Stickman Readers' Submissions January 30th, 2006

My First Asian Girlfriend

By Super Dave

I met a Filipina girl on Yahoo right before I moved from USA back to Scotland. She is an airline stewardess based in Dubai and after a few weeks we were chatting everyday for hours sometimes and she is a beauty also.

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After a month and a half she requested to work a flight to London so we could meet. I went to London and shagged her rotten and she had a surprise for me, she had bought me tickets to fly to Bangkok with her on a flight she was working that had a 3 day
layover on her birthday.

I went to Dubai and she picked me up and took me back to the building where all the stewardesses live. She had 2 roommates, also Filipina. They are both sitting on the couch chatting on Yahoo to multiple guys, working the keyboards lighting fast. I had
asked my girl if she chatted to other guys before and of course I'm the only one she says, but I knew she was lying but in the beginning I just wanted to shag her.

But she treated me so good and spent her money on me, called me from her cellphone everyday, she made me feel like a king. We went to Bangkok and we had a great time. I'd never been to Asia and didn’t know anything about Bangkok. She took
me to Patpong night market where they sell the counterfeit purses and clothes and we went into a shop and they took us into a backroom where all the illegal stuff was and I sat

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there while she haggled with the Thai saleslady. I must have been harassed by 20 touts walking through Patpong, but I had my girl already and she was in for a jolly good rodgering that night so I wasn’t gonna screw it up by trying to take her into
a go-go.

After 3 days of all the sex I can handle she feels like she’s softened me up. She tells me she has a 15,000 pound loan in Dubai she took out to buy her mom a house and it will take her 2 years to pay it off. She gets teary eyed and says if I really
loved her I would find a way for us to be together. Unlike Americans or Brits, Filipina and Thai need visas beforehand from the embassy of whichever country they plan to travel before they can travel and they need a sponsor. There was no way I
was gonna pay this loan off! I pay child support on 2 kids in USA and I barely get by. I never lied about my financial situation and she didn’t seem to mind so I felt she really loved me.

I got in this train of thought that Asian women are morally superior to western women, as how many good looking women or not so good looking women do you know at age 30 in USA or Britain that haven’t been married before and have kids? Not very
many from my experience, but there seem to be a lot of them in Asia.

We get back to Dubai and I have one more day before I fly back to UK and she makes the mistake of turning on her computer in front of me and the offline messages from Yahoo pop up, "where’s my baby?", "I love you" and that kind
of shit. I had seen this guy's name on her phone in Bangkok when a reminder went off on her phone and she said it was her cousin.

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I get pissed off and tell her to show me her archives with this guy, just the days since we met in London. She won't do it. Now the tickets she got me are sub load tickets the employees buy cheap and you only get a seat if the flights not full. I’m
out of money and if I don’t get this flight I’m screwed so I need her help, maybe, I think, so I don’t really tell her off like I want to.

She begs my forgiveness and I play along so I don’t get stuck in an Arab country not knowing anybody. I get my flight, barely, only one seat left. I get back to London and right away I send an email telling her to get lost. I get endless crying
phone calls about how much she loves me, she has never met the guy in person, (because her attempt at getting a visa to visit USA was rejected as I find out later).

I give her another chance and meet her a few weeks later in London when she has a layover flight there, again the sex Olympics and she brought me a leather jacket. Now I think this girl really loves me, she’s a first class stewardess who meets
rich guys all the time that must hit on her and she’s giving me all this attention. One thing I had got so mad about was when I saw her friends list on Yahoo, more than 40 guys, so much for the shy innocent catholic girl act.

I help her get a visa to come to UK to visit and we spend a week together in London and it's great, she does everything for me. She goes back to Dubai and the next time she has a London flight she tells me not to come, stay there and save my money.
Now just a week prior she calls me and asks me if her friend can use my name to get her boyfriend a visa so she can take him to London when she has a flight. I say I don’t care. But now I’m furious I tell her I’m coming to

Anyway, while we are chatting online and with webcams, I watch her send a text message right after I tell her this and she says it's to her friend, yeah right. I go down to London and after I shag her to sleep I get her phone and start reading her
text messages. It seems her boyfriend in Dubai who I have just discovered has just got a 6 month visa to the UK. I confront her and she won't talk, tries to lie some but I just give her boyfriend a call and introduce myself and inform him
that I just shagged his girl and give her the phone. They speak in Tagalog so I don’t know what she says but she tries to play it off and lie some more when she gets off the phone. She won't let me leave, holds on to me with a death
grip and tells me just to stay and listen and she will tell the truth. I sit down and she says she’s been with this guy for years and he won't marry her cause is already married to a woman in Philippines and they don’t have
divorce there and that I’m the one she really loves and she will move me to Dubai if I give her another chance. I don’t give in this time and go back to Scotland after lots of tears and talk from her.

Now I had fallen in love with her and we had always talked about getting married so it's not easy for me to walk away. I get endless emails and she won't stop calling me even though I curse her several times. I give in and agree to meet her
in London again, great sex and she’s got me convinced that I’m the one she loves. I go back to Scotland and next day I decide to hack her email to see if she is really sincere. I figure out here password in a short time as it was
her birth date reversed.

I found that she had 2 boyfriends in

Dubai, 2 boyfriends in Manila and she was still talking to guy in USA and about to re-apply for a visa to see him, and she had mentioned her loan several times to each of them. The most disturbing part was an e-mail from a doctor in Bangkok demanding
she pay back money he gave her to pay off the loan because she didn’t marry him and worst of all, an e-mail from what I took to be an escort service in Dubai telling her she can have her job back any time!

That was it, I was done with her and she left me alone for a while but recently started messaging me and emailing me again. My only reply was to inform her I’m going to Pattaya in February and then I closed my Yahoo account, and got a new SIM card.

So much for my moral superiority theory. I didn’t get taken for any money, but she took me on an emotional roller coaster that led me to start drinking daily (though this is Scotland). I’ve got the drinking under control now, but I’m still shocked by how devious she was. Now I’m off to Pattaya in 10 days, out of the frying pan and into the fire you might say but I definitely wont be falling in love there.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great story this and one which clearly highlights the dangers of meeting woman online for anything serious.

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