Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2006

Sick And Tired

Sick & Tired

I've been reading these submissions for some time and after sitting on an airplane for 20 hours returning from Bangkok yesterday. I have something I want to say. Why do you STUPID IDIOTS consistently fall in love with Thai hookers / whores instead of regular Thai girls? Or you call it a girlfriend experience? You failed at your marriage and are now middle aged, dead end job and want sex with a young girl so you have to buy it. Forget the moral issue because if you just thought about it for one second, would you have a problem when I get to your age and then start screwing your daughter (of course I would pay her 500 baht afterwards). The whole issue just sickens me…..the loser farang, the young bargirls and the whole industry in general.

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Yes, I'll admit I'm married to a Thai girl and I'm a little older (34). If I had a choice, we would be the same age. Her being Thai has absolutely NOTHING to do with why we married. NOTHING!. Get it? You think some certain race of people can be so generalized as to all exhibit one set of characteristics not available in Western women? I saw short, tall, fat, thin, light, dark and every other kind of Thai women. I think a lot of Stickman readers have this idealized perception of the perfect woman but race has nothing to do with it. I think there is a partner out there for everyone but to start off by thinking they are more likely to be found in a Thai than an American, Italian or any other race is really just stupid.

I met my wife online and she had dated Thai men before <and probably no small number of farang guys eitherStick>. I'm different than them in some ways and the same in others but she never says "Thai men no good" or any crap like that. Compared to my non-Thai ex-wife (whom divorced me due to my MY failure to prioritize family over work….I'll admit that) my Thai wife is simply herself. Yes, her culture, language and food is shared by other Thais but I certainly wouldn't generalize her as being similar to other Thais in ways other than that. She is herself and that is why I married her. I would have been just as happy had I met a local girl and fallen in love but by chance we met and fell in love and now I am married to a Thai.

One thing that pops up consistently is the big question….does she really love you. Now as in so many pathetic, sad submissions, the money is the key. Hey IDIOT…yeah, you middle aged Farang….present yourself as little money and no assets. If she loves you, then why would she care what you have? So many readers start off a relationship by paying her barfine and up it goes. Is there anything wrong with just asking her for a casual date, say a walk in the park? Is that too hard or would you rather find your future wife at the local Pattaya whorehouse after you paid her 1,000 baht short time? Why can you not ask a bargirl (if that is your choice in a wife) just for a walk and time to talk, maybe the next day before she starts work? It seems to me like so many of you have such little going for you that the only way you can ever hope to meet women is by paying for them. Dates are free and cost NOTHING!

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Another key indicator is her desire to have children and a life with you. Not too many women are keen on wasting time having children and making a home with some guy when they are planning on taking your cash and leaving shortly thereafter. I could go on and on but really what's the point?….We all know what's going on here and you're only kidding yourself and will suffer the consequences alone….

One last thing….what is this thing I see about older guys wanting younger girls? First of all, people are smirking behind your back everywhere you go. It's completely disrespectful to the girl as everyone knows she is getting paid and you're putting her on display. And what does she have that a women closer to your own age doesn't have? I really couldn't care less if you take a girl to the hotel and do whatever….fine, that's your business. But to take her out on the town portraying yourselves as a couple while touching, groping and kissing her in public just makes her look cheap and if you simply saw the utter boredom on her face when you are not looking at her, you would realize her true feelings. It's like being at Disneyland and seeing the smiling cartoon characters which is all behind a mask. The more I go to Thailand the more I see this mask. It's subtle but I see it more and more…

Now you'll say…what were you doing taking your wife to those kind of bars? Well, the bands are okay to listen to and a few nights out out of many is fine….we also went to normal clubs and other places…its just one small thing so don't take it out of context. My wife is just a normal person, never worked the bar but I don't pass judgment on those bargirls until I am in their position and see what my options are. All in all I love reading these postings for the human content but to see so many people seemingly lose all common sense in Thailand is just frightening.

Last last thought…..and here I have to generalize as I believe it's warranted. Are Thai drivers complete MORONS? Stay in 1 lane of traffic….switching back and forth for nothing or tailgating me by 12 inches does NOTHING to make you arrive quicker. I read the road deaths over the New Years and its shocking but try driving and then you'll realize its the only way to stop these drivers from living and reproducing. Going up the Chiang Mai mountain to the temple, I had a 3 person moped cut 90 degrees across my front bumper and right into the front of an opposite direction bus going downhill a very steep grade. The amazing part was the stupid ass could not wait 3 seconds for us both to clear and then have the road all to herself. She just had to go now. We both missed her by the grace of God but I'm sure she will be dead very soon. Just very very rude, impatient, and bad drivers everywhere I went. I've been in many countries where they drive fast and so on but they are also competent (the highways in Germany come to mind). Rent a car for week and then tell me I'm alone in my thinking.

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End of rant….

Stickman's thoughts:

Rant was the right word.

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