Stickman Readers' Submissions February 23rd, 2006

I Fell Into The Ring Of Fire


Names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent)

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Love… is a burning flame, and it makes a fiery ring. Bound…. by wild desires, I fell into the ring of fire. Yes the great JC sang about it but I never thought it could happen to us. If all started months prior to our trip to Bangkok.
My friend Mike and I wanted to live a wild sex adventure in Bangkok so we started planning months ahead of the trip. Unlike most sex tourists, Mike and I are not ugly fat old ass Americans. We both are very attractive and attract women easily;
we just wanted to have the time of our life. Although we were in search of wild sex, which we definitely found in Bangkok, we ended up burning in the ring of fire.

How could this happen? How could this happen to 2 guys that have read nearly all of Stickman’s readers' submissions? We knew of every scam, every pitfall and every hidden agenda that we could possibly encounter. We read stories
about guys who foolishly fell in love or got married or ended up sending money like crazy. Both Mike and I knew first hand of all the dangers. So why did we fall into the ring of fire? This is how it happened. Him and I talked about the dangers
for months prior to the trip. We had a planned for anything and everything that could go wrong. We carefully weighed the dangers and planned accordingly. Scams—had a plan to avoid rip-offs, lost money—had a plan to recover, STDs—no problem
we had a plan for that too. When it came to Love—why did we need a plan? That’s not even going to be an issue there in Bangkok. So our plan was—to not have a plan. That’s when we were set up for the ring of fire. We were so ready
for the wild sex adventure, we knew it would be impossible for a bar girl or freelancers to ever get close to our hearts. It was the one thing we didn’t prepare for. It was such a far stretch to believe that him and I could ever fall for
girls in Bangkok that we didn’t even think of the possibility of it happening.

My advice for all you guys is simple, of all the items you plan for…have a plan for not
falling in love.

That is the story in a glance, but for the more adventurous…keep reading, I wrote this to help all my faring friends.

1st night
We arrived at the airport and got our currency exchanged. We hid our loot in money belts worn under our clothes. We were so prepared. We ignored all the requests for taxis just like we had read. We got a taxi for 300 baht (they
paid the toll booths) who took us to our hotel on soi 8. Our hotel was close to the end of the road so we were a small walk away from the action.

It was late on a Saturday night when we got to our rooms. We did just like planned, we hid our money and put items out of sight. I went to Mike’s room to get him and he was asleep. I woke him up and said let’s go. He said he
was afraid that it might be dangerous to walk

that late at night. I insisted that we go walking. Mike reluctantly agreed.

