Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2006

She’s Different

I have been going to Thailand for at least 5 years now with and without friends of mine. This story isn’t about me but a friend of mine. I have many expats friends who reside in LOS so I kind of have the know how of what to expect with women on
LOS , mainly the working girls.

Anyway this friend of mine who has frequented LOS as many times as I have keeps falling in love with a teeruk every time he goes and always returns to Farangland with the words “she’s different”. Mind you, it’s
been a different girl each time.

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When he is there, he almost always stays with the same girl the entire time on his holidays.

I remember the first time we went to LOS together with another mate and started the trip in Pattaya. My friend who was only in Thailand 3 months previously, was love struck and left me and the other mate on our second day to fly up to Isaan
to meet up with his teeruk. He ended up in some tiny village with not too much there, and lo and behold, his teeruk had told him that she had met a European dude that she was waiting to return and bring her to Europe.

Two days later he came back to Pattaya with his tails between his legs, losing face that this particular girl was “different”. So we all got on with our holidays and had a great time and again he was with another girl for the remainder of
his trip. When we returned to Farangland, he had no intention of keeping in touch with his latest girl as our our friend who stayed on longer in LOS had jumped on this same girl. Lesson learned. Not!

About and a year and a half later this friend went back to LOS alone for a couple of weeks. I had organised to go to LOS 2 months later. When he returned to Farangland, I met up with him to see how his trip went. He had this renewed vigour
about him. Yes, he had met another girl. ”She’s different” he said. He didn’t have to pay her at all. He had plans to buy her a shop, marry her etc.

So when I got there 2 months later, and on my first night there, I had a chance meeting with her but I refused to go with her cos I had bumped into one of my ‘favourite’ girls. Another friend I met there told me all about this
girl who my mate had fallen for. She was with another guy, so the writing was well and truly on the wall. She’s different.

My friend 2 weeks later showed up on a surprise visit whilst I was there, so he could be with his teeruk. On his 2nd night when he was back with her, another punter taps him on the shoulder and says to him: what are you doing with my
girl? It was almost on for young and old but my friend handled things well. The other thing was, that there was quite a contingent of us there, both visitors and expats so a fight wouldn’t have been a good move by this other punter. The
next day, my friend came over to my room with his tails between his legs and for the rest of his holiday he hung out with me during the day and only with his teeruk only at night. It was over between them as far as anything serious between

After we got back to Farangland, this girl had rung him to say she was pregnant.

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After a month of calls back and forth, he couldn’t go back there because he didn’t really believe her due to what had happened. She ended up having an abortion. I thought she was scamming him as well. As things turned out, when I was back
in LOS a year later, this particular girl ended up with me, in my bed. She told me the whole story and even showed me photos of all the guys she had relationships with, even telling me how some punter had helped her buy that shop for her mum.
She had told me her game as she trusted me because she knew that I knew her game. Our courtship was strictly professional. That is, I paid her for services rendered. Yep, she’s different.

Another year later and another trip with my friend to LOS . Once again he had met another girl who he stayed with for most of his duration of his holiday. I came back to Farangland whilst my friend stayed on and went to other countries before
returning to LOS for the last leg of his holiday. This particular girl was on the game and my friend knew it. When my friend had returned to Farangland, he told me he was with that same girl the whole time. Now he wants to get her over to Farangland
for a visit and maybe down the track a permanent move. He says even though he knows that she was on the game when they met, they had spent quality time together during his last leg of his holidays and they had got to know each other quite well.
The words “she’s different” had reared its ugly head again.

So here we are and my friend is in the procession of bringing her to Farangland. I as a good friend have told him to be careful but he is insistent on her. Maybe this will be the real deal, who knows? Time will tell. I honestly hope it works
out for them. But on past histories, and other submissions I have read here in this site, it’s hard to be optimistic about their relationship.

As Stick once said, no matter how many times or how many women the farang has in LOS, ultimately he is looking for love. I really believe this is true. I also have other friends who either live there or visit LOS often and they all have some
story with a Thai girl. And not all are bad situations either, though most are.

As for me, well I’ll be heading back to LOS in a couple of months time. I have my fun with the girls there, had some that I stayed with regularly, but never had the intention of bringing a girl back to Farangland nor getting married.
I treat it for what I see it to be. That is a great holiday spot for single guys to have fun with the local lasses. I don’t keep in touch when I arrive home nor do I give out any info such as emails etc. And that’s the way I like
it. As for my friend, time will tell and I truly hope it works out for them.


Your friend sounds like a time bomb!

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