Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2006

When They Get Their Hooks In

How do you not get too close to these girls?

This is not an answer, but a note on how these stunning girls can get into your head and your life.

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I was the sex tourist eight weeks ago. I had read some stuff on the net and off I went on my own for a tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Gotta say I had the best time of my life!!! However I did not expect to have my emotions screwed
with like this.

First off Bangkok. Hotel, bar Girl, Yes it's all true. Even a 48 year old stocky and balding, (though handsome in an earlier life) guy like me can take a petite stunner and behave like a horny 20 year old, and it is all OK. It doesn't
even seem sleazy. Both partners got out of the relationship exactly what they had been there for! After a 10 year marriage, and a real mid life crisis I felt 10 ft tall. You all know the story so far.

Next stop Pattaya. Well party on! I had wet my whistle so to speak, and I found a bar with.. yes that smile, those shorts…That body! Of course I was hooked, but how much I was yet to find out. It seemed to me I had found my love, …I know…I

But it DID! I even taught her to swim, we fitted together better than anything I had ever felt, seen, heard. But it had to end as I had a flight to Phuket. I was devastated. An odd twist came at the end when she apparently had to go home
as her mother had died, and I did not believe this.

Phuket and the same again. 4 days with miss Thailand, we went on the Island tours and trip to Phi Phi and the rest , had a blast at the bar until 3-4am. I was there over the Kings birthday when the bars were shut, but I was invited to Aussie
Jeff's house for beers and DVD's that day, with all the girls of course. Still can't believe how good all this is.

On to Malaysia.. Ahh.. Muslim and Catholic, peace and beaches……NO WAY.

Taxi driver offered to bring girl to my hotel before I'd left the airport. Must have still had that look on my face eh!

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Said no this time, had to suss out if this was sleazy here and didn't mind my own company for a while. But in true whoremongering style I was to be found miles away from the Hotel in the area of Georgetown known as Soho!

It's not the same as Thailand but it is easy to see the whores and the whole scheme is the same, it just is more sleazy when it's not open and LOS.

I was tired and wasn't up for the chase so to the Taxi, who was a woman. Ok. Arranged a tour of the Island for tomorrow and she asked if I needed a lady to follow the tour, and of what race I would prefer.. Well sounds OK to me.

After the Island trip we arrived back at the hotel and she took her bags from the car and stayed for the rest of my stay. Yes her herself. Switched the phone off and jumped in the sack!

Had a great time with the local knowledge, casino boat, and overnight at Batik Mera ( Malay beach hang out).

All usual stuff so far … but is this usual? I cannot get rid of them.

The taxi driver is coming to England, no place to stay or job, just a contact of an agent who for £200 will fix her up with a job..Come on! I have said No! don't do it. Stay, For fucks sake don't come here! She was not even
a bar girl. How will forced prostitution in London sound. I hope I have talked her out of it but I don't know what to expect! I've said I will not see her, cannot help her GO AWAY!

The girl from Phuket, beautiful girl , calls me everyday, now has my e-mail. What was I thinking…. Oh yes I remember!! I had that 40 something thought of always being warm, being near a bar with stunning sexy women and I was the King. Yes
I thought that this could be for life, not just for Christmas.

The last leg of my trip was to spend one night in Bangkok. Bollocks to that…, into a taxi and for half I had paid last time I was in Pattaya, looking for Chann, but she had left the bar and gone home because her mother had died!……

Talked to a really classy girl dressed for business not sex if you can imagine, Didn't see her as a bar girl, wasn't up for party anyway and came up with a business idea, and she could be a partner. So that was the best sex of the
trip right there!, with the classy one. She wants to keep me as well! What can I do! I never said I love you to any of them and you know that's hard to do, but I read about the farang lies and decided that I would not do it. I told them all
I was happy on my own for a while!

But I get calls and e-mails, so far I have not parted with any cash, hardly been asked to. Suggested I pay for English lessons for Phuket girl, and asked to contribute on a loan basis to replace a phone that has been broken when the classy
girl had her Moto stolen. Do want to help but how many stories of rip-offs do you need to hear to turn you into a cynical bustard! and I must say that If I have been ripped off anywhere, then I would have been just as happy to have spent double
for the sheer pleasure and the renewal of my self-esteem.

Though it is not over, not by a long way. I have 3 on the line, what's that Eagles song, 3 that want to own me, 2 that want to stone me, the other she's a friend of mine. The bizarre thing is I would really like to see Chann again.
The one I didn't believe. Any tips for getting out of this mess. Though I feel so flattered that I may just let it all fizzle out on it's own.

Is that the doorbell……..oh! Shit! surely I never gave out my address .. did I?

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