Stickman Readers' Submissions February 13th, 2006

The Computer Lady

I live in Thailand. I have lived here long enough for people to ask me questions about Thailand, its women and its customs.

I have read Stickman a lot and am acquainted with the evils of gogo dancers and bar girls and freelancers that prey on poor old white men and are seduced and preyed on by young white males from England, Australia and New Zealand. That is
really a tongue in cheek statement.

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Everyone with half a brain even Irishmen know the bar girls always win or at least win with as much frequency as the casinos in Las Vegas.

It is an interesting and circular existence. The old sweating liver spotted men sitting corpulently on the bar stools outside NEP watching the young tattooed muscled men strutting with the Young Lady De Jour. The young men feeling sorry for
or repulsed by the old guys gasping for breath and the next drag on the Marlboro. The young men however must exit after two weeks in paradise and the old guy needed a break anyway, too much Viagra is a killer. Lady de jour does her usual tearful
exit show at the airport and promises to be absolutely loyal to young buck and takes the short cab ride back to the bar stool outside NEP where old guy is waiting with a smile, still lit Marlboro and a new pension check. It all works out. Everybody
is happy and the old guys have even stopped responding to the condescending posts by young men and farang woman on Stickman.

When I am asked questions by friends in farang land about Thailand women or teaching I refer them to Stickman.

They read and usually absorb the information pretty well. This is a well ordered existence for the most part. The guys who have the money are too old to enjoy it and the guys who are young enough to enjoy it don’t have the money or
experience to do so. This is the way life was meant to be. It creates a reason for religious beliefs. Everyone praying for what another has with absolutely no hope of achieving it in this life.

Although recently I have noticed another phenomenon coming into play.

Even after reading Stickman and developing a plan of action some sane Western men are being thrown a curve ball or a googly if you will.

The computer lady. The computer lady a new species of Thai trickery.

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These male newcomers filled with commitments to avoid the perils of bar girls and gogo Dancers are spending time with good girls they met on line. The girls and their families pick them up at the airport and wine and dine them and tour Thailand
with them. After about three days the families disappear and the newcomer is left alone with his very own good girl computer lady. Who is of course beyond anything he has ever experienced in the West. It is love at first site. After chatting for
a month or so on line he has finally met the girl of his dreams and she is not asking him for money. He is definitely above any ordinary mortal who comes to Thailand and gets hustled by a bar girl. He has found the last good girl in Thailand and
she has fallen in love with him.

The computer lady has discovered the economic principle of delayed reward and knows it is the key to wealth. Saving and not spending. Spending money on college instead of discos.

I am very lucky to have a female Thai friend who teaches both at Universities in Thailand and abroad and has done so for 20 years. She speaks 4 languages and understands four cultures very well.

I asked her if Thai women ever fell in love at first sight. She laughed and said if they did the man would never know about it.

I asked her if proper Thai women held hands in public with men. She said after a year or two.

I asked her if Thai men ever touched or held the arm of a proper Thai lady within the first week of meeting. She said no.

I asked her when proper Thai ladies had sex and she said a year or two after meeting.

OK so here is the computer lady check list.
After one week in Thailand with your good girl computer lady you have.
1. Held hands 5 points
2. Held her arm as you walked. 5 points
3. Slept in the same bed. 5 points
4. Had
sex. 5 points
If you scored 5 points or more your good girl is a hooker.

Does that mean she is a morally inferior person? No, it just means she should be treated with the same caution as a bar girl or gogo dancer. Perhaps even more caution because accurately she is a freelancer.

It is great she has not asked you for money but remember she knows the principle of delayed rewards. She will ask and she will ask for a lot but not up front. The reason lawyers and doctors make so much money is they have delayed asking for
it all those years in law and medical school but when they do ask the get it in spades and the computer lady is the same genre.


I am away from Bangkok so no comments….sorry!

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