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When we got to the main road off of soi 8, we immediately saw many girls and people walking. We started walking with nowhere specific to go. Nana was already closed, so we just walked. We found a disco just a little past Nana and we didn’t
go in but we hung in that area. On our way there we got many offers from girls and lady boys to sit at the tables or girls would ask “take me with you”. I found this one little girl who spoke to me and we talked for a minute and
I told her I had to go, bye bye. She thought I was asking her to go bye bye. She put her arms around me and held me and I quickly pushed her off and said no. I could tell she was sad.
As we continued walking back toward soi 8, we continued
to see girls asking for dates. Much different than America where you have to beg for a date <A "date"?! – interesting use of the word – Stick>. We continued to ignore the offers and I finally told Mike that I was not going to pass
up the next pretty petite girl that made an offer. I like pretty petite Asian girls, who are hard to find in America.
About that time a beautiful girl, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, walked by me and grabbed my hand. She looked
to be 20 years old. I held on to her hand and she came back to me and said “take me with you”. I told her that I would love to take her with me. I asked her if she liked to party. She turned around and rubbed her pretty butt against
my front side.
She said “yes I love to party.”
I asked if she wanted to party with me and I got a big “yes.”
I said that’s great but how much is it going to cost me. At this point, I didn’t
realize that I probably wouldn’t have had to give her money at all, we had just read to always discuss money first so a girl don’t end up saying you owe them a large amount of money. She probably would have gone without even discussing
money. But she said 2000 baht. I told her that was too much and offered her 1000. She said how about 1500. I told her that would be great but I wanted her to spend the night. That is where I had not prepared myself. That is the point where my
life changed. The girl had all the features I liked. She smelled good, she didn’t smoke, she was very petite, she was dark skinned and the skin was so soft and perfect. The ring of fire had started smoldering.
During my talk with the
girl my friend Mike was working on her friend. I’m not sure what was said on their end but they agreed to come along. So we all 4 proceeded to the hotel on soi 8. My girl was so beautiful, smiling and so playful. I even carried her part
of the way. She was so happy. My beautiful petite girl came to the room and asked if she could shower. I asked if I could shower with her. She easily agreed and we began to shower. She was so beautiful and petite. She washed me like I was a king.
I couldn’t believe it. I was hoping that my buddy Mike was in for a good treat as well. So the sex of course was wonderful. I really enjoyed the presence of this lady. After the wonderful treat, I asked her if she would consider taking
me around Bangkok the following day and stay the night that night. She easily agreed. I asked again, what would this cost me. She said 3000 baht. I knew that was a little high but for 75 bucks the idea of a built in tour guide that I could fxxk
like crazy at the end of the day was pretty appealing. I was very happy at this time.
The ring of fire was just starting to ignite. Her and I had wild sex again and again and again but then we took a break. She asked if she could go see her
friend with my buddy Mike. We went to his room and they had been having a great time also. I was very happy our trip had started on such a great foundation. We had 5 nights to go. I told my buddy Mike that my girl was going to show us around the
next day and he was glad to hear that. My beautiful lady and I went back to the room and had wild sex again and again and again. Not much sleep that night. The ring of fire was smoldering high.

2nd day and night
We slept for a few hours and woke up around 11 or noon. We had wild sex again and proceeded to go find some food, We went to McDonalds where the ladies brought us our food and treated us like a king. We were in heaven.
The ring of fire was starting a slow burn. We continued on our way and went back to the hotel. I told Mike that I was going to ask my lady if I could bring another lady in with us. I was somewhat afraid to ask because I really liked this girl.
I could feel a small shimmer of love but I came to Bangkok for the wild sex not to fall in love with a girl. I was hesitant to ask but finally I did. She was more than happy to hook me up with another. In fact she said she had a cousin that worked
in Patpong that would be glad to join us for a 3-way. I told my love that I was only interested in her staying all night with me, not anyone else. I wanted my nights to be spent in the arms of my loving lady. My ring of fire was hot. I asked if
her cousin friend was as pretty as her and she replied that she was pretty but she was not quite as petite as my lady friend. I said that’s ok. She asked me to go with her to Patpong to get the new lady.
We went to a bar and she told
me that she was going to go get the lady. I wanted to go too but she said that she wanted to go alone. She asked me for the 2000 baht plus another 500 for the barfine. I knew this was a little high, but for my first 3way, sure. I was hesitant
that I had not seen this girl but I wanted my 3 way. A little bit later my lovely little lady brought her cousin to where we were partying. Just like my lady had said, she was pretty but not petite like my little lady. So anyway we proceeded to
find Mike an extra girl but his lady didn’t like the idea of sharing. He finally barfined this girl with the intentions of wild sex without the lady from the first night.
So our 4 some went bar hopping. We visited a lady boy bar where
we had fun playing around with the lady boys. Mike and I were not interested but it was a good show. The ladies we were with had a great time. I was so much falling for my lovely petite lady. We finally went to the ping-pong show and had a good
time. At that show Mike's ladies started getting angry at each other and both girls ended up crying. Both his girls ran off. With Mike’s 2000 baht of course <Probably a ruse to get the money and run – Stick>.
So Mike and
I and my 2 girls went to eat at a roadside street restaurant. We had some Thai food that the girls loved. A little while later Mike’s first girl showed back up and apologized for getting mad. She successfully ran the other girl off just
like she wanted and then brought herself back into the picture. We got back to the room and Mike told me that we had to ditch these girls the following morning. He wasn’t there for the drama so I reluctantly agreed that these girls had
to go the next day. I was hesitant because my ring of fire was burning and I didn’t know it.
Mike was in his room with the bitch that pissed him off and I was in my room with the 2 cousin girls. We had some wild sex of course and I
enjoyed very much. I felt guilty to my buddy Mike in the next room. I called him up and told him to get his girl to come join the party. I told him to offer her money and if she didn’t want to come, just come by himself. Mike couldn’t
believe I had already started having sex with the 2 girls. Mike come over and joined our party. Mike didn’t take much of an interest in my petite girl and I was glad. My ring of fire was burning strong. He took up with the sister. We proceeded
to have wild sex, him with her and me with my lady. As her and I laid to go to sleep, I couldn’t sleep. I was looking at her and stroking her like she was a Persian kitten. I had a small tear in my eye because I knew the following morning
I had to ditch her. My ring of fire was burning hot.

