Stickman Readers' Submissions January 18th, 2006

Starfish Claws

By Beanflicker

Well again let me start by saying again, the Stickman site never lets us down. All the right advice, in all the right places and all the stories to tell you all the advice that you will ever need in the land of smiles.

He Clinic Bangkok

I wrote at the beginning of 2004 (readers 8) but having no fun in the UK, no point in writing.

I could have argued points about other readers subs but what’s the point, they all start to look the same after a while. (No offence) Yes I'm still a sex tourist like so many others, but I don’t like to slag off another
country if I can help it, or other people’s subs because there is no point. We are all entitled to our opinions and they are soaked up, we take them with us, and we forget them the second we touch down at BKK airport.

I would much prefer to bring a smile and tell of things that were funny. I went for a month with the same friend and had a good time, but as usual the cash thing gets in the way, so you have to speculate to accumulate.

CBD bangkok

With a few days of getting 9 months of dust blown out of my nuts I had a few days off. Did the usual Nana bit – Gobo's and all that, picked up the usual specimens took 'em back to the room had what I thought was a bit of fun, paid
the barfine, paid them well and sent them packing. Good clean fun I say!

Now I don’t see my self as a Cheap Charlie. I saved my £££ for this experience, I didn’t go to the pubs at home too much, so I could come back to the LOS for a bit of fun, but I have to say “STARFISH”
is heavy on the menu this season, even to the point of taking a girl to Samet that I had met in a Pattaya bar, but made one fatal mistake. She needed clothes for the four days. I agreed to let her go back to her room that night and she would meet
me at my hotel that morning, I paid the 1,200 baht barfine for 4 days, she was happy as larry as they all are when a free holiday is thrown at them (I feel a whole nation of Stick readers agawp right now) and no I didn’t check the goods
before we went to the island, “she seemed like a nice girl” nice body on the outside, pretty face, didn’t stick out in a crowd and didn’t dress like a bargirl.

Her English wasn’t too bad, as my Thai leaves something to be desired, “so it's handy” and like I said before, I don’t want to learn as well as can't be bothered, plus the fact if we all knew what they
were saying, we would probably never go back.

Right on cue surprisingly she turned up the arranged time, taxi for the trip turned up as well, as did friend from previous holiday and my friend and all third parties, six in all went to the usual place to pick up the boat. But this time
the entrance fee of 200 baht was paid before we got there, only to find later that there was no need to pay as we were dropped around the corner on another beach. We didn’t have a hotel, but did know of a place further up that would take
us (a rip off of course, and yet another learning curve).

wonderland clinic

Now we went out in the evening had a really good time. My girl, I can’t remember her name and you will see why, it's when we got back to the room that things seemed to go a bit strange. Now please don’t get me wrong. I'm
not the prettiest looking guy in the bunch, hence the reason I travel several thousand miles a couple of times a year to get my kicks + give me some credit here, these Thai girls are damned nice, so as I said, there we are in the room and she
does her usual go the bathroom routine, spends 30 or so minutes in there, and comes out wearing a sarong, not the usual Thai thing for me, as I'm used to them springing out of the bathroom swinging the bits about for all too see.

I do my bit in the bathroom and she is laying on the bed with the sheets pulled up tucked under herself so not even a bench saw could cut through. I said what’s wrong. “I shy” she says. “Oh great, that’s
all I need” (a shy Thai bargirl mmm, she made the first move!!!) I turned off the light to make her feel more comfortable and got on the bed with her.

I might add that there were two double beds in the room, and the next thing I know, she gets up off the bed, and took the covers with her and got on the other bed. Confused at this point I'm lost for words, I turned to her on the bed
and I say “are you ok” to which she replies “im tired”, course I'm thinking “I'm horny”. What do I do now?

I've paid for a service if that’s what you call it, its' her job, she made that choice not me. I've paid her way, bought her food, got her out of Pattaya for a few days and sex is what I came here for, and she knows
it. Now I don’t mix words and said to her, “if you don’t like me you can go back to Pattaya first thing” (I'm starting to laugh as I write this).

It's then that the covers that were wrapped around her, tight enough to turn her head blue started to loosen (smirk) I started to feel around a little. Now I know that some of these girls like a little hair or should I say they don’t shave
there legs etc but she had a bit more hair than I'm used to, all sorts of things started going through my mind. Katoey, or something like that “na she got female shoulders, four foot nothing, the voice of a female”. It's
then that we kinda dropped off to sleep.

Now this might seem disturbing to some, but I woke up about 3am in the morning and decided to investigate this woman a bit, she was in a Thai coma sleep, so I decided to lift the covers off, I'm just gonna come straight out with it. “SHE HAD
TWO PUSSIES” or what seemed like two. I can only say that it was a real bad birth mark, a big patch of hair with what can only be described as a hole in her left leg, add to this the hair that came up to her belly button. I was, to say
the least, in despair.

Now don’t get me wrong I came here for Thai women, but a Bigfoot NO. I drifted off into a sleep and woke up quite early, approximately 8am, and her fully dressed sitting at the end of the bed staring at me, like she was in some kind
of trance.

I said “hello” she said “you want me to go” without any more words then “YES”. She picked up her stuff and went. I passed her 500 baht for the boat and taxi, and I stayed on the island. I got pissed up and saved
money for the girls for when I got back to Pattaya. I did pass the bar a few times to see if she was there but never saw her again.

The more I learn about Thailand the more confused I get, I did get starfished a couple more times, but when I got back to BKK that seemed to stop.

I know these girls must get board with the job they do, I am more than aware that they do not view life, love, sex, greetings in the same way as a westerner, and that money is the only thing that is important to them. But let's look
at it this way, free booze, free food, a trip to an island, and all the sex they can get. I just wish the shoe was on the other foot and that it was the female that travelled a few thousand miles to see me. WOW, what a world that would be.

My view of Thailand will never change, I love it, I will return for more.

It's all about the baht.

Stickman's thoughts:

I wonder what ever happened to her?

nana plaza