stickman Readers' Submissions March 8th, 2006

Crazy For Pattaya

By Moy

I have travelled to Thailand now a total of 6 times in 3 years and am going back next week, since being such a big fan of the Stickman site I thought I'd let the readers know of my heartbreak in Pattaya.

He Clinic Bangkok

It all started in June last year. I love Pattaya so much and I don't think I will go anywhere else in Thailand, a bit sad I know but it comes down to the point of, "if it ain't broke then don't fix it". Every time I go there I
have a better time then the last.

I go to a club nearly everyday in Pattaya's Walking Street called Lucifer's as this club only allows girls in who are over 20 and no ladyboys.

It also is the best R'n'B and hip hop club I have ever been to.

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They have live music and band singing all the latest and old R'n'B and rap tracks. This club usually holds about 10 girls to 1 guy ratio so you always have a pick of a nice lady.

I usually end up dancing on the podium with the girls as I enjoy it back in England if I get a chance to go out, when I come off the stage it's like I'm famous or something because I get swamped by the girls with them feeling me up or dragging
my clothes.

On this one occasion I met a lovely girl called Dah, she would be the Asian equivalent of Angelina Jolie, she had these lips that you could die for!

What I didn't tell you guys was that I always pick my girls from this club thus saving me to pay a bar fine. It's not the best way as with bar girls you have a guarantee if anything goes wrong or missing you at least have an address to go back
to, it's all a big risk in Pattaya and if you're lucky you won't get burnt.

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I took Dah and bought her a drink, she was a great person to talk to with, the little English she knew, I found myself always giggling as she had a great sense of humour.

I promised myself that I will never stay with a girl more than one night as I'm a person who can get really attached to these Thai women, for instance there is no guy out there who's been to Thailand who can say that they never had a good time
with a Thai bird. Dair enough they treat you like a king because of the money but some genuinely treat you well.

This goes for my lady Dah. We left the club and went to kiss, it's a 24 hour restaurant near the Dusit resort hotel, so me, Dah and my two mates from England and their girls went to get something to eat and back to the hotel.

Once in the room we didn't wait, we were tearing the clothes off each other, we had a shower and spent the rest of the night making love and talking.

The next day as I was going to say goodbye to her, my friends said that they liked her and that I should keep her for a few more days. So they convinced me to stay with her, the next few days we stayed together and went on excursions to the coral island,
bowling, restaurants etc.

Dah is a great girl and had no bad intentions, she really took pride in the way she looked, long beautiful nails which I loved as it felt great when she touched my back and face, beautiful long hair and the sexy outfits she wore would make your eyes water.

One evening in my mate's hotel room everyone was feeling hungry so it was my turn to go and get some take out food.

I left Dah with the rest of them in the room to go get food. Whilst out I was thinking to myself that I have truly fallen in love with this girl, there's no way I can love her. Once I go back to England I'll be thinking about how many guys she
will be sleeping with and that would just make my stomache turn, so I built up the courage to tell her it was over once I get back to the hotel.

I got back to the hotel with the food where I was greeted by Dah with a full on song which lasted about two minutes. Something was wrong, she had her hand on my face and it didn't feel right? I looked at her hands and there it was, she'd cut
her nails which she was so proud of. I was shocked because when she had her manicure done on coral island she specifically told the lady not to cut her nails.

I asked her what happened and she replied by saying, that my friend didn't like it and told her to cut her nails!

I was angry and couldn't understand what it had to do with my friend as she was my lady. If she is so easily led to do what others say then I was wrong about her, the Dah I knew was very independent. I told her to eat up. While she was eating I drank
more and more. I had six double vodkas straight just so I could build up the courage to say goodbye.

She knew something was up and constantly asked. I told her I would tell her after she ate. When I told her that I couldn't see her no more because I was scared of falling in love and it is meant to be a holiday, she cried so much. I held back my
tears too as it wasn't what I wanted but I knew I wouldn't be able to cope once back in London. She left and then my friends thought we should head to Lucifer's to pick me another girl to forget Dah. Being pissed and feeling sad
and upset I agreed.

As usual we went to Lucifer's and I pulled myself another lady for the night. Dah was in the club too hoping that I would pick her. Once she sees me with another girl she leaves the club.

This went on for the next three nights, I would always see Dah with that disappointed look as to say that I am a right bastard.

On my last night I was with a girl and my phone starts to ring. It was Dah. She had had a few drinks and was crying. She said it was her birthday which I had completely forgotten about and said that I didn't even call her to wish her good luck. She
also was constantly telling me that she loved me. I told her that I was with someone and had to go and that I was so sorry to break her heart and then put the phone down.

She kept ringing back and so I had to switch off my phone as the girl I was with was getting upset with this episode.

In the morning I said goodbye to my lady and was heading off to Bangkok to go home. I turned my phone on and low and behold Dah calls me again. This time very suicidal and threatening to kill herself if I don't see her before I go.

I spent the next three hours talking to her and calming her down and admitting to her that I loved her too.

Once back in England we stayed in touch. I promised to go back to see her in January.

When I arrived back in Pattaya I looked up Dah and she looked absolutely amazing and the feelings all came rushing back. Her English was much better and she was still crazy in love with me.

The fact of what she does for a living made no difference to me as long as she loved me.

I told her to get her things from her room as she won't need to go there for two weeks as she would be staying with me.

We stayed together for the next three days. On the fourth day she wanted to go get her hair done so I gave her 300 baht and she left.

After two hours I got hungry from waiting for her and my mates were getting restless, so I thought I'd ring her to tell her where to meet me.

Her phone was ringing but it was ringing in my room as she had left it behind. So me like a fool, what do you think I did? You got it, I checked her phone to see if it was me who she really loved.

Low and behold there were texts from other guys saying how much they miss her and want to come back and have sex with her and saying how much they love her. I didn't mind as this was her job and they were customers.

Then my friend says, "check her outgoing messages", I thought that's a good idea, if she loves any of these guys she would say it on a text.

I was dreading this part, and my friend was right, she did love this other guy and what made it worse was that she sent a message to me and two other guys on the same day saying exactly the same thing. I was furious and waited for her to come back.

Once back she apologised for the delay as there was a queue at the salon.

She kissed me passionately and then gave me oral sex. After she finished I asked her if she loved me and no one else, andshe replied "you of course, you don't believe I went salon"? I said I believed her about the salon but not about loving
me. She was saddened, then I told her that I know she loves someone else, I told her about her phone and she replied that they're customers only and that she doesn't love them.

Then I asked her why she tells them that she loves them in the texts she sends and why she sending me the same message as everyone else?

She went quiet and had nothing to say.

I was heart broken, I wished she had a good excuse, I couldn't believe this sweet Angelina Jolie look-alike had turned into such a professional whore and forgot all those nights she cried herself to sleep because of me?

I told her to pack her bags and leave, I paid her 4,000 baht for having her for 4 days and said I never wanted to see her again. She never even shed a tear this time and just said thank you so much for a good time and that I am a good man, yeah right
and the rest love!

The moral? My friends just go and have no strings attached fun, and you should come out on top, no money no honey!!!

Stickman's thoughts:

I hate to say it, but it was fairly clear what would happen….she continued working, her English had improved…and she was ALWAYS in it for the money. If any guy wants to think of a girl as his girlfriend, he has to get her away from Pattaya (or Bangkok).

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