3rd day and night
I woke up the next day ready to start the rest of our wild sex adventure in Bangkok. I was very sad because I had not asked my beautiful lady to stay with me the next day. But I had to be true to my buddy Mike, It was
our trip and we had to get rid of the girl with all the drama. I wasn’t mad at Mike. I was just disappointed that we couldn’t keep our girls. I had already started to fall in love with her. I rolled over and to my amazement; my girl
was still in the bed with me. I was so happy and she was smiling so much. I was in heaven.
I asked Mike about the girls and he said the crazy bitch left so we didn’t have to ditch these 2 girls. I was so happy. The ring of fire was
burning and the flames were getting higher. So my beautiful lady and I stayed in bed and made love all day. A little while later Mike called me and told me that he had been to their apartment. I begged my girl to take me to her apartment. I really
wanted to see what kind of a life these girls lived. I loved this girl and wanted to know everything about her. After all, without me knowing, my ring of fire was burning. I was already in love with her.
We met Mike and his lady friend at
the mall and then we went to the apartment. I really couldn’t believe it. It was a slum. No kitchen, no shower (just a hose) not even a real toilet. It was one room with a small part partitioned off as a bathroom with an odd looking hole
in the floor serving as a toilet. I must say, I really felt feelings for my girl at thaT time. I just pictured her and I being happy in the house I just built back in USA. I was in love with my beautiful petite lady. The ring of fire was getting
higher and higher.

Later in the evening my beautiful petite lady asked if I wanted to go lady shopping. I was thrilled. So we went lady shopping and I found a petite little lady to join our party. Mike stayed with his girl and didn’t get another girl.
I took my 2 girls back to the hotel and had a nice wild sex party. I couldn’t believe that I found the love of my life and she loved to watch me and the other girl go at it. We had a great time that night and the bargirl left happy. My
ring of fire was burning and I didn’t realize it.

4th day and night.
The next day my sleep patterns were way out of whack. I was sleeping all day and partYing all night. I woke up with my true love again and was in heaven. I found heaven…. it's in Bangkok. Well we got up and went
to eat. During that day I asked my lady about the apartment and she said that the other apartment was not her apartment but it was her cousin's apartment. I found out then that my lady had another apartment just outside of Bangkok and that
she would only stay at her cousin’s apartment when she was working. I insisted that we go to my girl’s apartment. I was dying to see how she lived.
We finally got a cab and went there. It was a little outside of Bangkok. We went
there and her apartment was a little nicer that the slum we had visited. It actually had a bathroom and a bed and a TV. By western standards it was much too small and no kitchen or shower, but for the common Thailand person, it was ok. If it had
had air- conditioning it would have been much nicer. I could have lived there, with air-conditioning of course. I still had much sad feelings for my love to have to live there. Compared to her apartment, I lived in a castle. I could still envision
me and my beautiful lady living in my house that she would easily consider a castle.

