Stickman Readers' Submissions January 17th, 2006

Bangkok Through My Eyes

My flight departed from Oz on time. Everything was on schedule. Hotel was booked (Amari Boulevard)

Bangkok for the first time. Having spent so much time reading submissions on Stick's site I was excited.

He Clinic Bangkok

Landed in Bangkok just before midnight jumped in a limo and headed for the hotel, 600 baht.

For those people that haven’t experienced Bangkok I highly recommend it. Not for the sex side of things or having 5 bitches hanging off your balls but just the way the place works.

Had a driver that couldn’t speak English very well except in asking if I want massage, sex girl, or sucking bitches etc etc to give him a call. Got to the hotel checked in jumped in the shower to refresh and went straight out…

CBD bangkok

What was in sights was mind boggling. For those who don’t know where the Amari Boulevard is, it's right in the hub of Pussyvile, a short walk and your in like a rabbit jumps into its barrow.

The night markets were winding down but you wouldn’t notice it with the amount of people around. I had a fair few of these bitches eyeing me out but I kept on walking till I saw what I wanted. 100 metres down the road there it was…A
decent looking place to get a drink.

I did not go to Bangkok for sex, had no intention on having sex and did not have sex with a woman or man or a “it’ during my stay. (3 days) I am a happily married man and Bangkok was a stopover before heading for Europe. It
was a trip just to see what all the talk was about. I walked in and as I was heading for the bar this sticking Thai girl rubbed passed me as she was trying to get through the crowd. I did not pay much attention to this except for a innocent smile.
She looked back as if she was shy. Got to order my drink and as I was ordering I commanded her my way as I was happy to buy her a drink (just to rub the shy look she had on her off) We started talking and really hit it off. Having a laugh and
carrying on with her and her friends talking shit. She noticed the ring on my finger and asked me what I was doing in a bar, my answer was very simple…”having a drink” As I mentioned earlier I did not got to Bangkok for sex but
if I did I would have pounded this girl for the whole duration of my time there. She was absolutely stunning… (Not a lady boy either)

It was getting late and after a 9+ hour flight and a couple of beers it was time for me to head back to the hotel.

wonderland clinic

She was more than happy to walk back with me as she claimed she was not working nor was she a bargirl… (A bit strange having a whole heap of friends there) but I took her word for it. After all I did not go there to find a wife or girlfriend
so I didn’t think much of it…

She was telling me about how she was studying and her father just couldn’t afford to send her to school anymore so she was working as a quality control officer.

As we were walking back to the hotel I couldn’t help but notice older men walking with girls half there age holding hands. and walking around as if they are a item. I noticed a lot of these girls were not even drawn to them and when
I would walk past they would always look like they were not really interested. No rocket science in knowing what they want from them. It ain't the look!!!!

As we got to the hotel I asked her if she would like to come inside for a quiet drink. Immediately she took me up on this offer and we walked into the hotel and sat at the bar in the lobby. Had a drink spoke some more shit and I sent her
on her way. Not before swapping phone numbers (I needed this bitch for my sightseeing and shopping trip I had planned for myself). Next morning I was woken up by a SMS from this girl asking me what I had planned for the day…

I had no plans except to go have a look around the area where I was staying. but I didn’t respond till mid afternoon. Found a Starbucks around the corner which was an instant relief. Grabbed a coffee to go and set on my wonder. What
I noticed was the local typical Thai girl is shy and reserved and quite contempt in going about her business in an almost unnoticed way. Half the Thai men are instant ride offs as they are either pissed or just not interested in society. (This
was Suhavit) The smell in Bangkok can be overwhelming as from what I gathered was they have a sewer problem Traffic all round like sheer madness.

Got to the rail station and thought I would just jump on a train and see the sights.

(Something worth doing) Bangkok is a great city, movement everywhere, happy people all round but I also noticed there is a lot off misery and sadness there.

Locals were happy to help me with my queries, asked where a good place is for shopping was told I shouldn’t miss going to MBK. Found my way to the MBK fantastic place (my wife would have had a field day) shopping was done there.

Heading back to the hotel I dialed Nui and told her I was tired and have no interest in doing anything except for chilling out in my hotel room. I could tell that she wasn’t happy with what I was telling her and she asked me if I was
with another girl. I told her no I was just tired and she told me she would come to my hotel room and give me a massage. I took her up on the offer and told her to meet me at the hotel in 1 hour.

Got to the hotel and was walking past reception only to be stopped and be told that I cannot take a girl to my room without paying 850 baht. I told them I will not pay 850 baht and as far as I'm concerned its my room for the duration
of my stay and I will do as I please. Management was called as I no longer wished to speak to bell boy or some dumb ass receptionist. Management explained to me that as my booking was for 1 person I must pay the charge. I was quick to rectify
them on the fact that my room was a 2 bedroom accommodation Nui was not staying with me as she was simply accompanying me to my room. After a long argument management agreed to my request and let me take Nui up. I was so fxxxed off with this.
Got to my room I lied on the bed and Nui started massaging my back. This was heaven for me as my wife gives me a 2 second wanky massage and thinks she has paid her dues. The best massage I have had in my life…

I fell asleep and she was still massaging me. Woke up about an hour latter to find Nui sound asleep next to me. It was about 8:00pm when reception called me and told me if Nui had not left by 9:00pm I would be charged the 850 baht. Back to
square one with these fxxxers. Told them she would be gone and that’s what happened. We went out for a quiet dinner enjoyed each others company. except for the fact that her phone was buzzing like a drive through MacDonald’s on a
Saturday night. I told her that if she needs to be somewhere else she should be and I don’t want her to miss out on her opportunities.

