Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2006

I Was Sitting At McDonalds

I Was Sitting In McDonalds

With more and more submissions coming out of the woodwork and being posted along the lines of “I was sitting in McDonald’s” I can see many of your readers not letting drinks out of your sight next time you venture out into the night

He Clinic Bangkok

But give this story some thought.

You can be hit from many a different angle the possibilities and consequences are vast and endless.

45 kg bargirl date rape on 250 kg man – now there’s a film in the making.

CBD Bangkok

Business had been very good for the last few months at this particular hostess bar even through the low season without many visitors the hit rate for getting bar fined was high for the girls and it was becoming the talk of the soi. All the
girls felt that good fortune was on their side for once, ever since the new mamasan had taken over working the girls, earnings were very much up and the punters seemed easier to fleece, the whole ambiance of the place felt good as they say success
breads success.

Mamasan had a little secret, a helping hand other than the Buddha in the corner that no one apart from her knew about and no one needed to know about. Everyone was happy, everyone was making good money from the big boss all the way down to
the girls. What was the harm in a little help to even out the odds for her girls? Weigh the donkeys down a little and give the riders a fair chance of breaking even

Joe walked through the fluorescent lit doors and took in the stunning array of beauties on offer behind the bar all smiling for his attention. He chose his seat carefully in the middle of the bar opposite one girl who he instantly liked the
look off. She took his drink order and then he watched as she serenely picked up the small silver tongs and placed the moist white cotton towel from the chilled compartment onto the small silver plate and offered it to him across the Teak wooden
bar. He could see by her badge was called Noi, the cocktail dress she wore showed off ever curve as she leant forward and offered him the folded moist white cotton towel.

The mid April night was sweltering and humid as Joe felt the air con of the bar kicking into his system a bead of sweet trickle down his neck and carry on down the length of his spine. He took the offered towel and nodded his head in thanks
as he watched Noi carefully opened the bottle of beer Singha and poured it into the chilled glass and places it in front of him as another girl places a small tray of peanuts by its side.

He took the offered semi frozen towel and first held it against his neck for a few moments then wiped it over the back of one ear and then the back of the other ear. As he took his hand away he could feel the sensation of its cooling scented jasmine fragrance
cleansing the skin where it had touched. He proceeded to wipe it across his forehead and then around quickly his face and dry lips. His wrists were next and then as if in a finishing ritual he held the towel and in one hand and wiped it around
each finger in turn the repeated the exercise on the other hand. And then took the first sip of his cold beer. Joe could feel this was going to be a good night.

wonderland clinic

Mamasan always made the jasmine perfumed liquid that was poured onto the towels and kept in the chiller. The girls always though it odd how she liked to do this task herself many joked it was a love potion she made to hook the clients. How
nearly correct they were. Mamasan took great pains in showing the girls how to give the customers the towels and collect them religiously with the silver tongs. She said it gave style and with their earnings up, who were they to doubt her?

An hour or maybe two later Joe felt happy a little drunk feeling. He did not understand or now care that he had only drunk 3 bottles of beer, must be the heat taking it through he remembered thinking. Noi was good and easy company and he
enjoyed playing pool with her as she playfully rubbed against him at every opportunity. The barfine had been an easy decision in the happy state Joe was in and he had already brought a few drinks for 3 of Noi friends she introduced. The bill was
a lot more than Joe had anticipated spending at the beginning of the evening but “hey, he was having fun and Noi was becoming more beautiful by the minute”.

Joe an old player normally would never take a lady of the night back to his hotel as he had his company’s reputation to keep and safeguard but his mind was only on one thing now. The taxi stopped at the ATM and Joe happily took out
another 5,000 baht, a safeguard for services yet to be rendered by Noi.

Joe woke up midday with thumping head ache. Noi was gone and Joe spent the next few hours trying to bring back the memories of what, when, where and how much, all thanks to mamasan's love potion.

From his wallet Joe could see that he must had given Noi 4,000 baht. He could not now remember. The mini bar was half empty and plates of cold food from room service were on the table. What have I done he thinking to himself how could I be
so stupid.

Well educated and many years ago a chemistry student, mamasan realized at an early age where the money was to be had for being a pretty of girl in the city of Angels. The idea first had come to her as she worked the system up to being mamasan
during a bad spell in the bar and she had prayed to for guidance and a helping hand.

And her helping hand was cheap and easily obtainable in the kingdom. It was clear in its liquid form known as Ketamine or special K. It held no odors or particular taste when mixed with water and sweet jasmine scent it was perfect for her
purposes to soak the towels in. Now along with GBH and Rohypnol known as a date rape drug in the west, special K was easier to obtain due to its favored heavy use in veterinary practices.

Unbeknown to Joe his very action taking the towel and of wiping himself down gave mamasan the added and very slight advantage she needed for her girls, the only problem was that many girls were starting to complain about the lack of good
sex to be had with the men that came in these days.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, and never trust anything that’s for free.

Difficult if not impossible to balance in the land of smiles.

Stickman's thoughts:

Chemistry students becoming mamasans? I don't think so!

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