Stickman Readers' Submissions February 15th, 2006

How Bangkok Has Changed Me Over The Last 20 Years

English is not my mother tongue, but I hope you get the story anyway. I've just been reading my own story over and over again, and I can see that many of you would think that I'm an idiot – but I can't change that. Please send comments
to my e-mail.

Bangkok 1986 – my first visit to this – for me – unknown city. Actually I was scared of it, as I knew little about Bangkok and it was just a stop-over on my way to Australia. I was 20 at that time, coming from Europe this was certainly
something else then I was used to. I was travelling with one of my best friends and we were both heading for jobs as Dive Instructors Down Under.

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Actually I did not know anything about the nightlife at all – yes maybe I was naïve. I was just amazed about all these beautiful women and their everlasting smiles. We went to discos and pubs in the “normal” tourist areas and
had lots of fun with the girls. Since I had a European girlfriend “waiting” for me, nothing happened these two days. But I still got good memories of the two nights out and I swore to come back. Unfortunately for the flight home,
one year later, we had booked a stop-over in Singapore. In the meantime my girlfriend back home was no longer waiting for me, and I had found some very nice Asian Aussie-girl, which I liked very much, so I did not care about my European love anymore.

Bangkok 1992 – second trip and this time I knew a bit more about the city – I thought. As I was on a business trip to Bangkok for three days, I had little time to get off by myself. I did make it to Soi Cowboy for one evening and I really
was amazed about what I saw. I had some beers and honestly in the beginning I was not very comfortable at all.

I was approached by one girl called Pon and after a couple of beers and lady drinks she tried to explain how everything worked. Of course I was tempted to take her with me to the hotel, but she was a whore and only losers take advantage of them. Besides
I had a girl at home and why should I pay for things I‘m used to getting for free? How much better could it be here? (Yes, I really thought so at the time) and I would not take the change to be seen with a girl in my hotel. I kept in touch
with Pon in the following two / three years. I never saw her again and do not know what ever happened to her. Though I was starting to really like this city and the country in general. I swore to come back very soon.

Well I did not – it took me 10 years before I returned to Bangkok again.

Bangkok 2002 – almost all memories were gone. The city had changed. Was it more expensive than before? More traffic? There were certainly more farangs here, that's for sure. I saw lots of Europeans, Americans and Australians, who looked smelly and
were unable to dress properly, accompanied by the local beauties. Honestly – I was disgusted. Poor girls I thought. Maybe it was like this before, but I did not realise it before 2002.

I was there as the sales manager, responsible for our booth at an exhibition. This was the first time I actually visited our local office in Bangkok. They took me out every night for four days and I really got to know more of the city. One night the question
came up to go to NEP and Soi Cowboy. Yes, why not I thought.

So off we went, two other Europeans and a local farang. Well it was a crazy night, me the only one not getting very drunk. We went to a bar in SC and the others were really having fun with the girls and they bought a lot of lady drinks on company bill,
I was afraid… I made an exit and told them to meet me and the local farang at one of the bars in the open air area an hour later. Well guess what, they never showed and our rep left looking for them.

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So here I sat alone in an open air bar in the middle of Soi Cowboy and had another beer waiting for them all to show up again.

Since I, so to say, was the head of our company here, I did not show any interest in the BG. Yes, it is hard to be in charge. Now sitting alone in a bar with lots of girls and no one to watch me…, well what was the point ignoring these wonderful girls?
Did I forget to mention that I now had been married for eight years and had several children?

Jeap, a real stunner, started talking to me. She was what I would call a typical Thai from the south of Thailand. She was a warm and real good fun. We talked for two hours realizing that my colleagues would most likely not return.

So I paid the bar-fine, only because I wanted to eat something in a place where it was a bit more private. She was happy to join me and after eating we ended up at my hotel, the Hyatt. Now have in mind that this was my first time with a Thai girl and
the first time I would be paying for sex, so I was pretty ashamed when entering the hotel with an obvious prostitute. (Well little did I know about this place at the time). I had a fantastic experience, something I will never forget. I had to
leave Bangkok the next day and kept in touch with her for the next two years.

Bangkok 2004 – stop-over for four days – by myself. I had now also read a lot of stories on Stickman's website. So I had an idea what to look out for. In the meantime the mentioned local farang had turned into a good personal friend.
So I met him for some beers in Soi 33. Got a little too drunk the first night so I phoned Jeap telling her to meet me next day. I had lots of things to do in Bangkok and no time to lose. Unfortunately I got ill and the only Thai girl I met was
Jeap. She took care of me and took me to see a doctor and bought everything I needed. I was amazed, even though she did not know me very well, she spent three days in the hotel with me and did not want anything at all for it. My wife could have
learned a lot from those three days. Anyway I made it to the airport with her help and gave her 1,000 baht for taxi, food / beverage she paid for and 5000 baht for three days help which I think would have been her income for LT. She first refused
to take the 5000 baht, but after telling her that this is fair etc. she took the money. She was happy and I was happy.