This is where she came clean with me and admitted that sometimes she works at a friend’s bar but only serving drinks. After dinner I told her I will be going to check out the rip off night markets. I did not want her to think that
I was leading her on as I clearly wasn’t but was just blatantly telling her in a nice way to do what she needs to do. The night markets are a scam, always mentioning they will give you best price but the only best price goes in there pockets.
For anyone shopping at street stalls check out the prices from 3 or 4 different vendors as most off them sell the same crap and haggle. Haggle the fxxxers because there is 2 prices people pay these people. The stupid price and the unrealistic
price. Sure you might be able to snare a bargain but these people would prefer not to get the sale and you walk away with your money and find it somewhere else. You usually do. I found it at MBK but that’s me, you might be able to find
it elsewhere. I bought a couple of t-shirts from a drunken street vendor, the price started at 280 baht each and I bought at 130 baht so it pays to haggle. I got back to the hotel and after 5 minutes of me being in my room I heard a slight knock
on the door. I opened it and there she was, she had sneaked through reception and came up to my room. How she done this who knows as it ain't the easiest hotel to sneak in to. She told me she wanted to rest and this was the best place to
do so as she lives in a small apartment with 4 other girls. We got into the conversation of figures and I was mind boggled as to what she made from sharing her body. As she told me farangs make the best customer as she gets paid for what she does,
she gets paid for a cab and sometimes a meal. All her money goes back to her family except for very little for herself. I told her she could sleep in the other room but she would have to sneak out without being seen as I don’t want the
headaches from reception. She appreciated the gesture but told me she would massage me till I fell asleep again. I told her this was not necessary but if she wanted to she could. I wanted a shower and jumped in, 1 minute later she was in the shower
with me. She looked good with clothes on but without clothes she was an instant hard on. I was so tempted in fxxxing her brains out there and there and she knew it. My attitude is very simple, I knew this girl 2 days and yeah some off you readers
are asking “did you fxxx her?” the answer is no. Many relationships fail because people get caught up in everyday things and forget about the commitment. A relationship is a commitment whether married or not and a relationship is
what you make of it. Call me old fashioned, call me dumb. These are my views. Back to the shower she was all over me, I was hanging to get some smoo but was not in on it (if you know what I mean) Women can be like babies, if you don’t give
them what they want they persist till you do a bit like a baby crying for milk. I told her she was a beautiful girl and believe me she was but she needed to understand my position as she was provoking my cock like a bird taunts a cat. She was
ok with this and we laughed it off. Jumped into bed and she gave me another great massage. She slept in my bed as she told me she just wanted to be as close to me as possible. We spoke about many things and about how some customers would treat
her well some wouldn’t but she mostly chose who she would go with. If she didn’t want to go with a customer she would ask for 4000 baht, some would pay others would go get 2 moles for that sort of money. She didn’t like what
she does but there was not much else for her to do as her prospects were limited. I asked her about her QC work and we laughed about it. She was telling me that when she meets someone she likes this is what she tells them and I should take this
as a positive lie. In all honesty I could understand some of you readers that fall in love with a woman from Thailand as from what I noticed with Nui is that they really do try to please there partners. If I wasn’t in a relationship I would
have pursued this further with her but this is the way it is. Next and final morning I woke up and Nui had gone. She left a note that she didn’t want trouble for me at the hotel and she will call me latter. I went down to reception as it
was my final day there, had breakfast at the lobby, went across to reception and finalised my bill. There was a mention about this haunted 850 baht they were so desperately trying to suck out of me that they will not charge me for this. I mentioned
that since its my last day I wish to take 5 women to my room for a extravaganza and I may need there assistance. The bloke was dumbfound as to what I told him and continued to tell me about this 850 baht charge they have when you take a woman
up (fxxxen ridiculous policy). As this was my final day in BKK I had to go to pantung plaza as I had a problem with my laptop and needed it fixed before heading over to Europe. Bangkok shopping is by far the best set up I have seen. Patung plaza
was full of computer specialists and it people, great place to go for repairs or anything to your pc. The price was 300 baht and if I was to get this fixed in Australia it would have cost me 300 AUD minimum.

Life is cheap there, was talking with a local who spoke perfect English and he told me life is so cheap that if you have a problem for 20000 baht the problem person simply disappears. I don’t know how much merit was in that but do
believe it. About midday Nui rang me and we met for lunch, hung around, had a good laugh then by the rime I realised what time it was (10 hours later) we were running to get to the airport so I can catch my flight…As the plane took off I was
Back to reality…… Got to Amsterdam switched my phone on and there was a message from her telling me she already misses me. This girl seems genuine so all you guys looking for a relationship with a Thai girl I believe that there are descent
girls out there, but it’s up to you how you play the game. There are some shockers out there but it boils down to what you want. On my return I might do a quick stopover. Either way I will keep you posted.

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