Stickman Readers' Submissions February 9th, 2006

A Farang And A Thai Girl Part 1

A Farang and a Thai Girl….Part I

By Nos

In 2005 I was lucky enough to visit the LOS for the first time. Before leaving I read quite a few of the reader’s submissions on Stickman’s. Initially I was somewhat surprised by the amount of people who travel to Thailand ONLY to have sex
with prostitutes and more so of their lack of self respect when talking about their deeds so whimsically on the net.

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However, after reading further I realised that there are many local Thais (both men & women), non prostitute going “Farang” and your “typical” sex tourist that post about all sorts of matters and opinions and I have become
very fond of reading the submissions on your site. I am male, 26 years old and come from Australia. I am a well seasoned traveler, and with the exception of most of Africa & Russia, I have pretty much been to most parts of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to play some morality card, I do not have a halo over my head and I do MANY MANY things in my home town, which are considered HIGHLY IMMORAL by many people and places of the world. But that is a
whole other story. I will try and not rehash what other people have said, but, how can anyone go and meet a whore, for whatever reason, and forget she is a whore. Last time I checked, the mechanic down the road wanted to service my car for my
money. Guess what? The whore wants to service you for your money!? In my mind, many foreigners travel to Thailand to TAKE ADVANTAGE of cheap sex, I find it comforting that some of the hookers TAKE ADVANTAGE of the dumb sex tourist. I will leave
that one there before I get too carried away as this is not the subject of my submission…

Anyways, back to Bangkok. I had arrived in early September to meet a friend who lives there. He is a good friend and I was excited to see him. After checking into the hotel I was taken around town to soak it all up. Wow, it really is a town
that you either love or hate. The smog, the constant hustle and bustle, the lights, the heat, it’ll either agree with you or not. But I love it. Obviously there has to be a she in this story. I happened to meet her near my friends work.
She is exceptionally beautiful, however her English is not the best, enough to communicate, although both of us would need to learn more to have an intellectual conversation together.

Either way, not a great deal happened with her in September, I had a great time in Bangkok, however I was visiting a friend and getting his tour of the city, rather than a site seeing tourist’s view. I loved every minute of my trip
and I swore that I would be back to finish where I left off. Back to the girl, her and I didn’t really do a great deal together, just met each other, had some fun (literally, not sex) and I left thinking I now understood why so many men
get themselves into trouble with women in BKK. I mean, I was not sleeping with this girl; I certainly had not a shadow of an intention to be with her or marry her or anything of those lines. However, I could NOT get her out of my mind, it was
like I was mesmerised or something.

I did feel that she was a friend. She would not let me pay for dinners, taxis or other things that we would do together and when I offered her the small change I had when leaving (600 Baht), she would not accept. What good is baht to me in
Australia, especially when the $20 I had would cost me $8 to change, may as well give it to her, however she was not going to have it that way. This left a reasonable impression on me, as I seemed to have met a beautiful girl, whom was really
fun to be with, she was a prostitute and DID NOT accept any amounts of money from me, even in the most innocent or fair of circumstances.

Moving forward to NYE, I find myself going back to Thailand for some fun and holidays. When I arrive I called her and she was working, asked for me to meet her later that night. When I went and met her she had bought some friends with her
and we all went to dinner. Dinner was lovely, even though it was a little strange eating dinner with four beautiful Thai girls and everyone staring at me. I am not someone who is easily embarrassed and neither do I care what other people think.
Although all the time I could not get the idea out of my head that people were looking at us and assuming that I was some dumb arse sugar daddy farang throwing money at all these women. Again, we all split the bill, even though I offered to pay
and she took me back to my hotel in a taxi. Again, I was somewhat perplexed as to why she would not accept 100 baht from me for the taxi, as the driver did take me home and I always believe in paying my own way. But none the less, I got a kiss
good night and went on my way. The next few days I saw her and I started to fall for her. She is unbelievably beautiful and I was more than impressed by the fact that everything I had been warned about was non-existent in this woman. Or was it?
After all I have been warned many a times that there are some excellent scammers out there that can take your money from you without you having a sniff. Was this just an elaborate setup for something much more sinister.

Then it was time to travel to the islands. I had two friends from Australia there and a friend who lives in BKK. We all went to Samui and Phuket together. Before leaving I told her what we were doing and that I would be back in a few days.
She told me that she was going to visit her mother on the same day and that she would be back on the 15th! This was not good for me as I would have gone home by this date, and I told her if she could to come back by the 10th as I had to get back
to work and would not be in Bangkok if she arrived on the 15th. She told me that she would call me the next day to catch up and then both of us would go our ways and hopefully I would see her on the other side.

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Unfortunately she never called and I went to Samui. The islands were fun, the Thai people as a whole cannot be faulted. I have never traveled to a country where the people are so nice, so hospitable and always have a friendly smile on their face.

Being somewhat disappointed that I never heard from my girl as she promised I returned to Bangkok thinking I may never see her again. (She had lost her mobile phone). Unfortunately, when I arrived in Bangkok I was told that my mother was
not well and that I needed to get back home ASAP. After booking the next flight out of Thailand, I was on the plane, wishing that I had got to say goodbye to her. When I arrived home, my friend in Bangkok rang me to tell me that only 10 minutes
after I got on my plane, she called his phone looking for me. How disappointed I was now, not only had she come back to see me and I wasn’t there, she had reduced visiting her mum by 5 days just to see me. Now, although I had some serious
issues to deal with at home, I still could not forget the fact that she had come back to see me and I wasn’t even there. Upsettingly my mother passed away and I have promised the girl that I will come back to Bangkok to see her.

What I am doing? I am not completely sure. Why I am doing it, I am even less sure about. Has she asked for money? We’ll yes, now she has. The other day she asked me for 4,000 baht so she could pay her rent or whatever. She gave me
her bank account details and asked me to “lend” her some money. Honestly, I sent her 6,000 baht…..I know there are many people that would think that I have not learned one thing reading this site, however, at the same time I am
a fairly generous person by nature. If a friend of mine back home asked for money I would give it to them, without question. This is because if someone is my friend, I will do anything to help them, especially if I can help them. I am never taken
advantage of, however I feel that in this case maybe I am setting myself up for it. Now I guess it is a case of waiting to see if this is a regular occurrence or if it is me looking for something negative in a good situation.

I am not a retard. I know that giving her money, if anything, reduces my chance of having anything meaningful with this girl as I am essentially paving the way for a level of expectation which is certain the opposite from the truth. Why? Because if I
am to be asked for money again, I will simply say that I too don’t have any. I am certainly not rich and I do not have money from a divorce settlement to waste on a 45+ mid-life crisis/get as much 18y.o. pussy as I can spending spree. Needless
to say that I have not slept with this girl, nor have I any intention of actually paying for sex. If it were the case that I wanted to pay for sex, I would go straight to a brothel, not a bar, nor the street.

Again, I will try and stay on the point, however, this story is somewhat unfinished, I anticipate that I will be back in Bangkok around March and I suppose I can give you Part II then.

Stickman's thoughts:

Weird, the first half and the second half are quite contradictory. But people do change and that is to be expected.

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