Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2006

I Love Him Too Mut

Ms Poom

Hello my name is poom..I Thai lady I reading you website..solly my englit together with my buffalo not well…. Some man saying Thai lady not good have too many proplams always man say girl not good sleep with too many when come Thailand ..Dana I reading
him englit claysee write not good Thai lady and talk a lot of I not understand what writing like him loco. He come Thailand too mut take three lady one day him claysee.

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Now I have new boyfriend he come from German..he very good man always come Thailand take care my family too mut..him always send money to me take care my baby my mudda and my brudda..

Now have big ploplum.him work say he no good loot too mut money for him company because him make big mistake have too mut proplums now he no get money from him working now cannot coming to Thailand so I go back Pattaya to bar I first go back
to come flom where I meeting him I start working again. I missing my boyfriend and I love him too mut but now have to working because my brudda him take motorbike with him friend drinking too mut go out one night have big accident him stay hospital
cannot working six month I not waiting my boyfriend him come back have to pay my brudda….

Now I stay Pattaya same bar before now not many farang same before go home now have farang stay Pattaya them kee nok drinking too mut take girl go home all night go boom boom man not want paying money lady getting angry boxing farang my friend
now she stay jail because she boxing farang no pay money now I working pay her money stay in jail she have no boyfriend sending her money she looking before she have Thai husband him no good nisai mai dee drinking whisky too mut take another lady
come home drinking always him big gamble loot too mut money no have money pay for baby pay rent having to moving house go back stay with him mudda he not happy so him get job go another country not come back..

Now my mudda she have big ploplum before she stay small shop make som tum koa neeow gai yung..sometime she make some money ok not too mut sometime make nothing but ok can eat everyday my mudda she get sick I cannot say what she have
in englit b ut big sick she stay hospital doctor say she no working again too mut proplum her stomach now she wanting go home cannot I taking care my mudda stay hospital my brudda stay hospital I stay bar Pattaya nobody stay my village home Buriram
my buffalo also not well I have big ploplum now..

This week I meet man America I tell I have big ploplum I ask him can helping me my ploplum him say ok we go him room hotel go boom boom every day three four times him say him pay me money before him go back home his country him say go back
next week I go outside want talking my sister I tell him I stay one night with my sister she work same bar me she not feeling good she boyfriend not talking big fighting she angry him now I talking her making she happy

After I com e back see man America I go him hotel room I want knocking on door but door open little bit I open door him stay together with another girl in bed she sucking him clock.him see me he go claysee why you not knocking door but I
tell him before I come back what time he forget drinking too mut now Thai lady angry me she say she him boyfriend she want boxing me go outside I go outside no money he say he pay me money now cannot I stay him four days go boom boom too
mut now I having no money I go back too thinking my boyfriend German man I miss him too mut..i get bar I meeting another man him from America say he name Dana not same stickman website he say he like me too mut him pay barfine go back him stay
at hotel him n ice man we stop minimart him buy me too mut.we go back him hotel he speaking nice man I thinking I love him too mut wanting him us together have many baby him say ok..

Him now go back America sending me money too mut I telling him I love him now I thinking everything now no ploplum..after my German man him get some money him grandmother die he want coming back to Thailand making big have big
ploplum Dana him coming back same time my German boyfriend coming back now I having baby Dana my stomach too big now I not want making my German boyfriend angry he sending money too mut now I loving Dana him 54 my German man him only twenty four
but I thinking I loving Dana more him Dana good boom boom better German man..

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I want asking another people helping me talking me big plplum always I not bad Thai lady many my sister have same ploplum me too mut ..

Please helping me

Ms poom


Amusing, but I only allow about one piece like this a year.

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