Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2006

Eye Opener

I thought I would share my experience as I am 17 and went to Thailand for a month’s holiday at Christmas. This was the second time I have been to Thailand and was thrown in at the deep end, literally! I had 8 "farang" women before I had
my journey to Thailand but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to encounter.

We took a 10 and a half hour flight and I hardly got any sleep on it, I was being accompanied by a few of my friends, all older and who have all been to Thailand before. As we arrived at BKK airport it seemed cool until we stepped outside
and seemed to suddenly become drenched with sweat from the heat and humidity of it all. It was only then I was told we had another 2 hours in a taxi to Pattaya. I was exhausted as we arrived in Pattaya and just wanted to sleep, as we pulled into
soi 8. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was at night and the place was packed, every bar we passed there were women staring in saying the usual, "sexy man, handsome man" and I was in amazement. When we got into the hotel
I went straight up to my room, checked it out, had a shower and got changed, I didn’t even have time to unpack when my friends rang and told me we were turning out for the night.

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We all met in the lobby of the Flipper Lodge and I could see the streets and bars were filling up. As we started walking up soi 8 there were women running out, grabbing me, and trying to coax me into their bars, and I didn’t have a
clue what was happening! I was still in awe at the whole scene.

We finally pulled up to a bar and had a few drinks, and there were women staring into my eyes as they were sat behind the bars and on the poles. I wasn't really up for a woman that night but of course we moved to a different bar and
there was a stunning young girl sat at a table with her friends. We both kept looking at each other and I wasn’t sure what to do so my friend gave me a start and told her to come over. The girl was about 5"7, long dark hair, beautiful
eyes, skin and teeth and I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, (well after a few days I changed my tune but that’s not the point). I asked her if she wanted a drink and she walked away towards the bar. My friends told
me the whole score about barfines and of course I wanted to barfine her straight away! Don’t forget it was my first time in the LOS and I had never come across anything like this in my life, so I barfined her and we went back to my room
as I was very tired from the long journey.

When we got back into my room I had a quick shower and got into bed, and she went into the shower after me. At this point I fell asleep. I woke the next morning to find her unpacking my case wearing just a towel. I was amazed. She turned
around and noticed me looking so she dropped her towel. Then of course we went about business which was an experience to this day. Later she got dressed, I paid her and she was on her way.

The next few nights of course I went butterflying as usual. After about 6 nights I took this girl home and when I got in the shower I heard her rustling in the wardrobe which is where I keep my wallet. None of them could have known this as
I hide it and only take out cash at night, but I thought nothing of it as I wasn’t told there were thieves among them as well, so I got out to find her in bed. The next morning I gave her 1,000 baht out of my pocket and she went on her
way. When she had gone I decided to check my wallet and, of course, there was 7,000 baht missing and I never saw her again for the whole holiday. A lesson learned.

After about 18 days of being there and going in all the gogo bars etc. I went back to the very first bar we had gone in to see the most beautiful lady I had seen all holiday, more beautiful than all the gogo girls in Walking Street. I asked
her name and she asked mine and then I saw a man giving me dirty looks so I asked if she was with a farang and she said yes, so we had one more drink and left. As we were leaving I heard "Nick, Nick" and turned around to find her running
after me. She asked for my phone number so I gave it to her and I went back to my room alone that night. The next day I wake up to my phone ringing and it was her. She asked my hotel and room number and within 5 minutes she was there knocking
at my door. We spent a full day together of her showing me around and telling me about how her mother and father had died so she come here to get money. I completely fell for her and asked her if she would stay the holiday with me and she said
yes. Not one of those days did she ask me for money and we had a great time together. The time come for me to go home so I said my goodbyes and that was it til next year. Of course, I was hooked.

I returned the next year expecting her to not be there but as we drove past her bar she glanced into the taxi and saw me. She came strolling down soi 8 as the taxi was unloading and as she got to me gave me a big hug and told me she missed
me. That was it, she was with me all that holiday too. I won’t go into detail about the second time I went but I did a bit of short time when she was out but I stayed with her for the month.

When we were going home she told me she didn’t want to work the bar no more and I had read your site and thought, "oh no." Keep in mind I hadn't paid a penny to her for the whole time I was with her. I only had to pay
her barfine for about 2 weeks then she told me she had finished working the bar. Anyway, when we were leaving she told me she was going back to Udon and I gave her 20,000 baht for staying with me all this holiday and last for free. She thanked
me and told me she was going home and I went with her to her room and loaded all her things onto a pickup which then set off for her home. She took a taxi with us to Bangkok airport and we said a tearful goodbye and she told me she loved me which
she had never told me before. She jumped in a taxi and went to the bus station. She was ringing me every 10 mines to see if my flight had come and she told me when she got on the bus home. When I got home I went onto MSN to check my e-mails and
she was online. She has called me, messaged me and has been on webcam to me everyday since I got home for long periods of time until silly hours in the morning as she has a job now working in an internet cafe. I have access to her e-mail account
and she trusts me 100%.

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Have I got one of the rare good ones or is it too good to be true?


Well, I sure hope you have got a good one but hey, you’re a young bloke and too young to be tied down. Enjoy your life while you’re young!

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