Still feeling seek, I planed my next trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok 2005 (first trip) – this time I went for a Scuba Diving trip to Thailand. Since the tsunami made it difficult to go to Puket I went from Bangkok straight to Pattaya. Well I did not like it much there, so after two days I went back to Bangkok.
I did SC by myself. Ended up in a bar were I took out a beauty and spent the night with her. Since it was impossible to get in touch with Jeap, I did the same every night – I think you can say I was hooked. My friend had told me to try
a MP, but I did not see any reason for doing that at the time. And anyway you always need a reason to come back. I never heard anything from Jeap again.

Bangkok 2005 (second trip) – five days in between work. I have hardly recovered from my last trip when I was told to join a meeting in Singapore. I booked a stop-over in Bangkok – of course. I met some fantastic girls and had really a lot
of fun. My “to-do-list” got shorter and shorter and I was really enjoying myself. I still have contact with almost all the girls from this year, yes some ask for money, yes I send a little, but not much. Why? Because thanks to them
I feel much better, my “to-do-list” is shorter and the pleasure they've given me can anyway not be measured in money. And yes, it's just money. Maybe, just maybe they will appreciate me returning.

Bangkok 2006 – I'm back in Bangkok again, just three months since my last trip. Nine days – great. I have improved my Thai many times, I know the city even better, so I check in at my favourite hotel in Bangkok. It has clean rooms;
the best staff, that just smiles if you enter with five girls. (They do the ID check of course). I had a lot of plans for this trip because I always fear it might be the last one. So I'm heading directly for my first MP experience, which
was great. This, I will do it again – maybe next day, I thought. The evening I did the NEP, QPE, SOI 33, SC and Thermae tour with my very good friend, ending up bringing a nice beauty to my hotel.

Since I've been reading Stickman's website I know that it would be very stupid to fall for a BG and the fact that I'm married makes it easy to just have fun and enjoy things with the girls. Actually I have been warning other friends and
told them to read Stickman's site.

I always try to avoid jetlag if possible, especially if flying in from and back to Europe. This means going to bed at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and getting up late afternoon. I did so the following afternoon and since I like Thai food very much,
I went straight for one of my favourite restaurants to get some afternoon-breakfast.

Always lots of girls there so I like to just sit and watch, drinking a beer and relax. I do not pick them up there, because I might bring my own “customers and business partners” there as well – you never know. One girl entering the
place though immediately caught my attention and I could not stop staring at her. Well, as you know, it takes them only seconds to spot a prey. So when I was approached, I could barley speak and she knew she had just made a customer. Let's
call this stunner So, she is 30 from just outside Bangkok. I spetd the next seven days with her. I have never met anything like this girl. Yes, she is a BG, at least for the last two months. Yes, she has a child. Yes, she has to support her mother
and her child. Yes, I had to pay (at least for the first 5 days).

She was amazing; no one ever took so good care of me. Her English is far from perfect, but still we were having lots of fun and we talked about most things. I wish my wife had some of her attitude. Compared to others, she was open about everything. Let
me briefly explain. We talked about her being a BG. Her plans for the future. We talked about all the girls having many farangs sending money etc. which she did not like at all. She even told me which girls were having, how many farang boyfriends.
She even showed me her different bank accounts/savings and believe me, she should be sending me money…. She took me around, made sure I had a perfect holiday; she even organized girls for private parties at my hotel room. She is the perfect
girl for me. I was really happy. Yes, I have been reading Stickman's site about never fall in love with a BG and yesterday I checked the site again and it still says the same.

I'm now back home. Been here for three weeks now. I'm not happy anymore. I just try to find a way to be with her. She has told me that there is no way she would move to Farangland and I respect that. She is quite strict and has made up her mind
about most things. She does not want to have any more children and she needs to gather money, so that she can start her own business. She turned down my offer to buy her a store so that she could start her own business right away. She said she
wants to do this without any help. She told me that next time I come down, I would not have to worry about paying her or for a hotel. I could stay at her place and she would not work when I'm there, but will work while I'm not there.
Yesterday she said she wanted me to be with her forever.

Yes, it is an impossible situation; even I have considered divorce and moving down to SE-Asia. Yesterday I actually applied for a job at a European company in Singapore. Please give me lots of good reasons to stay in Europe and forget her (which I doubt
I can).

Anyway – will I ever travel down to Bangkok by myself again? Maybe, but I'm scared, I fear the consequences. So you see – I have changed. Not to the better I fear. Next live I will go straight for the Asian beauties. I do not look at western
women anymore; I cannot be tempted at all. Well if you go Asian you never go Caucasian, they say and it's true, at least for me. Bad experiences? Not one. (Well except when I had to pay 400 baht from the airport to my hotel in 2002). ….or
maybe I'm just unbelievable naïve.

Stickman's thoughts:

Ouch, a very difficult situation. I think this is one situation where a win : win situation would be very difficult. It sounds like there are not so much a problem with your wife, more that you have been captivated by a new lady. But I wonder if in time whether she might become boring too?

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