Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2006

Went For The Brown And Sank The Pink

By Hellohandsomeman

I know that this is not really how the phrase normally goes, but all will be revealed as the story develops.

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This will I hope be the first of a few stories from my most recent of my trips to Thailand. I hope to detail the ridiculous situations that I sometimes think only I can get myself into, as well as explain the emotional side of a situation
where a happily married man tries to walk a moral fine line, yet enjoy his time alone in the LOS.

The stories will leap backwards and forwards in chronology in the hope of creating interest in my tale, and then will all join together in the final scene. Very Pulp Fiction-esque. The stories will be under different titles, so you will need
to look for my pen name if you wish to read the other instalments.

Although the stories mostly detail the time I spent with a girl I met, I hope my account will only be graphic where required to explain the story. If you are looking for a sex tour diary, I hope my stories are not for you.

To the first story… This is a little graphic, because of the subject matter, but I will get better…

M and I had spent a few days and nights together and I enjoyed her company enormously. Within my mind I had still remained faithful to my wife, alone in Australia with our young son while I was off on a 4 week vacation in the Kingdom, enjoying

I had a simple rule which I did not intend to break. It was the same rule I had and didn’t break for my previous trip to Thailand. It was far more simple than the three rules I had for the trip prior to that, two of which I broke,
and will forever wish I hadn’t.

The three rules were;
1. No getting blown in a bar.
2. No paying a bar fine.
3. No having sex.

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I had created the three rules because I wanted to remain faithful to my wife, I will explain the reason for my desire to be faithful in another post. At least I hadn’t been blown in a bar.

This time was a much more simple “don’t put that in that (or that)”.

After a few days with M we were again in my room. She was a sexy little thing who I had a real attraction to. She loved to get dirty which I loved as well. It was late at night, we were both well drunk, and we were naked and messing around
in bed again.

Unlike any girl I knew, M liked a bit of gentle probing in the Hershey Highway when being hand operated. She said she didn’t like backdoor sex, but just one of her little fingers which made me go crazy. This night we were at it hard,
I had brought her off 3 times by hand while whispering sexy, dirty stories in her ear. The stories featured her with Posh and Becks, or her with a stranger in a park.

M was on her back as I played with her and ‘helped myself’, and I had a finger in her other hole which was driving me mad. All drunk, and as near to exploding as can be, I asked if I could put it in her *rse as I finished.

I think just that she said I could was enough to push me over the edge, and I pushed it in just as I released my excitement.

“Teerak, that isn’t my bum”

Not words I would have ever expected, but nothing I could do now…

The next morning M asked if I hadn’t cum the night before because it wasn’t all over her stomach or the sheets like usual. I told her that I had, but that a little might have gone inside her (only a white lie) and that we should
head to the pharmacy for the morning after pill…

Fast forward 1 ½ months, I am back in Australia and M has moved back to the UK to stay with her sister. We are keeping in touch via email on an account I set up for her.

When I came home, little Hellohandsomeman was sore and unable to fulfil his marital duties for 5 days. I had asked M about the possibilities of catching anything from her the morning after, and she said no chance. She hadn’t been with
any men for 3 years. It was hard to believe, but the story was 50% plausible. Still sore I had decided to have the full STD tests, and told M that I was worried.

M replied once again that it would be impossible, because she hadn’t been with a man for three years, and had been tested herself only 6 months earlier. Then she asked if I could have made her pregnant. I told her it was unlikely,
but that she should be tested as well, and then be more careful.

I get an email that M wants to call me. M had asked this a few times, but from previous experience I had decided to never give out my Australian mobile number again… another story…

There is another email that she wants to talk on the phone, and then another.

Then an email requesting a call ends with “remember when you put it in me…”

Panic stations! I am out of the office and on the phone within seconds. One thousand thoughts are running through my head, but the only solution that isn’t emotional suicide is to have it ‘fixed’…

M hasn’t had a test or anything, just missed her period. She doesn’t want to talk about it, other than to say that she would go back to Nongkhai and keep the baby.

I was terrified, I didn’t want to father a child who didn’t know me, but it is hardly something I cold tell my wife without a real probability of a horrible divorce and loss of access to my son.

I thought of every angle to try and get out of this hole. Maybe I could pay her to have it ‘fixed’. Maybe I could just cut all ties and hope that it wasn’t true, and that she would never find me. Maybe if she went back
to Thailand I could arrange to have her abducted and it ‘fixed’, or her ‘fixed’ (I was getting desperate). Maybe I could just be a man, admit my mistake and plead for mercy.

This went on for weeks. I was going crazy and couldn’t think of anything else. I would ask her every few days to have a test and she would always say “I am sure it is OK, I don’t want the test”.

Eventually M had a couple of nightmares about a baby being stuck in her womb, got the test from the chemist, and sent me a 4 minute video showing the strip of paper with the two lines, and M smiling and saying over and over again with glee
that she wasn’t pregnant…

To say I was relieved was an understatement. It was like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I had been given a second chance at life and wasn’t going to mess around again.

Two weeks later I started planning my next trip to Thailand.


Good to see that she didn't try and play games with you over the pregnancy thing – ANY girls would have.

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