Stickman Readers' Submissions February 16th, 2006

Whores And Retards – A Reaction To Nos

By Thai Butterfly

'She is a prostitute', 'I sent her some money', 'we did not sleep together', 'I don't have sex with whores', 'I am not a retard'. Did I miss something?

He Clinic Bangkok

Smug young men from wealthy Western countries would do well engage their brains before writing nasty, smart arsed articles. It helps to have an understanding of a place before trashing its way of life, and it's visitors.

I would not consider myself an expert on Thailand , or Thai culture. I have been there a time or two though, and I do have an opinion. Prostitution is a fairly hot topic in most cultures, so in that Thailand is the same as everywhere else. What does not
exist in most places is the bar scene, the naughty nightlife which is such a magnet for us 40+ sad gits embroiled in a midlife crisis and on a mission to 'bang as much 18yo pussy as we can get'.

We need to rewind a little here in order to understand where us old dudes are coming from. So, forgive me for going off topic for a moment or two, but in order that the spotty youths can grasp why we are so keen on Thailand , they need to understand what
we are used to.

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In the UK (maybe elsewhere), once the athletic shag fest of youth is out of the way, women get picky (or at least they used to, I haven't looked lately). What they want is the best they can get, and nothing wrong with that, but what happens is they
judge a man by his material wealth.

Here, at home, a fat wallet will get you laid. A flash car will get you laid and a big house will get you married. When you do get married, as a bloke, you pretty quickly become familiar with the concept of housekeeping: it might be your house but if
you get divorced she will get to keep it. Housekeeping is something of a sport in the UK . Please don't begrudge us our divorce settlements Nos, you would not believe how much they cost us.

The reality, for most of us, is that we will generally have to squabble over the Ferrari driver's leavings in the first place. The women we end up with will be pretty angry because, damn it, what they really wanted was that Ferrari driver. They will
then spend years pointing out our inadequacies before clearing off with the bloke who came to mend the washing machine in a last ditch attempt to recapture their youth.

To many Western men, the link between sex and money has been evident ever since our six packs disappeared and our hairline made a break for the border. Enjoy your youth Nos, because if you survive it you will look back on what you wrote and hang your
head in shame. The UK has no use for 40-year-old men; we are unemployable and pretty much unlovable. That is why so many of us run our own businesses and go to Thailand for kicks.

wonderland clinic

When we discover Thailand it's like a lottery win or entering Nirvana. You have learned some social skills by your 40s, so we are polite and pleasant. We take girls to nice restaurants and treat them well, we open doors for them and expect them to
order first. They are beautiful, and they share their flawless young bodies with us. We give them money. You call her a prostitute, she would never call herself that, nor would I.

You see, away from the safety net of a welfare state, people address their daily needs in different ways. When I stayed for a while in Bangkok waiting for my wife's visa application to be processed, I got a little taste of what life is like in country
where there is no welfare state. To put it simply, they share.

Her little apartment cost 5000baht a month plus bills. I paid that, which enabled her to give her rent money to her friend who could not find it just then.

We met her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend in the street one afternoon, my wife emptied my wallet to them. When we visited her family in Nakhon Sawan she did the same thing with her sister and her mum. The point that I am making is that the giving
and receiving of money is just part of life in Thailand , there is not the same connection between sex and money as there is at home.

Of course, there are girls in Thailand who want to squeeze every last baht from every bloke they come across. Farang men in their 40s are easy prey and a fair few of us get confused in regard to what constitutes a business transaction and what constitutes
a relationship.

For the veterans though, the guys who have seen it and heard it all before, every relationship we encounter in our lives is a transaction. Very few people give unconditionally, so your sweet little tirak wants something back. For us this is easy, money
talks, for those operating on a higher moral plane though, the 'prostitute' you are consorting with has clearly changed her terms of business and, just for you, is no longer a hooker?

Nos I have two points to make.

1: Is not 'whore' the ugliest word you ever used?

2: Don't you see, through your arrogance and pomposity, that you are the best punter of all? The one she did not have to fuck in order to get some money?

Stickman's thoughts:

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