Stickman Readers' Submissions January 3rd, 2006

Are Farangs Stupid?

Have just been reading your site. I am AMAZED at how stupid some of these Westerners are!! Can you honestly believe that any of these Thai ladies are interested in you?! Really? Did you forget your mirror when you came to Bangkok!!!! Some of the people
who have written in to this site expect to meet a hooker, who looks like a hooker, gets paid to be a hooker and then she'll be your lovely missus for ever and ever! I'm sure this has been said before but-WOULD YOU MARRY A PROSTITUTE
AT HOME?? I think when your farang girl left you she forgot her copy of Pretty Woman…and guess who's been watching it on repeat.. I think you watched that as the in-flight movie as well…You found that mirror yet? That's right, YOU

I lived in Thailand for a few months at the start of 2005 and loved it! It doesn't take long to realise that these ladies are interested in making a living and their value system is a lot different to ours when it comes to love and marriage
etc… And what's this about paying her family to take her away?? No alarm bells yet… You must be deaf! Paying a family to take their daughter is tantamount to slavery.. Unless she's hanging round on the front porch like an old settee
in which case you're doing them a favour! Cannot understand how you must feel as you're handing money over to your bride's family? Does this feel right?! Don't forget, although maybe poor which obviously is not nice, these
people were surviving before your farang ass even got on the plane to Thailand! Incidentally, how can you put a price on your own daughter… How much is she worth?! Do they get a surveyor round? Nice ass, her legs are ok….!! When you're
in the West walking down the street with your Thai sweetheart those people who are looking at you are EXACTLY right in their assumptions. Who says money can't buy you love….ha ha!

He Clinic Bangkok

I had a great time in all those bars in Patpong etc, without getting fleeced. Had a great laugh with the girls and left with my dignity! Oh yeah and my cash. And a smile. You have to remember, like most developing countries-THIS IS A GHETTO
and ghetto rules apply. The main one being GET MONEY! (I am not using the word 'ghetto' in the derogatory sense either) Does it really inspire you to empty your pockets when some ghetto girl calls you a Cheap Charlie? Do you really take
this personally? Do you not think that this is her way of getting cash out of you? Do you need to be told this? I hope not.

This is not the West, people WILL tell you bare faced lies to prise your money from you. Not saying it doesn't happen at home but in a place like this it is as easy as waking up in the morning. Example- I met this girl on Suk Road one night, I asked
her where the underground train was or whatever it's called and she said 'No Have'. I said 'yes there is, I got on it last night to Patpong'. 'No have' she says again. I'm thinking, sh*t maybe they must
have had an earthquake today and the whole transit system has disappeared… No… Maybe I had too many Changs and imagined being on a train….NO. Maybe this girl is telling me bare-faced lies for absolutely no reason… So we're walking
past a bar, I stopped and said to about 5 or 6 bar girls who were sat outside. 'Where is the underground train thing' gesturing with my hand. One girl was just pointing me the way when my Thai tee rahk (joke) rambles
something in Thai and almost on cue, the whole bar shook their heads and said 'No Have!' So I carry on walking with this daft girl, the next bar I told her to shut up and stand over there while I speak to these girls. They all pointed
me in the right direction. Left her right where she was stood, and got on the imaginary train to Patpong..(true)

A girl who's giving the sob stories about having no cash then pulling out a mobile phone that's the same or better than mine.. Did the thought never cross your mind – -if you've got no dough, SELL THE PHONE… It's worth
15,000 baht!! How about you buy ME a drink and tell me where you got 15,000 from?? (At this point she tells me to look at the readers' submissions on the Stickman site and all is clear…)

CBD bangkok

As soon as these ladies realise that you ain't a stupid farang you will even find they like treat you like a human instead of a $/£ sign, from my personal experience. I've then gone on to take these girls back anyway simply
because I have done what is done in the West. Charmed a girl then took her home. Made her laugh and had a good time, and that surely is what it is all about (Life in general..) You can actually laugh at stupid farangs with the Thai girls whilst
still keeping hold of your cash. I'm not saying don't spend any money or don't buy anyone a drink but be wise..

In fact, to give one specific example- While you're sat at your desk at work, I'm sat in your girl's room looking at stupid pictures that you've sent her and being quiet when the phone rings while you waste money telling
her how much you love her. She's even ordering food for me with your cash! (True!) I'm only telling you this so some of you people realise, I feel like picking up her phone when she's out of the room and telling you that your missus
is a hoe, but you should already know that, as you met her in bar in Patpong where she was selling her body. Or have you conveniently forgotten this in your quest for true love. Once again WAKE UP. She's still on the bar now as well, just
supplementing your Western Union payments and buying me dessert. You get the point..

If you know all this and carry on with these types of ladies, that's fair enough. As long as you know that's ok. That really is your choice and everybody is entitled to do as they wish.

I'm not saying have a hard-line approach to everybody when you're in these places but exercise some common sense! I can honestly say hand on heart I had a fantastic time in Thailand with these bar girls without losing any self respect
or acting like some stupid sex tourist Westerner. Paying a girl to hold my hand and pretend she's my girlfriend. Come on…

wonderland clinic

USE YOUR COMMON SENSE PLEASE! This is a great website and I hope to plough through even more of these letters hoping to find another one like mine. I make no apologies for the content of this, of course I am generalising but I know anyone with an ounce of common sense is nodding their head whilst reading this! But to be fair, you shouldn't need a website to teach you when someone is ripping you off or is not sincere in their intention…

Come on farangs-wake up. I am embarrassed..! Don't be a stupid farang and enjoy your time in paradise. I certainly did!

Stickman's thoughts:

Based on what I see often, this is good advice.

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