Later that night Mike’s girl found one of her friends to come back and have a 3 way with Mike. I continued with my beautiful girl and we found another bar girl to come with us. We went to eat at a roadside restaurant. The 2 ladies
had a nice conversation. I was hungry but I didn’t like that particular vendor. I asked my lady if I could walk to the other vendor and get my food. <You asked her?! You should TELL her. Harden up! – Stick> She told me how to ask
for the food in her language and I took off. I had so many girls ask me for dates, and a few lady boys too. It took longer than I expected to get my food but I got the food and headed back.
As I was walking I saw another beautiful petite girl
walking towards me looking around. Wow, it was my girl. She must have gotten worried about me and came to find me. What a sweet gesture it was. Could she be falling into the ring of fire also? We went back and found my barfine girl and we walked
back to the hotel. We stopped by Mike’s room to say hi and to let him see the girl we picked up. He approved of course. My love and my new bar girl went to the room and had wild sex. I was so happy that I found the love of my life and she
was perfectly ok with me beating the frame out of this bar girl. The ring of fire was burning higher and higher. I just couldn’t believe it. This never happens in America. Later when we finished, the bar girl left happy and my darling made
love the rest of the night.

5th day and night.
The next day we slept all day again. We finally got up and went to eat. My lady asked me if we should go lady shopping and I said no. I had had enough of lady shopping. I just wanted to spend the evening with my love.
Later on she got tired and wanted to sleep. I told her I would go walking and I did. She stayed at the room. I went out and purchased a skirt and a top for her. I brought it back and gave it to her. She liked the idea of me buying her something
but she didn’t really like the items I picked out. But that was ok. I agreed to give them to someone else and buy her something later. She and I made love all night long. The ring of fire was burning higher and higher and even higher.

6th and final day
I tried to not sleep much that night so I could spend more time with the love of my life. We got up and I asked my lady what she would like to do. She wanted to go see the snake farm. We all 4 agreed to visit the snake
farm. We got on a boat with our girls and went up the river to the snake farm. My beautiful lady was so happy and so loving. I will remember that boat ride for the rest of my life. I was in so deep at that time. I was been having the best week
of my life.
At the snake farm, there were other animals too. My lady was playing with this monkey and she was acting so sweet towards this monkey. I was imagining her playing with our baby someday. My ring of fire was burning hot. As the night
approached my lady asked me if I wanted to go lady shopping. I said no, I just wanted to spend my last night in Bangkok with the love of my life. Her and I made wonderful love all night. As the morning approached, we got up and started packing.
It was so sad for me. I was so much in love with her. I rounded up my money and had an extra 10k baht. I gave her the money and she didn’t even count it. She was happy. I jokingly told her that I wanted to marry her. She responded with
some gestures as if she were saying “buy me a ring.” I would have certainly bought her a ring but it was too late that evening. It was time for us to go to the airport. Also, I couldn’t envision her committing to me. I think
she loved the lifestyle she was living. Besides she was so young and so pretty.

Mike and I with our 2 ladies went to the airport. We ate at Burger King and had a fun time. When it came time for us to go through security, we went to tell the ladies bye. As I was saying bye to my beautiful lady, I started crying like a
baby. I was so in love with her. I had fallen into the ring of fire. It wasn’t the fun sex that made me love her. It was just her. She was so beautiful and had all the features I always dreamed of. I had fallen right into the ring of fire.
Getting on the plane was hell. I cried for the first 2 hours after take off. As we made our connecting flights, I cried again and again. I fell into the burning ring of fire.

Lessons Learned:

We should have not let the girls stay all night. We should have fxxxed them and left them. We didn’t realize we were falling into the ring. The love hit us and we were blinded. We had a great time in Bangkok, but my heart will never
be the same.

I have had to come to realize that my lovely lady didn’t really love me at all. I was totally blinded by my love for her. During my visit, the way she was acting, I just knew she loved me the same. I was so wrong. I am a bit naïve,
most of my life I have been married. I have not had a lot of girls coming into and out of my life. I had not been prepared for something like this. I fell completely into the ring of fire….and it burns burns burns….

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, the bargirls should be looked at as a bit of fun, and nothing more.

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